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Iowa Department of Education seeks public input on use of seclusion and restraint in schools

DES MOINES – The Iowa Department of Education today announced six meetings to gather public input on proposed revisions to rules regarding the appropriate use of seclusion and restraint in schools. The meetings run Sept. 24 through Oct. 3.

Proposed revisions to Iowa Administrative Code chapter 281-103 (“Chapter 103”) were voted down by the State Board of Education in August so that more feedback can be collected on some parts of the proposed rules, including seclusion room requirements, parent notification, and the term “serious physical injury.” (Please see 281-103.7(1), 281-103.7(2), and 281-103.8 of the proposed rules.)

Department leaders will facilitate the statewide meetings, make further revisions to the proposed rules based on feedback, and will take revisions back to the State Board of Education in November.

The public input meetings will run from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Dates and locations are as follows. For more information about the meetings, contact

Written comments about the rules may be emailed to

Tuesday, September 24
Green Hills Area Education Agency – Creston

Conference Room
257 Swan St., Creston

Wednesday, September 25
Heartland Area Education Agency – Johnston

Conference Room 152A,152B, and 152C
6500 Corporate Drive, Johnston

Thursday, September 26
Grant Wood Area Education Agency – Cedar Rapids

Winter/Spring Room
1120 33rd Ave. SW, Cedar Rapids

Tuesday, October 1
Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency – Pocahontas

North and South Twin Lakes Conference Rooms
500 NE 6th St., Pocahontas

Wednesday, October 2
Central Rivers Area Education Agency – Cedar Falls

Conference Room B
1521 Technology Parkway, Cedar Falls

Thursday, October 3
Ottumwa Community School District
Media Center
812 Chester Ave, Ottumwa

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With all the awareness of Mental Health issues, why are children still entering the classroom without them being diagnosed?

If there is a need for restraint or seclusion, the signs should have observed long before. It is up to both the school staff, and parents to get children with behavioral problems diagnosed before they become such an issue.

Yet, it is not the school staff who is responsible for this. Yes they can observe and report to the parents. It is the parents however, who live with the child day in and day out to see this kind of problem, and find solutions. NOT the schools.

There are too many parents, even in our community, who because of ignorance, booze, or drugs cannot or refuse to help their children who have emotional or behavioral problems. And in the end, little Johnny or Jane will grow up to be just the same as Mom or Dad.

Such abuse and neglect can be identified by school staff early, and if no action is taken by the parents, it should be reported to DHS. Why let the life of a child follow a path of sadness and pain?

I wouldn’t ever trust a teacher to discipline my child. Their only option should be is to send them to the principle’s office so they can call the parents. Teachers are most of the problems with children today.

My god, you are an idiot. No wonder no one likes you.

How would you suggest to handle a child that is attacking other children with a pencil, or a chair, or some other instrument? Discipling a child is one thing. Restraining and securing a child so they are not a danger to themselves or someone else is a different matter. If a student is running into a wall over and over again, or continually smashing their head into a wall, you tell me what the teacher is supposed to do? I await your response.

You don’t know shit. You were one of those troubled kids doing the things you just mentioned and your momma came and screamed at the teacher because she was picking on you.

No! It is not the school staff that is the problem.

It is the parents who send children not equipped to be social, have no respect for self or others, or have not one iota of discipline, into classroom situations.

It is the PARENT’s fault, not the teachers, who are just trying to cope with problems thrown at them.

remember back when a wrap on the knuckles with a ruler did the trick???

hmm. what happens when some teacher takes it upon themself to throw a kid in a room or restrain that kid not knowing the background and homelife of that child? seems like a great way to make some childrens problems a hell of a lot worse. on the other end of the spectrum what happens when some pip squeak pencil neck teacher over steps bounds for no good reason and a child goes home and relays that info to a dedicated loving parent who raised their kid right and knows damn well there was an overstep or outright abuse commited by said teacher and say dad of the year rolls on down to school on show and tell day and shows and tells the class how to whip the shit out of some miscreant? this is dumb as f*ck. not your kid? keep your hands to yourself and dont lock them in closets. this is abuse and false imprisonment. you cant make your girlfriend stay in your apartment “til she hears you out” because its false imprisonment, how is that any different with a semi strange adult and a child? this is like when the state said a few years ago that cops should be allowed to draw blood on the road side, how invasive far reaching and abusive as well as absurd! iowa has some real issues.

ask four oaks if restraining someone elses child is a smart idea. its kind of how they ended up being four oaks instead of fly.

Why is it teachers get a pass on their some godly saint that knows what best with no oversight. Schools are a hot bed of sexual misconduct involving teachers and students nationwide. Restraints in schools and seclusion rooms used to modify behavior sounds like a bad idea. Schools are full of favoritism towards some and not others. And we all know where that is going to lead. Scapegoats.

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