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Mason City man reports to police he was robbed after men forced way into his home

MASON CITY – A Mason City man reported to police today that two men forced their way into his house and robbed him.

Officers with the Mason City police department responded to a residence in the 500 block of 6th Street S.E. today at 11:25 AM on a report of a robbery at a residence.

The victim told officers that two men forced open the back door of the residence and assaulted him. The men then stole items from the residence and left. The victim suffered minor injuries but did not seek immediate medical attention.

The suspects were described as stocky white males with one wearing sunglasses, a bandana covering his face and black sweatshirt. The other suspect was wearing a grey sweatshirt with a stocking mask covering his face. The suspects may have been riding bicycles.

Anyone with information about this incident should contact Investigator Tyson Anderson at 641.421.3636 ext. 4115.

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A bicycle needs a front light and a rear red light no brake light. Yes no lights should be stopped but that does not mean backpacks can automatically be searched. If you had a headlight out on your car does that mean your car should get searched?

If there is enough evidence, YES! These morons should not be riding around town at night without lights! Something is wrong!

MCPD probably has more important things to do than stopping stupid people who decide to ride a bike without lights but it’s out of control. They need to hand out tickets left and right until the message gets across. It’s dangerous and against the law. People on bikes seem to think if they can see the car driving down the road that means the driver in the car can seem them. That’s is wrong and someone may get hurt. I would feel terrible if I hurt someone on a bike even if it wasn’t my fault. It the person on the bike is seriously hurt or killed, I would have to live with that the rest of my life. I have to obey the law when I drive my car for good reasons. Bike people should have to too. Maybe instead of searching backpacks, which would be the wrong thing to do without good cause, the police department could have the right to knock the person off the bike and run the bike over with the cop car. Until the bike is no longer rideable. If you can’t keep the lights on the bike, but still think you can ride in the dark, no more bike. You are too stupid to ride a bike through the streets if you can’t figure out how to get a light for it. I wish I could throw big rocks at them.

I wish these dirt bags would break in my house as it would be the one they would ever step foot in.

I see two guys on bicycles all hours of the night and early morning. I get up at 4 and have seen them quite often. Backpacks, no lights. I’m sure they’re up to no good.

Call in as suspicious activity. Take back your neighborhoods for any criminals. A few calls and I bet the thugs go to jail, or move on to a different area

When an officer sees someone riding a bike at night without lights and a backpack, they should be stopped and searched! NO QUESTIONS!! I see these morons all over town during the day and night specially now with the snow! SOMETHING IS WRONG!

So you’re saying that giving up your 4th amendment rights is what the public should do to weed out the bad eggs? That makes sense. Who’s the moron? Illegal search and seizure is protected by the constitution and those who give up their liberties to purchase safety deserve neither liberty or safety. (Ben Franklin)

Yep! They lose that right by not complying with the laws. Period. Call them in, stop, search and arrest if possession of any criminal. It’s time to take back out neighborhoods and City from the criminals and meth heads. Clean up Mason City. If you have a problem with that, then you’re part of the problem. If I was riding a bicycle and police stopped me to search me, I’d have no problem!! They are out doing their job and I’d be thankful they are proactive to cleaning the trash out!

“Clean up Mason City.” Mason City has a population of around 27000,how many people do you want to lose?

As for your, “If I was riding a bicycle and police stopped me to search me, I’d have no problem!!” That just makes you a damn fool. It is that type of attitude that leads to turning our police forces into worse thugs than are on the street. Pretty soon you end up with the horror stories that you hear from other countries, where the police are the ones shaking down the populace for “protection” from the police.
If I’m not doing anything wrong then, I shouldn’t have to think about being stopped by the police.

The law is that you have to have a headlight and brake light on a bicycle. An officer should have the right to stop and search that person specially at night with full backpacks!

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