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Union says elections show money trumps Democracy

VOTE-HEREFrom the AFL-CIO Union of Iowa –

The 2014 Midterm elections will go down as the most expensive in American history, and it was clear that money won.

“We ran a robust program, talked to tens of thousands of union members, retirees and households, but we were not able to compete with all the money the Koch Brothers and others poured into this election.” Said Ken Sagar, President of the Iowa Federation of Labor. “Clearly we are disappointed in that the 1% have purchased the outcome.”

Ken Sagar at Labor Temple in Mason City
Ken Sagar at Labor Temple in Mason City

Unions all over Iowa made contact with over 100,000 Iowans, called many thousands more, sent mail to educate members on the stands of the candidates, yet all the negative advertisements appear to have turned even more voters away from the polls.

“I want to thank all the Iowans who took the time from their busy schedules to take time to vote. Iowans have made their choice.” said Sagar. “We will continue to work to promote legislation to help working Iowans. I also want to thank all our volunteers that helped with labor 2014.”

The Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO looks forward to working with all elected candidates.

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Back to the radical 1 % argument again. I believe Joni got 53%. Start taking care of members instead of all this radical stupid crap.

Each party spent almost the same 2 billion each.
I feel sorry for the union guy who is clueless that 90% of their dues go directly to liberal compaigns. Now that’s money not well spent!!!!

Sagar is suffering from sour grapes and the load of bull he spouts as reality.

The Dems raised and spent even more than Repubs.

Besides, wasn’t that how Barry spent his time every chance he got?

The voters did not want the Dems in control anymore – simple as that.

Makes one wonder how Barry would have fared on the ballot now that people realize what a monumental failure he is.

Sagar is worthless, the handwriting is on the wall. This guy is just trying to protect his non working job.

“Unions all over Iowa made contact with over 100,000 Iowans, called many thousands more, sent mail to educate members on the stands of the candidates.” Obviously his Union Members were not buying what he was selling. The Union members see the hand writing on on the wall. They pay dues to this fat cat and get nothing in return.

The majority of Neg. ads were from the Democrats.

You know you’ve won when you get the peasants to do your fighting for you. My dad voted for Joni Ernst because he thought she “was attractive”. So in that regards, yes a TV commercial with a bunch of meaningless bologna can indeed win an election. That ‘Chicken Dance’ commercial was just idiotic, but apparently idiocy works. Keep it fun and brainless, and Americans will vote for it; a sure sign of a spoiled, privileged, air conditioned culture.

Yep, it was those nasty Koch brothers that won all those Republican seats. Well, of course Gary Blodgett wrapped things up for all of us in Northern IA. too.

George Soros never gave a dime this year to any of the political races either. Neither did any of the unions in this country.

Jimmy Hoffa is still alive – runs the gravy train public servant workers union – fat cats.

I don’t know about anyone else but I had far more mail from the Democrats than the Republicans.(Which I didn’t even read). They were just thrown in the trash. I do not need any of the spin artist from out of state telling me who to vote for and the more I received the more pissed I got. The attack ads were just as bad. I got to the point that there was no way I would vote for them when the attacked all the time.

@LVS….I felt the same way about all the emails, mailings and phone calls we received during this election cycle. I know all sides are guilty, but just look at the vast amounts of money that were spent by those trying to get a seat in the US House & Senate.

No what it means is every now and then some folks ( Unions) over step there bounds!!! The only thing need be said to prove it is automotive unions an what they did to the industry. An I guess you could throw in the teachers unions as well!! An I’m sure the comments in article were made by the fat cats that do little and live high on the dues of the worker class union person!!

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