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Op-Ed by Otis Lewis –

AARP has started a political campaign in Iowa to get Senior Citizens to vote this fall for the Democrats and their socialist agenda. An agenda that will put America in the same peril we see in Europe, complete with financial chaos and future riots when people don’t get what they are promised.

AARP’s new Iowa campaign slogan to Senior Citizens is, “You Have A Say.” The truth is Senior Citizens have not “earned a say” and if Senior Citizens were properly informed, would not support AARP’s socialist agenda. No one would if they were educated and properly informed on the issues of Social Security and Medicare.

The reality is, the future of Social Security and Medicare is in peril because of AARP wanting too much, and politicians promising too much to the voters so they can get elected.

This entire discussion should be centered on the word ACTUARY because Social Security and Medicare are currently, not ACTUARIALLY SOUND.

It’s doubtful that AARP or most people know what an Actuary is or does, politicians surly don’t.

By definition an Actuary is a statistician who computes insurance risks and premiums. It is obvious that Social Security and Medicare is not managed with that principle in mind. The fact is that both Social Security and Medicare has added both people and benefits to theses two programs since law mandated them, without adding the funding required to keep them actuarially sound.

This entire discussion about Social Security and Medicare must center on putting these two programs on a financial footing that is capable of supporting themselves. The only way to do that is with Actuaries and not politicians. Until Medicare and Social Security are placed on an actuarial footing and kept there, they will never be financially sustainable.

One final point, in order for Social Security and Medicare to become actuarially sound everyone must pay! In other words, premiums are based on risks, not a socialist agenda.

PS: for AARP and those of you wanting to provide welfare/healthcare you will have to create a new program separate from Medicare and Social Security and find a way to fund it. You can’t make a program actuarially sound when you provide freebies. Freebie programs must be kept separate for an Actuary do his job! Sorry.

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