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Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill – which Kim Reynolds opposed – sends millions in federal dollars to rural Iowa communities for broadband projects

President Joe Biden’s and Democrats’ infrastructure bill is rebuilding Iowa, despite the efforts of Kim Reynolds and Iowa Congressman who opposed it.

DES MOINES – Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill – which Kim Reynolds opposed – is sending millions in federal dollars to rural Iowa communities for desperately needed broadband projects.

Governor Kim Reynolds and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) announced the latest recipients of the Empower Rural Iowa Broadband Grants Program – funded by President Joe Biden’s and Democrats’ infrastructure bill that was signed into law last year. Democratic Congresswoman Cindy Axne voted in favor of the bill, as did GOP Charles Grassley. All the other Iowa delegation – all from the GOP – voted against the bill.

Federal funding of more than $210 million for new broadband infrastructure has been awarded to 160 applicants as part of the latest investment in expanding broadband across the state, announced in October 2021. Award announcements can be found online here.

(Project of note: Clear Lake Independent Telephone Company – Rural Mason City – $2,216,534.95)

“Our commitment to high-speed, reliable broadband for all Iowans continues to make great progress,” said Kim Reynolds in an attempt to take credit for the funding.  She made disparaging remarks against the federal bill last year, linking it to inflation, even as she accepts the dollars and spreads it out across the state, now. “We’ve received an overwhelming number of applications and funding requests, which highlights the considerable need to expand broadband to all corners of the state. Our investments will help bridge the gap and provide thousands more Iowans the necessary connectivity needed in their homes and communities.”

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, a two-time drunk driver, opposed the federal funding desperately needed in Iowa.

Projects awarded under this grant opportunity will bring more than $526 million of new broadband infrastructure investment to Iowa, serving over 39,000 homes, schools, and businesses. To date, the Empower Rural Iowa Broadband Grant Program has awarded grant funding that will result in over $880 million in new broadband investment, reaching approximately 115,000 homes, schools, and businesses upon the completion of grant-funded projects.

The OCIO will expedite an additional federally-funded grant opportunity in the first half of 2022 to continue expanding access to broadband in unserved and rural areas across Iowa which have not been built out in the previous grant opportunities.

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“President Biden’s policies have managed to take a fast recovering, energy-independent nation and flip it upside down in less than a year.”

· Don “Joey” Quixote

“We’re gonna have windmills, you can — that you’re gonna see that have 100-yard wingspans each — each propeller on that — on that windmill, 100 yards long. So, there’s so much that is gonna be able to be done…”


And there should be a wage freeze so as none of this ‘grant’ monies is spent towards pay increases as is often the case. Greed. And it’s true. You reap what you sow. So, what are you going to do about. Get smart. Doubt it. Speaking of freezes. One could suppose that down the road a bit it will get so damn cold the likes of which has never been seen before. As for the vicious ‘heat domes’ like the one that settled over western Canada awhile back. One could suppose again that Scandinavia or in or about there to eventually be affected by one of these infernos. Extreme Climate change this quickly can mean only one thing The Iceman cometh. As for those that give themselves a fat raise. That be the Sandman cometh. As in the Iowa State Auditor, Mister Sand. HaHaHa

What does NIT suggest she do? Refuse the money? Send it to another state?We already we for it. Stop defending the idiot president

Yes, she should send it back if she really was opposed to it. Make a statement, Kimmie. Or was being against it just a ploy? Now she can still say she was against it and use it how she wants. Sort of like the guy who says he is against vaccines, but gets one anyway just to be safe.

Then…he gets to find out how much blood thinners cost to treat the clots the ‘vaccine’ gave him.

And….those blood thinners are made and marketed by the same thieves who are pushing that ‘vaccine’.

Did you send back all the stimulus money that trump sent out, highly doubtful.




if you keep saying that, they will someday believe you.

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