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2014 elections: Ernst, King, Branstad, Ragan, Callanan win


MASON CITY – The 2014 elections have come to a close, and Iowa will send its first-ever female to Washington, D.C. as a United States Senator.

Joni Ernst Republican Party 567,019 (52.1%)
Bruce Braley Democratic Party 477,234 (43.8%)

Steve King cruised to victory over Jim Mowrer for the Fourth District U.S. House of Representatives.

Steve King Republican Party 163,800 (61.6%)
Jim Mowrer Democratic Party 101,952 (38.3%)

Mason City’s Amanda Ragan defeated Hampton’s Shawn Dietz for State Senator District 27.

“As most are probably aware by now, the numbers just weren’t there for us tonight,” Mr. Dietz said.  “I have been unbelievably humbled by all of the support over these past few months, especially the last few days.”

Shawn Dietz Republican Party 9,997 (43.7%)
Amanda Ragan Democratic Party 12,879 (56.3%)

Sharon Steckman ran unopposed for Iowa House District 53.

“Looks like Iowa House will be 42/58….NOT good odds for funding public education! It will be a tough fight,” Steckman said Tuesday.

Casey Callanan
Casey Callanan

Casey Callanan beat two challengers for the District 2 Cerro Gordo County Supervisor seat.

“Turns out that I did not win, came in second place once again,” Mr. Nelson said.  “Thanks to everyone for their terrific support.”

“I want to thank everyone who supported our campaign with their votes, letters to editors, yard signs, and every aspect of what became a successful candidacy,” Mr. Callanan said.  “I am truly humbled to be able to serve you.”

Casey M. Callanan (REP) 3,012 – (51.95%)
Doug Nelson (DEM) 2,038 – (35.15%)
John Drury (IND) 712 – (12.28%)
Write-in vote, if any 36 – (0.62%)

The race for Governor was never close, as Terry Branstad won his 6th term.

Terry E. Branstad/ Kim Reynolds Republican Party 642,289 (58.9%)
Jack Hatch/ Monica Vernon Democratic Party 407,271 (37.4%)
Jonathan R. Narcisse/ Michael L. Richards Iowa Party 9,977 (0.9%)
Lee Deakins Hieb/ Tim Watson Libertarian Party 19,581 (1.8%)
Jim Hennager/ Mary Margaret Krieg New Independent Party Iowa 10,195 (0.9%)
Write-in 1,041 (0.1%)

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Does anyone know the Colleen Weiland results?

I think it was 28,000 for, 9000 against.

@LVS Re your comment about the judges being retained. In all previous votes for and against the percentage of the vote to keep them has been about the same. I think the fact that 75% support their performance speaks for itself. I think they did get the message.

@Anonymous-I completely disagree with you. I think the reason the have been retained is most people do not know what they are doing. Other than here on N.I.T. and occasionally on Mason City Scanner you never hear anything about them. Certainly not in the GLOB or KIMT. They would never publish anything against the establishment.

I concur with LVS. Most people (myself included) have no clue whether to retain those judges, and the determining factor often resides on how positive or negative the voter tends to be in their own life. If they’re having a bad day (or bad life) they’ll tend to go negative and vote them out. If people generally are happy with their lives, they’ll vote to retain them.

@ me, your not the only one Gary Blodgett make’s sick about how he steer’s our elections. I been sick for alot of years just seeing Urdahl being in, how greedy smelly Jay never would of got in except on count of Doc. Dougherty is about as smart as a box of pancake mix, Blodgett keeps him in to, Chris would of made us a good Superviser. Now we got this Callahan, he use to work for Blodgett down to the state house. BOS is not suppose to mean Blodgett’s own shit heads, but now it does.

LVS, we finally can agree on something, although I’m not sure Urdahl has all that much support among Democrats here in Mason City, or elsewhere. Jay keeps winning because of all the money that Gary Blodgett has raised, and continues to raise, for him. This keeps from running those who might otherwise defeat him. I am unaware of any north Iowa Democrat who is more personally disliked than Urdahl. The Blodgett’s support for him is as inexplicable as it is alarming. They do “enable” him.

@NIACC-I disagree. I don’t think Dr. Blodgett’s money makes any difference at all with the Democrats. Urdahl stays a Democrat because he get the automatic vote from all the sheeple that vote straight ticket and the Democrats support him. You should really clean up your own house before attacking someone else. No, Dr. Blodgett has some influence with “SOME” Republicans but not with the Independents. Most Republicans do no even know who he is. I didn’t before I came on here.

I don’t understand why would anyone be elected 6 terma to office? Does that mean that there is no one else with the ability to do that job?

@ bodacius, your right on the Blodgett’s, they put Urdahl in, keep him in. Money. Same with this new one, Callanan, use to work for Gary. Chris Watts would of beat Phil last time, then old Doc he muck’s it up. Sends out all them mailer’ says if Watts gets in your tax goes up. I am mad with the Democratic party people around here to. They waste time on the Dr’s druggy son his Republitard BS in the Globb, who gives a rip. They should of been helping good Democrats. Good one’s, not Jay.

@dumbocrat-Isn’t it strange that the Democratic Party continues to support Urdahl. How can this be? He was at the committee headquarters and was in on the discussion.

Name calling is so childish.

why don’t you tell that to all the democrats on here that call the republicans names all the time.

Since when have you ever been at a loss for words? You tell them.

LVS – Are you hitting the bottle in the morning again?

@Anonymous-and you are such a child.

Hey democrat, I am just saying that LVS has trashed Dr. Blodgett before and now he denies it. And, as I have asked LVS before, find another way to demean Republicans other than adding the tard to the ending. It doesn’t demean the Republicans, it demeans you.

@bodacious-That train horn has finally scrambled your brain. Or maybe it’s that pot you like to puff on.

At least we got the FEMA center voted down here in worth county – already 20 million dollars in TIF debt and they wanted to go to the bank and borrow another 1.5 million – tif projects cost around 15% of our property tax bill. Lets pay them down before we create more – TIF does not mean a corporation gets a reduced rate on taxes for 5/10 years it means the rest of the poor folk pay the balance – corporate robbery – will create 30 jobs – yea right so far 3 at 1 million per job – Kawabunga to you

Congratulations to all of the winners, especially our local officials and new-comer Callanan. They have my support. (not that it’s worth anymore than anyones)

I think it would be a great start if we could all put down our political rancor and instead pledge to work to make North Iowa a better place to live.

These are our representatives, let’s ensure that they have the support they need to work for us. Let’s make sure they understand what is important to us.


Apparently Mr. Nelson you’re missing the point…which is they DON’T work with or for the people. This is why they are so contentious. They just rule from the top down, at their own whim and service, pleasing who they may. Now, do you care to come clean about how much you were paid under the table to throw the election for the Democrats?

What a stupid comment, even dumber than most of yours. How much did you get paid for those 27 votes or so that you received in your election. You really need to check in to the nut room when you get to Colorado, they welcome people like you, I would suggest you check in here, but I would prefer the people of Colorado get the bill for your sucking services on society.

John, ur an idiot, but that’s okay, I’ll respond to you anyway. My campaign was entirely privately funded with no help from anyone but myself and a family member. 179 people came out in the freezing rain to vote for someone they’ve never heard of before. They voted because they believed in my policies and ideas, and my intention to clean up the loud nasty thugs who pollute our streets with their obnoxious machines. I had no support from Democraps, or Republitards…unlike HUGGIES.

What happened to the judges? Did any get voted out?

as far as I can tell none of the judges was voted out

@Maybe-None were voted out but 10,000 voters did vote to get rid of them. Possibly that will send them a message. I think other than on N.I.T. you never hear a thing about them.

@ LeftMC, your right, somebody better tell Casey Callahan where the Superviser meetings are at. I bet Gary Blodgett already told him where to go, and I would like to tell old Doc where to go.

@Union-To bad you are so far in the minority. I am really glad to see most people are smarter than you. I bet Old Doc is laughing his head off a losers like you.

You are really a puzzle LVS. I have read posts on here where you have blasted Dr. Blodgett and his minion, Urdahl. But now, you act like you and he are on the same page. What is it? Good guy? Bad guy?

@bodacious-You have never seen where I have ever said anything bad about Dr. Blodgett. I do not know the man at all. If I say anything it would be in his defense just because the haters who are gutless wonders go after him. Urdahl on the other hand is in my district and I have made no bones about him at all. I would tell anyone how I feel about him. We in the North End have known about him for years but somehow he keeps getting elected.

If going after Blodgett makes people “gutless cowards”, then how do you explain the NIT attack machine which hosts relentless attacks against Mayor Bookmeyer, Scott Tornquist, etc…of which YOU’RE a part of. You’re a two-talking fool LVS, and I’m damn near finished with you.

bodacious-LVS probably will not respond to your post, you have him cornered and that is just the way he his. What kills me is LVS always says how much he hates the mayor and city Council but they are essentially the same people he supports in these elections, they are all country clubers who are only looking out for each other and not the general public. I for one am very disappointed in LVS, I never thought he would join the Mayor and Hicky’s club.

@Philamena1-When NIT goes after politicans they don’t like it is because they are public figures who have accepted public money and public opinion. I should not have to explain this to you but, you are being a IDIOT again. I would like nothing better than to never hear from you again. When are you leaving again you damn worthless liar?

@Bodacious-I imagine you are referring to the one little comment I mad way back in 2012. It means nothing at all. The difference between you and me is I learn from my small mistakes and you just smoke another joint. As to web- I am an inderpendent but mots of all I am an American. I vote for whoever will do the most for my country. Obama, Holder and Reid have done nothing but destroy our country since they got power. I vote for no one who supports them.

@me-read my comment again and do it very slowly so you can understand it. You flaming idiot.

Who, besides peter, would save a posting from 2 years ago. Must be a woman because they will use anything you say, even years later, you attack you.

@maybe-That was over two years ago and I was going with the flow. Then I saw how unfair these liberal were being to Dr. Blodgett, did a little research and changed my beliefs. I had already said I had made a small mistake but you can depend on the liberal fools to try to jump on it. Like I give a shit about their biased opinion’s.

maybe, I didn’t save. I just searched for it because I like to know what I am talking about unlike you and LVS who just spout off what you think you remember. LVS, you can change your mind. But, once again, can you learn? I don’t drive a train, I don’t smoke joints. I do like getting you riled up mainly because it is so easy to do and so very predictable. Some one proves you wrong, you start calling them names. Someone has opinions that differs from yours, you call them names. That is you.

If you don’t save the posting, you said you did a search. How do you do that because sometimes once they go off the list I can’t find them anymore.

I get it now, bodacious, you are also me.

@bodacious-If you are so smart why haven’t you figured out that I don’t call anyone names until they start with me. Keep it civil and I will too. Get agressive and so will I. Pretty simple formula isn’t it?

Maybe, you are me????? What does that mean? And lvs,
@Union-To bad you are so far in the minority. I am really glad to see most people are smarter than you. I bet Old Doc is laughing his head off a losers like you.
You called Union a loser and he wasn’t even talking to you. Just ONE example of the many times you call people names with being provoked.

scroll up and you will see

@bodacious-Now Bo, you know he was being a jerk and when people are jerks I reserve the right to be one too. How about you are you feeling jerky?

Maybe, Found what you were referring to . I am not ‘me’. I either post using bodacious or, if I am logged out and don’t know it, anonymous.

@maybe and bodacious-There was a time when bodacious could not get logged in. People get logged out when Matt resets the system. It was a accident as he kept trying. I had had the same problem so was able to tell him how to log in. Not sure if that was wise on my part but it sure seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

What I was referring to was someone called Me said something then LVS responded and then bodacious responded to LVS like it was him that posted under the name Me.

maybe, no I am not me. I can see your reasoning but i would never call anyone an ‘ugly mouth ignorant troll’ using bodacious or under anonymous. And, there isn’t really anything in my 11:39 post that is related to @me’s post – at least not in my mind.

@maybe and bodacious-I am sure that “me” is the TROLL that used to post under “Anonymous” and was blasted off NIT. Now the troll is back posting under different names.

Too bad our county Democratic committee wastes so much time on what Todd Blodgett says instead of working against what Gary Blodgett does.

Hillary, you sure got that right.

That is so true. I am mad that Mr. Stone and them are such fool’s. My sister, she gave them some money but not no more.

I picked up the Globe to read the Election results and see they want us to read it online. Wouldn’t you expect your local newspaper to show Election results? Not everyone has access to a computer. My subscription ends soon and I won’t be renewing.

Yep, i get the free Shopper as well as the Globe. Can’t get them to stop the Shopper!

or strung out all over the yards in the North End….

Four out of Five ain’t to bad. next time we will get the liar Ragan too. It was time to clean house and we did it. Now we will fix the crap the Democrats started.

I hope so, the complete lack of a plan by the Republitards is a little unnerving. So far the only goal is to repeal Mitt Romney’s health care plan, then what?

@Philamena-The next thing is to get rid of Holder, Reid and them Osama Obama. How does it feel to be one of the minority. Just show how wrong you are. You can post under your own name now. We know who you are.

@Philamena-=Sure you and Left MC are one and the same. The same stupid comments and the same stupid politics. You are both idiots and stand for the same things. Complete idiocy of the people. We know who you are and you have become a nothing and are just one of the Lunatic Fringe.

So no real plan then? Just take us back to the 1950’s?

@Philamena-I really wish you would post under just one name. The 50’s were so much better than what you liberal’s have tried to create. people had money and worked for a living. They also had pride in what they earned and didn’t expect or want welfare. Then came the crybaby’s who want everything for nothing and they damn near ruined this country. This election was all about Obama and his failed policy’s.

Matt, can you please confirm for the old loon LVS that Philosphus and I are not the same person? We are posting from different IP addresses and in fact different cities? Thank you.

I’ve been trying to get Matt to step forward and sort out these IP addresses but he refuses. Unfortunately, it’s because I think he uses many himself. If there’s one resolution and one alone that Matt can make it’s a commitment to all of us NOT to do that. The fun of blogging is feeling confident that the person you are communicating with isn’t just a duplicate identity of someone else. When the editor himself does it…look out.

Why would you care? You are supposed to be gone by now anyway. To not leave would mean that you are a little liar. What is it????

@Philamena-Get off it. we know all about you. You are the worst there is on here except for Philamena 2 about posting under different names. You lie and lie and lie. Why would anyone believe you? Why aren’t you in Colorado where they will throw you back as soon as you get there. They have enough brain dead liberals there without you.

@Left-If you are not Philamena you are sure stupid enough and liberal enough to be his twin sister. You know nothing about the 50’s or probably the 60’s. You are probably a illegal child of the 70’s. The only good thing you have ever done is leave M.C. and if you don’t live here you have no say in what happens here. We shall call you Philamena 2. How’s that you dumb a##.

Yes, cheap gas, low unemployment, and record high stock markets sure are failures of this presidency. The 50’s were great if you were a white male LVS. Everybody else got pushed to the side, just like the Republitards want.

With the exception of the cold war, the 1950’s wasn’t so bad. They had some awesome cars back then.

Calling LVS a (expletive) dense idiot is the most accurate to the point description I’ve seen about old Goat. The editor of NIT won’t come forward to declare what IP addresses are what, because he himself is Buzz Crumcutter and others. No matter. I say that we give the Republicans everything they want…it’s the only way to insure independence movements at the State level prevail. National politics is largely irrelevant. State and Local are what truly matter.

It wasn’t bad if you were a white, heterosexual male which is the only group the Republitards like to cater to. I’m still waiting for the plan after you repeal Mitt’s healthcare plan.

I don’t know where you get the idea that obamacare comes from Mitt Romney when it actually comes from hillary back in the 90’s.

You do realize don’t you that President Obama is not running again for POTUS? So, how will you get rid of him?

They think they’re going to impeach him LOL. Also Boner is trying to sue him but both law firms he’s hired have quit on him. The Repubs will never have the white house again, they should just prepare for that.

@Philamena-That is what you said yesterday about Brayley and Hatch and look what happened. It is Obama’s failed policy’s they will be getting rid of. Impeachment is to good for him and Holder, they should throw them in prison for treason.

LVS not once did I say that Braley was going to be Joni, it was clear she was going to win all along. That doesn’t make her and the people who voted for her any less idiotic. She will only vote to support her corporate money overlords, not Iowans. Now impeachment is TOO good for Obama, that’s because there is no ground for impeachment.

@Left (Philamena) There are plenty of grounds to impeach and if he gets out his magic pen there will be more. I.R.S. and Fast and Furious are two that come to mind. If he could be impeached for lying to the people he would be gone by tonight. You can keep your doctor, remember?

Every politician lies, cheats, and is corrupt, president or otherwise, republitard or democrap. None of them work for the people, they all work for the money. You just have a special hatred for Obama because you don’t like the color of his skin. You’re a racist.

@LeftMC: Agreed.

Don’t you just love it when they can’t come up with a response, they pull the race card. That isn’t going to work any longer.

Obama should be impeached for his unconstitutional executive orders alone, but he won’t be, the republicans still don’t have the balls to do it. If it was a republican in office, the Dems would have no problem doing it.

@Left Philamena2-Pure desperation on your part. You really are as dumb as Philamena 1. I am the farthest thing from a racist there is. I just happen to hate anyone who tries to destroy my country and you are fast getting on that list. Philamena 1 can be excused because he is mentally challenged. That is the card that dumb a## liberals always try to play when they have nothing else to play. Now, take two aspirin and go to bed. It might be better in the morning. If you make it that long.


Doug Nelson should be checked for wires. Had Adam Wedmore been the legitimate Democratic candidate the numbers may have climbed much higher. Drury and Nelson together came to 47%. The mash up probably caused more to go to Callanan’s side. Business as usual prevails in North Iowa. North Iowa likes rulers, not leaders. There’s only one way to free the minds of North Iowans: LSD…and plenty of it. Good luck, but I won’t be around to see the result.

@Philamena- because you are a card carrying member of the Lunatic Fringe why don’t you try something different and get a job and pay some taxes. You are a loser, you were born a loser and will always be a loser.

This will be news for you, but I know you’re of advanced years. When illness and death overtake you, you’ll soon learn your definitions of “loser” won’t apply. We are all human beings in the same predicament…birth, illness, aging, dying. My policies have only been to honor that equalizing fact. You’ll get there eventually LVS…so enjoy your “victory”. I always knew you were a Republican. American politics is no different than a Packers / Vikings game.

By the way John Hickenlooper remains as Governor of Colorado. Colorado remained mostly blue in state senate and congressional races, which is all that really matters. National Politics is a lost cause anyway. I’m still thinking favorably of Colorado. Hickenlooper spoke out against the failed war on drugs, so despite his reticent positions, he’s secretly still for legalization. It was a ballot initiative by the people anyway, so it appears safe for now. I’ll send you photos LVS

Peter, again you say something that I whole heartily believe, politics is definitely like a vikings packers game.

@Philamena-I will believe that when I see it. The only way to tell if you are lying is to read what you post. But then again, you are no worse than most liberals. Your whole philosophy is built on lies and sponging off welfare and other people’s money

@Philamena-I know this will come as a surprise to someone with you limited mental ability, but, I did vote for several Democrats. I look forward to outliving a reject like you who lives in his mother’s basement.

Which democrats specifically and why?

@what-none of your damn business who I vote for.

Exactly why I left Mason City. It’s nice to live in a city where the citizens take pride, care about what we have, and are willing to invest in it. It’s not just a bunch of old naysayers who vote against everything. Don’t miss it one bit.

@Left MC (Philamena) and we are sure glad you are gone. We have enough rejects in town without you.

Oh no, you want people like me in your town. I’m an educated professional, pay lots of taxes, and support my community. The list of rejects left in MC starts with LVS.

And Matt count me as one of those who is leaving. I know I’ve already announced my departure then reneged…but that’s because two family members were struck ill, and as my family is of advanced years, I needed to stay and insure they were okay before departing. I’m as good as gone from North Iowa. Now that Oregon has legalized marijuana along with Washington DC…there’s no chance in hell young progressive people are going to stay around Iowa. Iowa does indeed SUCK.

Since I know you don’t have the nads to leave, I’m not going to worry about it any longer. You made $20 for me, so that’s good enough. It’s funny too, the twenty bucks you made for me is 100 times more money than you have made for yourself in the last ten years.

So what, are you going to take twenty dollars out of your left pocket and put it into your right one? Cuz the bet you made with the NIT Editor isn’t going very far. So it’s all about money with you huh?

Philly….Or….before you never move to Oregon, we could meet some place and have coffee with the money I won because of you. Or, better yet, how about we go someplace and see if you can crap your pants again in public. You seem to be such an old pro at wallowing in your own poop anyway. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Of course I CAN crap my pants in public. It’s whether I want to, or whether I’m being forced to. Are you threatening me? Cuz if you are I’ll pack extra underwear. We could always have a contest to see who can keep it in their pants the longest without running to clean up. I’ll tell you right now if you’re not used to the acids, you’re in for a burn. Get some practice in by sitting in a tub of Jalapeno juice…or just go ahead and let loose. I think I’ll beat you though.

Buzz I firmly (or softly) believe in the humbling, stress relieving experience of a public dump. Yes it’s extra cleanup, but the religious, psychologically transformative experience cannot be matched. All the social inflictions and abusive conditioning can be undone in the twinkle of an eye when you push into the folds of your fabric. If you are in your car, put down a grocery sack first. When you’ve done what they said shouldn’t be done, you become free.

AG Holder is packing his bags as we speak .. .. He cannot get out of town fast enough !

Somebody better get Casey directions to the Supervisor meetings.

Well, Congrats to the winners. Let’s see what they can do. It should be an interesting ride.

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