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Is Utilizing the Autoplay Feature An Effective Way To Play Slots?

Online slots gaming includes many features that make it fun, easy, and interactive to play. One such feature is utilizing the autoplay button. While it is convenient to run the autoplay button, so that you do not have to constantly click on the spin button, there are some positives and negatives behind over utilizing this feature.

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Pro: The Slot Reels Are Still Randomized Whether On Autoplay Or Not

One positive thing about playing slots with the autoplay feature is that it is still a random game of chance whether it is on or not. Triggering this feature only reassures that the slot reels keep spinning until you press stop or until you designate how many spins you want the virtual slot machine to go while it’s on autoplay. 

To debunk some misconceptions about the autoplay feature, it does not increase your chances of winning a slots spin nor does it give you access to specific payline combinations because you are using said feature. All slot machines have random number generators (RNGs) to keep the game as fair as possible. 

Con: Depending On Your Bet Amount, Autoplay Can Quick Deplete Your Bankroll

The autoplay feature should be utilized sparingly so that your bankroll is not immediately depleted from making too high of a bet and spinning the reels too many times with such a high wager each time. 

Say that your bankroll is only $3,000 and you are trying to possibly score a big win by making wagers of $50 per spin. This means that you will only get 60 spins if you do not hit any wins on that slot machine. Alternatively, it’s best to adjust your bet amount to stretch your bankroll further so that you can enjoy a slots game for a longer time. In this scenario, perhaps after 20 spins of $50 each, maybe you can dial down the bet amount to $20 to $30 to stretch out your bankroll. 

Pro: The Autoplay Feature Makes It More Convenient To Play Slots

If you do not activate the autoplay feature on a slots machine, you will have to keep pressing the spin button which can get annoying and monotonous during your gameplay experience. Setting autoplay to about 20 to 50 spins depending on your bet amount can make playing slots easier and more fun. Hence, you can watch the reels in succession to see whether they hit a loss or win and then turn on the autoplay feature again once the designated spins have run out. 

Con: You Can’t Change the Wager Amount While the Autoplay Feature Is On

You cannot change the wager amount for each spin while the auto play feature is activated. For example, if you wager $10 per spin for 25 spins, you cannot choose a different wager amount in the middle of the autoplay playing out these spins.  

This can be negative for managing your bankroll as if you place too high of a bet and have too many spins then you could lose out if none of them yield a win. Instead, find a common medium between betting high enough that is most comfortable for you and doing about 10 to 20 spins so that you can change the wager amount as you see fit.

The Bottom Line 

When playing any slot game, the bottom line is to manage your bankroll the best you can, make wagers you are comfortable with, and to watch how many spins you are putting on autoplay. Remember to have fun and to play responsibly!

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