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Bus tour makes “wonderful” stop in Mason City

MASON CITY – A private bus tour made a stop in Mason City on Saturday to take in the best the city has to offer.

The tour was sponsored by the Jefferson Highway Association.  About 50 persons from all over the country, some from as far away as Utah, were on the bus enjoying a day that started in Ames and made its way to the Iowa-Minnesota border before heading south again to stop in Mason City.

The group toured the Rock Glen neighborhood with its Frank Lloyd Wright homes and then toured the Historic Park Inn hotel and enjoyed a Hy-Vee catered lunch there.

From the hotel, the tour came by former City Councilman Max Weaver’s “Rancho Deluxe Z Garden.”

Click here to view photos.

Weaver was presented with a Jefferson Highway marker, painted by a young man from Minnesota who was on the tour Saturday.  A “JH Pole,” as it was described by Jefferson Highway President Mike Conlin.

“This is the way they found the route,” said Scott Berka, Treasurer of the Jefferson Highway Association.

Weaver said it will be a “central attraction” in the garden.”

Watch video:

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I love too go and show my kids Max’s garden. What amazes me the most of this tour coming to Mason City, is that they had 20 pictures of Max’s Garden and 1 of the hotel this town spent tons of money on to bring in tours and what not… Yet they have nothing to do for children around here. Yet Max’s Gardent entertains many people and as some you would say it’s JUNK.. Its interesting to look at all the different stuff from around this community rather than a fancy hotel none of the children around here care to look at nor feel comfortable enough to go and look at.. NICE GARDEN MAX..

LOVE…Rancho Deluxe Z Garden !!!!! Way to go Max! I’ve been to the “Z Garden” many times and enjoy it very much! It beats “Mac’s Museum” anyday!

Anon what an asshole. The people loved it and our town loves it. You got the jealous issue going on. It shows in all your blogs. You sure are paying attention though aren’t you. You didn’t slam Max today you slammed JH and all the good folks coming to town. By the way get with it if you want to talk what’s hip NOW. DF.

I’m the president of the JHA and I’m rather insulted by some low life that is hiding behind “anonymous”. I wonder what you might have done for your town other than be a jerk.

Mike, the community of Mason City certainly welcomes having JH come through and visit. Please do not let any comments fron an “annonymous” blogger make you think any different. Some people hold grudges in this town and cannot stand to see others have success at any level. It is unfortunate but the rest of us will look past their rude comments and continue to enjoy what we have right here in Mason City. We hope you at JH can do the same!

You know the old saying that the truth is painful and a bitter pill to swallow? Well swallow that pill and enjoy the pain.

No matter how you slice it, junk is still junk!

You know the old saying that the truth is painful and a bitter pill to swallow? Time to swallow that bitter pill and enjoy the pain.

No matter how you slice it, junk is still junk!

One man’s junk is still junk. Maybe the JH could stand for Junk Hole!

yes and that should also include all the women that have junk in their gardens. junk wheels, junk bikes, junk gates for vines to climb on. bird baths holding stagnent water to allow mosquitoes to thrive. how old are you, anyway? this is the trend now. its called “repurposing” DF

“Max’s Garden”!

What a great draw for Mason City and hats off to Jefferson Bus Lines for recognizing Max’s Garden.

Mason City’s Tourist Bureau should be highlighting Max’s Garden.

Between the Park Inn, Music Man Square, or Max’s Garden:
Max’s Garden beats them all, hands down.

Good on you Max Weaver!

Max, when my son took photography in high school, he took many photos of you garden, Thanks! PS, we miss you on the council!!!

Congrats Max…and it didn’t take millions in development money to do it either!

Hey, Max, I love your garden, I have taken a lot of photos in your garden. I sure do remember a lot of the old things you have there. I want to thank you personally for starting something like this. It should be a draw from people outside Mason City like the Jefferson Lines Trip.

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