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Your Restaurant Will Thrive With These 6 Expert Tips

Everyone knows that food is important and that dining is a very important experience. However, not a lot of people know how to make the best of these two. Even though each and every one of us eats and dines sometimes in a restaurant, it is still hard to pinpoint some things. However, when it comes to food, it is not our fault that we are so lost right now with the right diet. When it comes to running a restaurant, the number of things you need to think of increases significantly.

Luckily, a lot of restaurant owners are quite enthusiastic about restaurants and like to share their knowledge. Unless you are asking for some secret ingredients, you are bound to hear a lot from a friendly chef. These 6 tips represent the most common expert tips that will make sure your restaurant keeps on thriving.

1. The right equipment

You can’t just buy kitchen equipment from a regular store as you are buying for a home kitchen. You will need commercial-grade restaurant equipment in order to make your restaurant functional. The kitchen is the heart of every restaurant and you will need to equip it properly. This means getting only the things you need at an affordable price. You do not need every kitchen gadget that exists, but you will need more things than you may think of at first.

2. Knowing your own menu

The trick with running a good restaurant is having the right amount of things on the menu. Sometimes, fewer is better than having a very long restaurant. It is important to have carefully selected dishes on the menu so the quality can stay the same.

If you cook a lot of different dishes, this means your meals lose on specific tastes. This also means you need more diverse chefs and even more equipment for cooking. This in turn leads to a very chaotic kitchen where quality is lost due to the quantity and improper matching of dishes.

3. Cooking the food

As Gordon Ramsay showed in many of his shows, there are a lot of chef Mikes around the world. Way too many restaurants just defrost already made dishes and just add a thing or two on top of them. There is nothing wrong if you make things in batches, every restaurant needs to do this with some of their dishes. However, the point is lost if entire meals are frozen and just reheated in a microwave. With a good menu, you can afford to cook a lot of your dishes.

4. Waiters are very important

No one wants to visit a restaurant with rude staff, that is one of the biggest turn-offs. Even if the food is not the best in the world, if they were met with pleasant waiters they will return. A lot of people are willing to sacrifice the quality of the food over the waiters in the restaurant. 

This means that even if you have really good dishes, customers will not come back to a toxic restaurant. This also means that if you have competition with better food, you can still hold customers with great waiters.

5. Your aesthetic

Besides the food and the waiters, you need to make your restaurant an experience in every aspect. When someone walks in to eat some food, their experience will be affected by a whole lot of other factors than just food. This means proper lighting, proper music, and a proper interior of your restaurant. It is very important to make sure you know what your vision is of the restaurant and how you want it to feel.

6. Clean

Dirty restaurants are another big turn-off when it comes to dining in a restaurant. There is nothing worse than seeing visible dirt on a tablecloth, chair, or even worse your own plate. A hair follicle in a dish is a death sentence to your restaurant, and it is not the only death sentence. Make sure that everything is up to health and sanitization standards at all times, not just once.

These 6 tips were selected on the premise of being the most efficient at making your restaurant run smoothly. It is very important to make sure that all of the listed things are in order so your restaurant can keep on moving forward. Running a restaurant is a new challenge every day with something new being delivered to your plate each day.


You can not thrive unless you have all the basics covered first, that is not how priorities work, especially in restaurants. It is like trying to cook a wagyu A5 steak in a rusty pan on a hazardous cooking stove. You will just make a mess, a very costly mess which you could have avoided with the essential basics covered first.


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