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How to Keep Your Home Safe From Burglary

If you have been a burglary victim, you understand why it is so important to secure your home. If you have not experienced such a scenario, then don’t wait for it to find you. It is always said that it is better safe than sorry. People who break in do not want to get caught. That is the reason they will always look for an easy entrance and exit to your home. If you work towards making that difficult for them, then you are on the safe side.

Whether it is money in your safe, jewelry, souvenirs, or the beautiful pedestal sink waiting to be installed, you want all your valuables to remain safe in your home. That is why this article will discuss things you can do to ensure that you keep your home safe from break-ins and other crimes.

How do you make your home safe from break-ins and other crimes?

  1. Lock your doors and windows

One way to make work easier for thieves is by leaving your doors and windows open. Whether you are stepping out of your home to the nearest mall or you are busy doing something in the backyard, learn not to leave any door or window open. It is also important that you secure the doors and the windows. Think of security bars or door barricades for your front and back door. You could also add locks to your windows and change any other door lock that seems to be faulty. People forget about their garage all the time. Ensure that the garage is properly secured and locked.

  1. Install motion sensor lights

If you don’t want to have a rough time with thieves, please install motion-sensing lights in your compound. These lights will help you notice if anything is going on outside your house. There is no harm in using motion-sensing bulbs on the inside. They can also help you know something is up if the thieves manage to get onto your house. Lighting up the whole compound is also a great idea. Darkness makes work easier for thieves, and so they will think twice when you have your compound all lit.

  1. Eliminate any hiding spots

Robbers will, in most cases, target homes with hiding spots. Consider trimming any shrubs outside your house. If you have a natural fence, then keep it trimmed and neat all the time. Another mistake that people make is hiding their extra key where it is too obvious. Either beneath the doormat or in a plant pot near the door. That makes it way too easier for burglars to get into your house. If you have to keep an extra key, trust your neighbor or invest in a safe box in a concealed place near your house.

  1. Keep updating your password

Unlike in the past, burglars have more knowledge of cyber-crime. It is therefore vital that you keep updating to the recent security measures. Keep your Wi-Fi network protected so that criminals do not break into it. If you use an automated gate and doors, ensure that they are secure such that nobody can hack into the system.

  1. Add a security system to your home

One out of three homes without security systems are broken into. With such statistics, you must plan on investing in a security system. Whether you are at home or away for vacation, your home will be safer with the CCTVs and the backup to know what happened when you were away. 

You could also install a signpost that your home is under surveillance. That will deter any person who had the intention of breaking in. Remember that you stand higher chances of compensation by your insurance if you had followed a guide to home security.

  1. Know who to tell when you are away

Most break-ins happen during summer when most people are out for vacations. One way to tell thieves that it is their time to reign is when you post on social media that you are going for a vacation. As much as you are excited to let friends know, that is a security threat. Do not at any chance give the robbers the benefit of knowing where you are and what you are doing until when. Here are tips to prevent your home from theft during summer.

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