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Op-ed by Peter Children: Obama opponents are racists

August 18, 2012

How many presidential elections have we had in this country? How many involved a black man winning the office of president? How many times during all the past presidential elections has voter fraud been an issue? It is widely accepted that the black man who currently holds this office will win the reelection by a healthy margin regardless of how much money the opposition throws on the burning crosses that not that long ago lit the skies of the South and reached deep into Iowa as well.

Wake up for Christ’s sake, this is a racist issue, the opposition is doing everything they can but wrap themselves in white sheets and burning crosses to halt this second victory march to the White House. Is this where we’re at? In the 2012th year of our lord we are pulling this crap on people who are no different than us with the exception of the color of their skin. Caucasians are now a minority in America….never again will they top the charts in terms of racial prominence…ever, in fact the bridge will only increase as the years come to pass and the color of this country gradually turns to brown. Your grandchildren and their children have a better than average chance of being denied membership into the country club you once held near to your heart.

I realize how difficult this is to comprehend coming from within the boarders of a state that is 96% white and has been since it’s inception, it is especially hard for you who are older to deal with the fact that Obama won Iowa in 2008; what a shock that must have been for you. It was the youth living on these fertile plains that changed the course of history, it was the youth who worked hard for him that opened the door to Lincoln’s bedroom and moved he and his family into the second floor of which here-to-fore was the privileged property of rich white protestant men. Even the Supreme Court of the land changed the law to allow large corporations to give all the money in the world to help defeat this dark skin man….all to no avail; check the polls, it ain’t working for you.
Get over it, simply because it is over, suck it up, put up more billboards on roof tops call it something you know in your heart isn’t true, do whatever makes you feel good, but in the end the black man won’t be calling the moving van for another four years. After that we might be ready for a woman; maybe it’ll be someone named Michele.

Peter J. Children

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THE LIBERAL MACHINE PROMOTES RACISM AND CLASS WARFARE….. don’t forget Barry Soetoro (aka: Obama) is half white boy !

An editorial such as this by “PC” promotes racism and hatred ! Plain & simple. “PC” should be careful when he slithers out from under his rock.

Some BLACKS are just as racist as some white folks can be…OPRAH WINNFREY is the biggest example of racism that walks the face of the earth – and she is a BLACK DEMOCRAT – my oh my ! Michelle Obama (aka Mrs. Barry Soetoro) is racists as well and not even proud to be an American – her comment proven! Look at the racism by BLACK folks that comes directly out of Hollywood ! White folks are not the only racists – Blacks are, too !

JOHNNY B…How about this one. “it’s great to be in Oregon. I’ve been traveling a lot these days, I’ve been in 57 states, including Alasaka and Hawaii, I think I have one more to go…!

Do we need a saliva test for the President…or should be just call for his college transcripts to make sure he actually graduated..or maybe that he used another country to get his grants?

Peter: Looks like you really hit a nerve with all the venom spewed by these fine tea party patriots here! How the 1% can get all these poor slobs to fight for the interests of the 1% and the plutocracy and against their own interests is amazing.

Quote of the day, thanks to “your” president.

“The Republicans have no plan…and their plan is…!!!!”Who wrote that speech for him…more than likely he it did it all on his own, like: “You didn’t build that business….”

Thanks for that Fox and Rush filtered bit of distortion.

Peter got it completely right. The head of the nail has been hit!

Well PC, this article of yours did two things. It blew up in your face, and Matt got a lot of posters. You lose and Matt wins. That’s the way I see it. 🙂

I swear if he says “Silly Me”, I’m gonna freak out… swear it’s like Skipper’s gotta twin.

Tune in to Peter’s article next week “Short People Got No Reason to Live”! lmao He’s gonna make friends all over town with his Op-Eds

Peter you had better hope your “wishes” are true…then you can die early. Under Obamacare you and many 80-plus citizens will be observed closely and, if you overuse the medical system, you’ll be told no more care for that ailment…so what’s going to happen to your gout?

You continue to claim it black versus white when it’s actually smarts versus idotic. Anyone with half a brain knows you “cannot borrow your way out of debt”. $16 trillion and counting in debt…there’s no way that can be repaid no more than this country can keep borrowing from China, etc. and sooner or later being told…”that’s all you get, now start paying us back!”

Well Peter John, I’m afraid your age is starting to show on you. I just can’t imagine why you have become so racist. Would your mom approve of such nonsense?

Well Matt, judging by all the comments here, it sure looks like you should have used some good, common sense judgment and passed on this one!!

OK Matt. I’ll believe you when you say that NIT does not endorse any op-ed or editorial unless your name is on it. However, it still doesn’t answer the question what possessed you to run an article such as this one and how does an op-ed like this keep the presidential debate civil?

Cheter, your comments are ridiculous! Why in the world would Matt NOT run this piece? It’s an Op-Ed! In other words, an OPINION piece! Feel free to write one of your own and Matt will publish it. Or are you against free speech?

I’ll tell you why Matt shouldn’t have run an “op-ed” like this. It’s because this type of hate filled rhetoric has no place in any realm. Matt’s better judgment should have prevailed. And no, I am not against free speech. Never have been, never will.

But let me ask you this, suppose I submit to Matt an op-ed by me whereas I say that maybe Hitler was right all along about the Jews, or that maybe in my opinion, that all blacks should be sent back to Africa, or women should not be allowed to vote or hold elected office, none of this I believe of course. But to use your own words and thought pattern, would you endorse Matt running such an op-ed as I have lain out?

We did have a Presidential election just 12 years ago which was so close, so controversial it went to the US Supreme Court for decision. I draw from our neighbors to the north in Minnesota for two other examples. In 2008, Minnesota’s US Senatorial race, at first count was Norm Coleman (R) 1,211,590, Al Franken (D) 1,211,375. The recount: Franken 1,212,431, Coleman 1,212,206. Out of over 2,500,000 votes cast, the election was decided by 2/100ths of 1 percent. Fast forward to 2010: Minnesota’s gubernatorial race, again, after a recount: Dayton (D) 919,691, Emmer (R) 910,611, also within 1 percent. Minnesota has Voter ID on the ballot this fall for voters to decide. How many of these six politicians were black? NONE. Race has nothing to do with it. If elections are going to be close, and as polarized as we are these days, they will be, we need some integrity. The only people who (in MN) are outwardly against it are Democratic politicians…over 80% overwhelming majority, representing Republicans and Democrats, want this….Race? Race-bating is old and tired. People of North Iowa are smarter than this, and won’t stand for it. Get a clue.

You’re comparing apples and Oldsmobiles here, the fact that an election is close does not in and of itself imply voter fraud. Of the (appx) 650,000,000 votes cast since 2000, the highest estimate of confirmed, in person, voter fraud is 13 votes. There have been 150 people killed by vending machines in the same time frame. I havn’t seen a major push by state legislatures to address the epidemic in vending machine tragedies. These efforts suppress thousands of votes (most of them democratic) in the name of solving and imaginary problem.

Matt, In the 2008 MN Senate race, again, decided by a mere 312 votes, it was determined by 1,099 people with felony convictions and ineligible to vote indeed voted….and of them 177 people have been convicted — not just accused, but convicted — of voting fraudulently in the Senate race. Another 66 are awaiting trial. This is factual data. 13 votes out of 650,000,000??? Anyone feeding you this data with a straight face is working for the ACLU, or is a guest on the Chris Mathews show. Either way, it is factually inaccurate.

Ya, I read that article too, the washingtonexaminer right? Just think how much Franken would have won by if all those votes for Coleman by felons hadn’t been counted. HAHA. I have no problem with them stopping ineligable votes from counting, but one conviction for every 16384 voters is not worth disenfranchising thousands of eligable voters. Last time I heard every eligable US citizen has the right to have their voice heard whether you agree with them or not.


I have talked to a small group of Democrats in Minneapolis that admitted to me they had people voting more than once and were using deceased peoples names.

They got there names from the obits and made fake IDs so they could go to different polling places and vote more than once for Obama and Franken.

Bad deal all around.

I have heard of other incidents just like this. The bottom line is the problem is bigger than these guys want to admit.

Peter, I have to admit I have started reading your articles because it’s like watching a train wreck. I just have to see each time how much further you can put your foot in your mouth. You’ve really topped yourself this time. Please stop writing, it’s just not the right gig for you.

My neighbor lady told my wife there is a new kind of handgun now, they call it a D-boyz pistol. It is loud and slimy and it don’t work and you can’t fire it.

I think that Vince Ventura either has a unrequited crush on a “D-boy” or his girlfriend left his hillbilly ass for a black dude. You sure do have a whole lot to say about “those” people that your gonna drag behind your pickup and make a new blacktop with….good god, get over your crush and move on….before someone tells you “you shore do got a purdy mouth”

Peter I respect your opinion and always enjoy your articles because you have the guts to say what many of us would like to. But on this issue I have to disagree. I am a registered Democrat but will not waste my vote on someone who is helping to turn our country into a society of lazy people because its easier to get a government handout than work. With either party the middle class pays so I will trust my money to someone who knows how to make it rather than one who can only spend it. Looking forward to your next article.

It gives me pleasure to see other Democrats that are going to vote for Romney. None of us voted for this kind of change.

By-the-way, it would be great if the Tea Party would straighten out the Democrats like they did the Republicans.

We need jobs and President Obama can not create jobs with his polices. Government can create work by taking our tax dollars and creating work. However, when the work is done the job is gone.

A job is created by an Employer making a product and selling it for a profit. That profit in turn pays the wages of the job that was created. This is perpetual employment with no end as long as someone buys that product for a profit.

Obama don’t understand that. Romney does. Obama would have you be jealous of the guy who is making a profit while creating that job.

The last thing we need in this country is Class Warfare.

We need jobs so people can feed their families. Be happy for the guy who started the business and got rich doing so. He created work for others Obama should kiss his feet instead of saying the government did that not him.

Obama is a total bufoo! (boo-foe’)

Sure hope that bufoo comment don’t make me a racist! I don’t how I could live with myself.

If them that is in power don’t get rid of them scum then the good folks of MC will. Which way they want it I say time to clean house yes.

Blacks are way more racist than white’s.

Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.

I drove up to Manly today. I saw more Black”s than White’s from 7th st. north to the north edge of town. Thats the crime area of town. So would I be a racist ?

The easiest thing in the world to do is hide behind a bush and take pot shots at someone who stands in the open.

Even easier is to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt Peter.

No pot shots here. Walked up, good aim and told you exactly what I thought.

Peter Peter Peter. After reading this article again, I see how racist you are. No one is saying more racist things than you are. Also you have closed your mind and glazed over your eyes, you wouldn’t hear the truth now if it hit you on side of the head. As long after I’ve seen you around, you really surprise me on this site. May the best man win in Nov. we could care less what color his skin is. Got it???

I forgot, you are doing exactly what the mgmt wants..creating controversry and that gets readers. You both win.

P. C., one reason to believe there may really be UFOs.

Peter Children: You are the racist. You choose to vote for a president because he IS black (or part black, no matter) thus proving you are racist.

I choose not to vote for our current president because of his policies and the direction he chooses to take our country. That does not make me a racist, it makes me intelligent.

You on the other hand Peter, have removed all doubt about your intelligence with this post. I hope when they start charging for this site, that management will look closely at editorials such as this and see fit to remove them. I don’t care to pay to read stupidity.

Do I sense the time to clear the air again? WAIT! I’ll be back in a bit. Lol.

Well, Peter, you sound like Al Sharpton now and he is an idiot. Most people don’t look at Obama as being black, they look at him as a President that has us in a world of hurt. All he has done is throw money away since he has been in office and we are so far in debt that we will never see daylight. I shutter to think what another 4 years of him will do to us. I am a Democrat and I don’t want to vote for either candidate, but we have the privilege so I do have to make a decision before Nov. It gets to the point of the lesser of two evils and that is sad. We need to help the people in our own country and he continues to send money to every other country. I feel bad for the young people that are inheriting this mess. I could go on and on like you, but I won’t. I agree with alot of things you write, but this is one of the far fetched ones. Some people may have a problem with him being black, but most people don’t. It is the kind of job he has done for me and he hasn’t done anything he promised. Of course, that is a typical politician these days!

If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you aren’t a racist, then you better vote for Romney in 2012 to prove you aren’t an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again I ask the question I asked a few weeks ago. Why should we listen to the bullshit ramblings of an 80+ year old fool? Then some idiot responded to me that I have no respect for my elders. With an article like this, how can you have any respect for this guy? Someone answer me that one!

And Matt, just what in the world possessed you to run this article? Surely you’re not desperate to run something like this are you? You really need to use better judgment. This reflects badly on you and your website!

Is that the best you can do…..If you don’t agree with him say so or don’t read it? Just because he can have his say so, does not mean that you had to run an article like this. How does an article like this, keep the presidential debate civil?

You haven’t addressed my other question of what possessed you to run an article like this in the first place. Surely you weren’t hurting for an op-ed were you?

You have done a fine job with NIT in such a short time. Don’t let an article like bring you down into the mud. All this does is to question your judgment and reflects badly on yourself and NIT. You’re better than that aren’t you? Peter on the other hand is an angry old man and doesn’t know any better!

Children Peter I have to defend Peter Children here and his right to his opinion. First of all I don’t agree with his thinking and don’t understand why he don’t educate himself on the issues.

He is an old like democrat that refuses to realize the Democratic Party was lost with the death of John F. Kennedy and has been taken over by left wing progressives.

Also when Matt has these op-eds NIT it motivates me to respond with facts and hopefully educates the readers with logical ideas that will change their mind about voting for Obama or anyone that is not working for the good of the people.

At the end of the, all of this is good.

Matt, keep them coming.

I agree with you. Peter has a right to his opinion, no matter how ignorant it may be. However, that doesn’t mean that Matt has to print it. Matt’s better judgment should have taken over and passed on this “op-ed.” I feel that Peter doesn’t see the need to educate himself because simply put, he is narrow minded. Sort of like Donald Kaul.

And as a Republican, I agree with your assessment about the Democratic Party. Its better days ended in Dallas back in 1963. I guess it would have been better had Matt taken the high road and passed on this one!

Mason City is very liberal area, I get that. I know you guys think Obama is going to get re-elected but I must tell you in my travels and discussions I don’t see that as a possibility. Too many liberals oppose him privately and are not voting for him. They have moved over to the Romney camp. The polls don’t tell it all.

When the Blue Dog Democrats don’t support Obama and all the Independents have turned off on Obama the numbers aren’t there to get Obama re-elected.

I know I voted for him in the last election but never again. You only trick me once. You only lie to me once. No second chances here. Putting America 5 Trillion dollars more in debt and putting job killing policies in place puts him on the same category as Jimmy Carter. Then when he says to “get used to high gas prices,” and “get used to high food prices,” he shows absolutely no leadership ability. Only a numbskull would vote for him.

Also, I see trouble on in the future with our debt and cuts in health care, especially for seniors.

No Peter, you are living in a dreamland. Your desperation pulling out the race card to me is telling. You know his days are numbered and calling everyone a racist because they don’t appreciate his lying and promoting a Communist/Socialist agenda has hurt him beyond repair.

Be sure and see the movie 2016 it is a real eye-opener about Obama’s agenda.

Actually Peter, you should be ashamed of yourself for playing the race card.

Well Peter old boy, they packed that one right back in your arse didn’t they? Your an old guy and are probably used to most people not paying attention to what you say most of the time anyway, so what’s one more time. For a moment there, you reminded me of another guy who had the same first name. At least you are always good for a laugh and you got people to make a few comments too. This wasn’t one of your smarter posts that’s for sure.

And just so you know (and I know you won’t care) Obama’s skin color has no color to me, the guy just gives me the creeps and I for one think he is ruining this great country of ours. I also think the majority of those who commented are right, you are the one who seems to bring up about this election being about race.

So if I disagree with Obama Im a racist?? I guess I am a racist then.. Hell I don’t care what color you are but either you work for a living or you suck on the proverbial government tit… If you are a parasite you should be deported.. Don’t care what color or nationality you are… People like you Peter are what is keeping racism alive. NOT people who don’t support Obama. Now Peter tell us if it was you who was investigated in Charles City years ago.. Regardless of the outcome(no pun intended) I remember this very well.. If it WAS you….you should be ashamed of yourself..

You know, I don’t care for Pete Children’s opinions, but I think it’s unfair to keep bringing up the Charles City incident. It was a case of mistaken identity. Period. Let it rest. It could have happened to YOU.

Katie your wrong. If a guy does what he did it shows something about the character of that person. So he got off on a technicality. People like you who defend people like this are disgusting… BTW I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have a (mistaken identity) by jerking off under ladies clothes.. I have never done that and don’t see that in the future for me… Might just start writing op-eds though..

They arrested a different person for that crime! I have read all the police reports and witness statements and the store clerk identified the wrong person when she said Pete Children was the person. He looked like the guy who really did it and the clerk thought Peter was that guy, but he wasn’t. Go read all the police and court reports and then decide what you think. If Peter were a flasher, he would have been caught again by now. They can’t keep it in their pants for this long.

Katie- I don’t care about what you think happened. I KNOW what happened. In fact one of the people who witnessed this was a relative. I remember them saying that the creep would get off because the police didn’t exactly follow protocol.. The other person who got arrested was charged with window peeping…Had nothing to do with the store incidents.. In fact i remember the kids name who got charged with this.. Funny how things stopped cold after mr op-ed was arrested…

Hey Peter, you are an ignorant fool. Obama isn’t BLACK – no, he is not a black man. He is just as much WHITE as he is BLACK.

Are you such and old senile f*ck that you cannot see. America did not elect a “Black” president.

“Wake up for Christ’s sake” your f*cken racism is shiten up the blogosphere. People like you breed the racists and hate in the world.

Please keep your lies and hate breeding bullshit to yourself and do not dirty blacks with your racist vomit.

Man, you make me sick.

Liberals playing the race card… whats new?

David; the patriots you speak of are wrapped in the confedrate flag

Does that mean you remember what it was like back then? The year is 2012 not 1863.

Hatred never eally dies, it is passed down through the generations, I am quite sure if you have children they are are infected throughly by now.

I am not a racist and have no hatred in me, not even for you. I see alot of hatred in your words so maybe you are the one that has infected the next generation, or is it the democrats that did it?

Have to disagree with you Peter. I am tired of working my tail off and having people like Obama making it easier for the people milking the system to take my money. In my opinion he’s the worst president in my time and it has nothing to do with being a racist. Legalizing all the illegal mexicans simply to get votes was the last straw. How much harder do I have to work to pay more taxes for the boarder jumper mothers that come here and have their kids all paid for by us taxpayers. He has to go,

where in Peter’s article does he call Republicans racist? I can’t find it.

Ah, I only wish Herman Cain was still in the race. I would have voted for him in a heartbeat. Wow! I don’t support Obama, Herman Cain is black. Huh, shit slap me cause I don’t know what the hell is going on….I thought I was a racist if I didn’t support dipshit, I mean Obama. I don’t support him because of his policies and his incompetency. One of my best friends is black. So how the hell can I be a racist? Oh, cause the likes of Peter and Happyguy say so. Silly me.

BTW, I love Rush. And you’re still ignorant. Shit I might be ignorant for saying “still”.

Where in his article does it say that Peter called republicans racist?

Those that oppose obama is racist, that would be everybody in the free world except democrts.

You stated: “I wouldn’t call all republicans racist. Only the one’s that are extreme right like say tea party suporters or Rush’s fans or most who post here.”

That is another dilusional post. Do you know the % of Mr. Limbaugh’s staff that are considered “Afro American.” (Again I hate that term, we are all Americans.)

The Tea party who supported Cain is racist? I love Herman Cain. I would have voted for him, he has real life business experience that Obama has never had. He has turned several companies around and an all around great guy.

Your statement is simply uneducated and assumptive because people like you are uninformed and that scares me that you will be voting.

He might have turned companies around but he also turned one too many women around as well. He made Clinton look like an amature

@ I Love Herman.
To compare, the two, hardley. No proof on Cain, plenty of proof on Clinton. Try again. The Dems had no problem with the crap Clinton did in the oval office with Monica. I will stay clean here but that was the lowest of lows.

Peter, you are so full of crap. There has been election fraud for YEARS, mostly on the part of the Democratic party. I know you’re OLD enough to remember the 1960 election when Daley managed to muster votes from all the graveyards in Chicago. There should have been a voter ID law passed way back then. And then there were the Black Panthers who disenfranchised the WHITE voters in 2008. Who are the racists? It’s about time something was done to keep our elections fair to BOTH sides, especially with the influx of illegal aliens and identity fraud we have had in recent years.
I don’t know any white conservatives who would NOT have voted for Herman had he met the squeaky clean test. I was very disappointed that the liberal media managed to trash him. Hillary has had rumors about her bisexuality floating around for YEARS, yet they never go after her. We would have gladly voted for Condaleeza had she agreed to run. We all liked Colin Powell as well until he defected to the Democrats based on his RACE. Yet, because we oppose a Democrat who happens to be black, we are labeled racists by those who can’t attack us for any other reason. We oppose President Obama because we do not like his policies. Period. It doesn’t matter what damned color he is. I don’t like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid,Barney Frank, or Charley Rangel either. I dislike Nancy Pelosi the most. Are you going to say that’s because she’s a woman? I’m a woman. Does that make sense to you? You are the racist calling white people who don’t like Obama because he is black. Those of you who do so are dividing the country and causing a lot of damage because there are idiots out there who believe you.

There has never been a concentrated effort such as is now taking place in the entire history of American elections. Never ever. I repeat, this is entirely driven by racial hatred.

The concintrated effort you talk about is coming from patriots, those people that don’t like obama ripping up the constitution and doing whatever he likes. We are law abiding people that don’t like people who think they are above the law. The only racist here is you.

Peter, I call bulls**t. You are on the wrong end here. Race has nothing to do with this election.

I think you need to do some research. Lighting striking a person happens more often than voter fraud. Sharks eating people happens more than voter fraud. And the fact is that most voter fraud that occurs is on “conservative” side and largely ignored by the MSM(faux news). The whole voter fraud issue is nothing more than disenfranchising votes that might vote democrat. It’s rediculous and you need to get a clue.

I always used to present my voter’s registration card when I went to vote until they told me I didn’t have to do that. What is so damned hard to understand about wanting to make sure no one else steals your vote? If you are so worried about the elderly being disenfranchised, call all those you know and offer to take them to a DL station to get a photo ID card instead of bitching about this. There is no excuse for everyone not knowing the law. If people don’t know about the law, they aren’t interested in politics and probably won’t vote any way.

I don’t agree with everything you’ve written, Peter. But I do agree that Obama will have four more years, and during that time he’ll prove to be one of the best presidents we’ve ever had. I’m proud to have him heading up our country.

You really need your head looked at!

Have head looked at. YEah, it would take a coroner cause he’s brain dead !!!

This is so typical of Peter. When all else fails play the race card. It is what the liberals do so well. Get real. He is not a bad president because of his race. It is because of his policy’s. I am not a Republican and never have been. But I am also not a Democrat. Why do people think they must belong to one or the other of these party’s and not be able to vote or people they like. I have voted for a democrat more than Republican all of my life but not lately and not for the foreseeable future. When they go back to BlueDog Democrats and get away from this liberal crap I might change my mind.

I wouldn’t call all republicans racist. Only the one’s that are extreme right like say tea party suporters or Rush’s fans or most who post here. You know who you are and who I am talking about. Wad U Say,easy to say you would suport West Cain but when push would have come to shove…I doubt it. Peter is right, get ready for 4 more years. Peter I think Michele would make a great first woman president, but I think her first name will be Hillary.

Happyguy, how do you know who I would vote for? I contributed to Cain before the liberals got rid of him. Made up stories, get him out of here for he could beat Obama. I’d also vote for West in a heart beat. So speak for yourself there jack.

For a minute here I thought I was at MSNBC. Anyone seen Toure?

I don’t know about the racism (for all) but it obvious the right will do ANYTHING to win this election (just like in ’04 with W) large donations, voter suppression, lies & more lies! Everyone MUST vote!!!

Looks more like the LEFT will do anything to win.

Remember the democrat montra. Vote early and vote often.

To David from NIT Staff: Not the kind of comment we want here on NIT. A disgusting thing to say. Please clean it up immediately.

Matt I said nothing wrong, no swearing, I just repeated what I said in my first posting here and you printed that. I said nothing derogatory about him, you read my first posting and I didn’t say anything but my opinion. I don’t know what pisses me off more, this article or that you deleted my post. What was the bad thing I said, idiot or traitor?

You can tell who is the leaning left and liberal. It’s always racism. How can one spell it out clear enough that it’s not the color of his skin, it’s his policies. HELLO!!!!
Where is West and Cain..they would have made an excellent team. What’s racist about that?????

monique, you have my deepest sympathy on the death of your english teacher.

wow guess we know you are a lib. playing the race card. ha ha ha…. what a dumb-ass
Dont you know that the blacks are way more racists than white’s. Wake up u cracker. You are a old man wigger. Sad . You are just lucky you are not on that sex perv. list.

Time to crawl back under your rock Peter. Say are you the same Peter Children that got picked up years ago?

How many other Peter Childrens are there here? Does that answer the question?

I don’t mind a good debate but I stopped reading this piece of trash at ” burning crosses”. I know there is a thing called free speech but this is taking it too far. As for the racist part the only people that are racist are the yahoos who keep bringing it up. I am not voting for him because he is black, I am not voting for him because he is an idiot and a traitor to our country and whoever votes for him is either a frikken idiot too or a traitor, which one are you? People like you really piss me off. You think that if I don’t agree with you then I have a problem, well one of us has the problem and I can guarentee you that it isn’t me.

Right on Dave, agree 150 percent !!! P. C. is smokin his socks again! How can anybody be blind, deaf and dumb all at the same time and still breath? It seems like the one that spends the most money can be president. That in it’s on right is convoluted. I care not what color the president might be, if he just worked for us, not against us.

I have to agree with David. Peter’s article here is dilusional at best. Republicans are racists? Really?? Do any of these Republican haters remember history? It what the Republican party that voted to free people from slavery. (Note, I did not say blacks in that statement, they are people, there is no difference, black, white, oriental or hispanic.) Anyone remeber Democrate Senator Robert Bird.He was a grand PuPa of the KKK.

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