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Op-ed by Peter Children: Obama opponents are racists

August 18, 2012

How many presidential elections have we had in this country? How many involved a black man winning the office of president? How many times during all the past presidential elections has voter fraud been an issue? It is widely accepted that the black man who currently holds this office will win the reelection by a healthy margin regardless of how much money the opposition throws on the burning crosses that not that long ago lit the skies of the South and reached deep into Iowa as well.

Wake up for Christ’s sake, this is a racist issue, the opposition is doing everything they can but wrap themselves in white sheets and burning crosses to halt this second victory march to the White House. Is this where we’re at? In the 2012th year of our lord we are pulling this crap on people who are no different than us with the exception of the color of their skin. Caucasians are now a minority in America….never again will they top the charts in terms of racial prominence…ever, in fact the bridge will only increase as the years come to pass and the color of this country gradually turns to brown. Your grandchildren and their children have a better than average chance of being denied membership into the country club you once held near to your heart.

I realize how difficult this is to comprehend coming from within the boarders of a state that is 96% white and has been since it’s inception, it is especially hard for you who are older to deal with the fact that Obama won Iowa in 2008; what a shock that must have been for you. It was the youth living on these fertile plains that changed the course of history, it was the youth who worked hard for him that opened the door to Lincoln’s bedroom and moved he and his family into the second floor of which here-to-fore was the privileged property of rich white protestant men. Even the Supreme Court of the land changed the law to allow large corporations to give all the money in the world to help defeat this dark skin man….all to no avail; check the polls, it ain’t working for you.
Get over it, simply because it is over, suck it up, put up more billboards on roof tops call it something you know in your heart isn’t true, do whatever makes you feel good, but in the end the black man won’t be calling the moving van for another four years. After that we might be ready for a woman; maybe it’ll be someone named Michele.

Peter J. Children

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