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Op-Ed by Otis Lewis –

AARP has started a political campaign in Iowa to get Senior Citizens to vote this fall for the Democrats and their socialist agenda. An agenda that will put America in the same peril we see in Europe, complete with financial chaos and future riots when people don’t get what they are promised.

AARP’s new Iowa campaign slogan to Senior Citizens is, “You Have A Say.” The truth is Senior Citizens have not “earned a say” and if Senior Citizens were properly informed, would not support AARP’s socialist agenda. No one would if they were educated and properly informed on the issues of Social Security and Medicare.

The reality is, the future of Social Security and Medicare is in peril because of AARP wanting too much, and politicians promising too much to the voters so they can get elected.

This entire discussion should be centered on the word ACTUARY because Social Security and Medicare are currently, not ACTUARIALLY SOUND.

It’s doubtful that AARP or most people know what an Actuary is or does, politicians surly don’t.

By definition an Actuary is a statistician who computes insurance risks and premiums. It is obvious that Social Security and Medicare is not managed with that principle in mind. The fact is that both Social Security and Medicare has added both people and benefits to theses two programs since law mandated them, without adding the funding required to keep them actuarially sound.

This entire discussion about Social Security and Medicare must center on putting these two programs on a financial footing that is capable of supporting themselves. The only way to do that is with Actuaries and not politicians. Until Medicare and Social Security are placed on an actuarial footing and kept there, they will never be financially sustainable.

One final point, in order for Social Security and Medicare to become actuarially sound everyone must pay! In other words, premiums are based on risks, not a socialist agenda.

PS: for AARP and those of you wanting to provide welfare/healthcare you will have to create a new program separate from Medicare and Social Security and find a way to fund it. You can’t make a program actuarially sound when you provide freebies. Freebie programs must be kept separate for an Actuary do his job! Sorry.

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do you have an email for AARP I too would like to voice my opinion to them?

I found this article looking for a senior anti-socialist political group! The article is crystal clear for anyone who learned the true history of our country and the, even current, outcome is! We are apparently the history keepers as our children and grandchildren are marched into classrooms to be INDOCTRINATED into this society-destroying, no thinking allowed party of purposeful disinformation! I must become politically active again, having marched for peace, then later became Republican, I can do this! I have resisted aarp as I noticed the have been socialist leaning for years. Saving $ when going out to dinner, not worth it!!
Thank you for the article at the exact moment I needed validation. As I was also watching Mark Levin on FOX!! A double whammy!
I will get some new marching boots and see you on the road!! (I’ll be the chubby old lady with big dimmples

Yes, someone with experience, meaning and desire needs to head up a group for Seniors Against Socialism s.a.s. We have a lot of numbers. The youth of this country has no idea what socialism/communisim really is. AARP has tried to get me to join for too many years to count. Do not trust them. They do not represent all senior’s ideas, nor do they really get anything done to improve our lives, and are a greedy group that misrepresents themselves. Let me know what you may have planned for your anti-socialist group before it is too late for this country. Thanks and get those marching boots shined up.

For a thorough discussion of aarp and many, many evil associations, organizations, societies: http://NEXTAXPRO.WORDPRESS.COM

JIM if we get 4 more years of Obama there may not be too much left for anyone but those of you who are looking for a handout…and that won’t last very long.

Where in the world do you think the feds can come up with more than $2.5 trillion? That how much the fed have “fed” the treasury with IOUs all the while spending the money like drunken sailors…Democrats and Republicans! Now the time has come, that they thought they would never see, when the SS income doesn’t match the outgo and continues to grow wider with each year.

Good luck youngsters!

SSI and medicare would be financially sound if the government had left all the money contributed in the account. Politicians have taken money out and used it to pay other bills. They need to demand that money be put back in the account with interest before cutting benefits or raising the retirement age.

I dropped AARP over 3 years ago when they supported Obama Care with my money and without letting us vote on it. They are a communists organization who preys on seniors.

AARP is most definately a Communist/Socialist organization ! Wake up Seniors !

If you think our Gov. has in trouble now just wait till the republicans take over…Jim

do you have any facts to support your claims?

Yes I do. The facts are in the Congressional Record. I have read the entire history of all the Medicare and Social Security changes since their inception. Too much to put in here, but you can go online and read them for yourself. It is all there and the voting records too.

I see someone commented on the money borrowed from these programs too. I did not include those loans in my article but could have.

Social Security and Medicare were started using “Actuarial Tables” but the politicians went on to ignore them.

AARP on the other hand refuses to use the concept of Actuaries and just keeps lobbying for freebies at the expense of our children. AARP has only self-serving socialist polices they want to promote on behalf of the Democratic Party. They are a total ruse and Senior Citizens should take heed, they are being misled and used.

Under the current format neither program is sustainable!

By the way, I too am a Senior Citizen.

I was pretty sure it was the Republican Government that put us in this mess 4 years ago and the Democratic one that helped to not make it as bad as it is in Europe.

And if you open your eyes and went back a little farther you would have to admit that your old buddy Billy Clinton was the brains behind EVERYONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED THE AMERICAN DREAM, A HOME, and saw to it ALL were ABLE to qualifiy for this AMERICAN DREAM, by not even having to provwe or show income as was required before that Fiasco even started. Thank You Billy Clinton(he was a DEMOCRAT wasn’t he, or was that MONICA)?

Hell… this goes all the way back to the Carter Administration (Democrats) of the late 70’s… everyone should have a house, whether they can make payments or not ! WTF ???? Obama is driving this country deeper in shit than we can tolerate or dig ourselves out of. God help the future children for having to cover this YAHOO’s nightmarish spending ! GOD HELP AMERICA if Obama gets re-elected 🙁

You sure have that bass-ackwards. Your dates are wrong too. This has been going downhill for a long time.

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