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A Guide for Adults Returning to Education: How Further Study Can Help Your Business and Career

This news story was published on May 21, 2020.
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The prospect of returning to education as an adult can be very daunting. Your mindset and daily schedule may be completely out of tune to what is required as a student, or perhaps it has been so long since you have left full-time education that you feel out of the loop as to what might be expected from you. 

Nevertheless, making the choice to return to education as a business professional and adult is a rewarding one, and you should not let uncertainty stop you from attaining further qualifications. There are many ways you can prepare to become a student again, and with proper planning and research, there is no reason why you can’t feel confident in your choice to return to education. 

How Can Further Study Help Your Business?

If the primary reason for you wanting to return to education is to benefit your current job role or a business you own, there are many ways extra qualifications can help you. 

  • Providing Extra Knowledge and Skills to Help You Advance 

You will always find that more knowledge is helpful. There is no downside to working hard towards a new qualification and skillset. Specific skills and knowledge can help you to advance along the path you choose, whether that’s developing your business further or looking for a new career path to venture down. 

  • Helping You to Stay Focused and Motivated 

Choosing to become a student requires self-discipline and motivation. Studying in itself can help you to become more focused and dedicated, which in turn can allow you to have a better mindset in other aspects of your life, including your business itself. 

Maintaining a balanced and productive education schedule will help you to feel more inspired and motivated when you come to focus on your career alongside it. 

  • Providing Opportunities for Promotion 

Further study and qualifications will open up new opportunities for you. There may be a promotion you have in mind that requires further qualifications required, or perhaps you’re just looking to better your chances by growing your list of relevant qualifications. 

Either way, returning to education and pursuing further study will not only provide new qualifications, but also show dedication and commitment.

  • Helping You to Set Up Your Own Business 

If your career goals include fulfilling your entrepreneurial dreams and developing your own start-up, you may be feeling as though you want to build a solid foundation of business acumen first, and this is where qualifications and study come in. Seek out those qualifications that will provide valuable business skills, such as problem-solving, so that you can start off on the right foot when it comes to starting your own business

  • Helping You to Manage Business Processes More Efficiently 

If you’re simply looking to update your current skill set and build on it to put yourself in the best possible position, especially within a managerial capacity, then returning to education is an exemplary way to do that. 

Learn more about the processes and skills needed for your current position and work at them within education, all while achieving an official qualification at the same time. 

Top Tips for Returning to Education

  • Understand the Skills You Need 

You may have decided that you want to further your education, but you aren’t entirely clear in which specific way you would like to do it. When making the decision to return to education as an adult, it is essential that you make the right choice and make the extra time and effort count. This means seriously considering the skill set you need and want to develop, such as in relation to expanding your current employment, or if you are looking for a complete career change and require new qualifications or skills. 

For example, if you are looking to advance your existing business knowledge and develop crucial skills such as problem-solving, then you may want to consider a qualification like a DBA offered by institutions like Aston Online to build upon what you have already gained. 

  • Consider the Best Way to Gain Your Qualification 

Different individuals learn best in different ways. Not only that, but your current lifestyle and career schedule may only allow for a certain manner of learning. You should choose the best fit for your current circumstances. 

Your options include: 

  • Online learning, which you can do from home 
  • Night classes 
  • Day classes that can be fitted around your current schedule 
  • Taking a block of time off to attain a qualification during a set period 

Be sure to check all available options out there to find the best option to suit you. Flexibility is key when it comes to returning to education as an adult, as you will have more responsibility in your life than you had at the traditional student age. 

  • Set Up Your Learning Space 

If you’re going to be bringing college work home with you, or if you’re studying and learning from home completely as part of distance or online learning, then you need a peaceful and private place in order to do your work and take it all in. 

Setting up a designated study space can really help you focus, eliminate distractions, and make the most out of your further education. It is a good idea to set up a study space such as a home office or spare room, especially if you live with others, as this can help you to focus in a dedicated area away from the rest of the house. 

Regardless, even if you live alone, having a separate spot or room in which to pursue your studies will help you to focus better when you are using the space, as well as providing you with the opportunity to relax during downtime by keeping your study materials separate and out of view when you are taking some well-earned time off. 

  • Inform Others About What You Are Working to Achieve 

If you have a family, a busy social life, roommates, or other obligations, then it is crucial that you explain to the relevant parties how your routine is going to change. It may mean that you need to make compromises and skip certain social occasions, or it may simply mean that other people need to understand that they should not disturb or distract you while you are in the middle of your studies. This is especially important if you live with others. 

It can be a big change for everyone involved, so communicating honestly and openly about what it is you’re trying to achieve can help everyone to be on the same page, and allow those who care about you to support you through the transition and in achieving your dreams. 

  • Set Up a Clear Schedule 

Returning to education alongside other commitments, such as balancing distance learning with a full-time job, is going to take a lot of organization and discipline. Clear schedules and routines are going to help you through this period, not only in organizing your work, but in clearing your mind, too. 

Have separate schedules for all your responsibilities, such as knowing when you have time to study, any necessary deadlines, and how these can best fit around other schedules you may have, like an employment schedule. 

  • Don’t Forget Your Work-Life Balance 

A work-life balance may be harder to achieve now that you have added study time to your other responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Always be sure to take days off, and look at aligning your study schedule with opportunities for vacations or weekend breaks. Be sure to pay attention to your mind and body, and don’t become overworked. 

Better organization and scheduling will mean that you can also schedule for time off in advance, thereby making it easier to plan social occasions or simply have designated time off to look forward to. 

  • Meet Other Students 

You won’t be the only adult returning to education, and it can be very beneficial to meet other students on similar journeys. This is especially true if your student experience is a distance learning course undertaken on your own at home. Look out for community events or opportunities to speak with fellow students, even if it’s simply an online forum or sharing a few emails. Hearing about the experience of other students can be very motivating and help you to know that you are not alone in the journey. 

It may also be the case that you can use the opportunity for business networking as well as bonding with fellow students, as other business professionals may be returning to education to hone their own skills, too, and relevant contacts may be able to be found and new relationships forged. 

Final Thoughts 

When returning to education as an adult, for whatever reason, be sure to remember why you are doing it. Stay true to your own motivation and allow your new qualifications to benefit you in whichever way you choose, both in your career and for your own personal fulfillment.

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