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Op-ed: We need to clean up the north end (by Peter Children)

For the most part we need to clean up the North End.  When it comes to Alley Katz bar it is a two edged sword; pull their license and their clientele spreads out looking for other venues which will lead to further widespread contamination in the city.

On the other hand it makes little sense to allow what is happening on the North End to continue to flourish and grow stronger.  We live in a lawful society and the law is suppose to apply to all equally; but here it is not.

Evacuation could start with the health department. It is highly unlikely that the houses where the D-Boys reside are up to code; Plumbing, electrical, along with health should be all over those places; if there are violations then evict.

It is more than likely a center for drug activity, and I realize that the Drug Enforcement Agency must conform to some narrow boundaries when it comes to making arrests, but are they doing anything now?   How is it maybe a group of no more than 15 or 20 individuals can hold off an entire police force who is allegedly watching them, and get away with it?

The police now have an accused murder suspect in custody who is revealing information about this Detroit Boy gang. They should have new information now as a result of the recent killing… let’s see what it produces.

If I lived within a block of that house I would want my property tax totally suspended until it was cleaned up; no tax, none. Two blocks, half price.  When it was normal once more then the tax could continue. That might spur some action. The next question is this; we must assume the D-Boys came from Detroit…but how did they find this small north Iowa community? Did they read about it in a publication that featured tranquil living, good jobs, low cost of living.  Did anyone ever think about that?  Did they get a flat tire while driving through town and liked the look of things here, then decided to stay?  Our were they recruited to come here to play ball for NIACC and never left?  Did their business start in the dorms at NIACC, was that their incubator, then when the season ended and they were dumped, move then to a new and affordable campus located on the North End? Did they send for their cousins to help with the business…probably. I think if you look close enough you will find the East St. Louis Boys and the Chicago Boys as well.  All prime recruiting areas for NIACC.

There is a lot to talk about here but few if any are talking especially the police.  What is taking place on that front porch with the boys from Detroit is only a scratch on the surface of what really lies underneath.

Peter Children

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