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John Carden for Mason City council

Official press release from John Carden, candidate for Mason City council –

City Hall in Mason City
City Hall in Mason City
Hello. My name is John Carden and I am running for the Mason City At-Large Council Seat. My wife is a lifelong Iowan and I have been an Iowan for quite a few years. She and I moved to Mason City in 2011 from Duluth, Minnesota. We have four wonderful children; 2 boys and 2 girls, 3 cats, 2 turtles and 2 lizards.

We moved to Mason City to cherish it’s small town feel and raise our children in an environment that was both safe and family oriented. Since then, we have met wonderful people and fell in love with the progress, albeit sometimes slow, that the city has embraced and strove towards. We now have bicycle lanes and trails.

We enjoyed Ragbrai coming through our town, bringing with it an economic boost and future return visitors. I have seen first hand, several new small business and ventures in Mason City and especially downtown. We have adopted the blue zone project and promoted healthy living. And, the list goes on…proudly.

I decided to run for the vacant seat for two reasons: 1) Our city sits at the halfway point between two of the more progressive cities in the nation, Des Moines and Minneapolis. Both have continued to grow and transform to fit the needs of their citizens and businesses. In the Midwest we proudly have 100 of the fortune 500 companies located here. Many of those companies have offices right here in Mason City. I would like to be proactive in bringing sustainable, responsible businesses to our city. Businesses who, most importantly, will understand how faithfully we fight to keep our quality of life, quality of environment and our community.

There are plenty of businesses who fit this mold. We need to reach out to them and say “hey, come see what Mason City has to offer.” 2) We need to grow with the future generation in mind. If we wish to keep our children close, we need to give them an environment in which they can prosper. We need to entice them to learn a skill or go to college and come back, invest here, and raise a family. It is, after all, a great place to just that.

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I’m sorry, Peter, that you have such disdain. I too came from a small town…in Texas. A small town is not for everyone.

Well John, I’m in college, was born in Mason City and not coming back. I’ll also do everything to convince other college graduates to never go there as well. Your problems are deeply karmic. No amount of development or business will cover for Mason City’s past. Perhaps a neutron bomb and 100 year resting period. Good luck.

Thank you Peter for doing Mason City that favor… But “Not coming back” means just stay OUT of town all together. Please no pooping at Shopko or Menards, just stay out.

Great! You are not wanted here, ever again. I think a shoot on sight order should be put out on you because you are a big mouth P.O.S.

I’m part of an Army 10 million strong and counting. We are coming for you and every other ignorant redneck little town, to overturn your false paradigm. # Vegan Army Rising

I sincerely wish you would come for me. Oh, the gratification.

More bull from a deranged psychopath. Just shut up Peter. Every time you post something here, you show everyone just how insane you truly are.

Why, I belong to the minority that is actually sad to see you go. Crazy as you are, I feel your constant dissent is a valuable check to our sometimes narrow minded small town consensus culture. But in the grand scheme of things you are a one-in-a-million type person, and if all people “just like you” were to never come back, it would not make even a ripple on Mason City head count.

What we do need is to retain all our young Joes and Janes and I think time is in our favor. Rural living is under estimated, easier than ever, and as world overpopulation keeps exploding more and more people are going to realize this.

Peter L will never come back to Mason City, because he lives with his parents! And I’m sure they have no intentions of moving in their elder years.

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