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Iowa labor union says Joni Ernst earned “F’s” on blue collar report card

Joni Ernst
Labor union gave Joni Ernst all F’s on it blue collar report card.  He opponent got all A’s, the union said.

DES MOINES – The Iowa AFL-CIO today released the Working Family Values Report Card, which gives grades to the candidates for U.S. Senate on a handful of issues critical to Iowa’s working families. Candidate Joni Ernst earned all ‘F’s on issues ranging from increasing the minimum wage to protecting Social Security and Medicare, whereas Rep. Bruce Braley earned ‘A’s due to his strong support for pro-working family policies.

“Whether it is raising the minimum wage to help low-wage employees afford a few more groceries every week or supporting equal pay for equal work so that women aren’t forced to continue earning 78 cents for every dollar earned by men, Joni Ernst earned an F on every subject,” said Ken Sagar, Iowa AFL-CIO President. “On issues important to the working families of Iowa, Joni Ernst needs to go back to school and study harder on the challenges facing hard-working women and men in our state.”

The AFL-CIO Working Family Values report card was created by grading each candidate for U.S. Senate on a handful of key issues important to working families in Iowa. Those issues include:

• Increasing the minimum wage
• Pay equity
• Protecting Social Security and Medicare
• Supporting job creation in America and opposing outsourcing of American jobs overseas
• Tax fairness and closing corporate tax loopholes

“It’s hard enough for working families in Iowa to make ends meet these days. The last thing they need is for Joni Ernst to go to the U.S. Senate to push an agenda that puts corporate interests ahead of their needs,” added Sagar. “That’s why we support Bruce Braley, because he will look out for working families.”


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Dido …. Vote Ernst !!! Twice to make up for all the illegal shit the dumb o crats are doing !!

Iowa is a right to work state already !! So the correlation to Wiscondin is stupid as to be expected from a socialist. As far as illegals working and taking jobs the unions are as guilty as anyone. They say nothing because their masters don’t want them too!! He’ll look at the coal states after their masters all but destroying the coal industry unions still support democrats.. Wake up use your own mind !!!

She shot herself in the foot on this issue. My wife and i our both emplyeed by union employers. Never want our state to turn into another wisconsin. Bruce has our vote!

@stephen-People are leaving the unions in droves because they are tired of the manipulation and lack of representation. They pay all that money in dues and have no say at all in how it is being used. Only a fool doesn’t manage his own resources. Less than 10% of the workforce now belongs to unions. What does that tell you???

Joni says she is not a socialist and will not support them

Anyone who believes anything the union says is STUPID.

She still gets my vote ! Heck with these demorat trolls.

I already voted, early. Speaking of voting early has anybody read about the republican candidate in Chicago that voted early, electronically, and watched his vote change from republican to democrat right before his eyes? They ended up pulling that machine out for examination.

@maybe-I have voted early too. It doesn’t surprise me about Illinois. It is where Obama came out of. Crooked.

4ever, Who is hiring cheap illegal immigrant labor and who’s middle class job are they taking?

Yeah – the AFL-CIO is where I always go for critical objective thinking!

The best way to support incomes for working families in Iowa is to send cheap illegal immigrant labor home.

Wow, that’s a shocker….a union not supporting a Republican candidate. Who would have thought???

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