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Peter Children pulls no punches, hits as hard as ever in latest op-ed

Op-ed by Peter Children –

Did I write that Mayor Bookmeyer’s wife should inject him with air? Yes I did say that. There has been more than one occasion since Bookmeyer cast his dark shadow across this city as Mayor that I have sent an open invitation to him to lunch with me. Once I even asked his most ardent supporter on the blog – someone named Reggie – to accompany the Mayor at the luncheon….that in itself would have been a real trick since I think Reggie is the Mayor writing under another name.

Our Mayor is a serious drinker, he’s an outright drunk, a man with no regard for his wife and children….or for that matter himself. He was a dedicated drunk when he moved here, and he moved here because his wife who is a doctor was hired by the local hospital. When I was a young man growing up in the late 30’s and 40’s, my stepfather was an alcoholic; he was constantly drunk, drunk everyday, everyday….everyday. He never missed work, but periodically he would burn out the lining of his stomach because of the effect of the alcohol, then my mother would only prepare soft foods. He never stopped drinking during these periods, he just couldn’t eat certain foods.

I developed ulcers, my nerves were shot, I found it impossible to study, to complete my homework. You can forget about having friends come over. You have to also remember I operated three bars in this city, I know all about drunks, you might say I know one when I see one….and I have seen plenty.

I used to lay in my bed at night trying to figure out a way to kill this man, I would fantasize about it, I thought about it almost constantly for at least 10 years.

Bookmeyer has two children, two children which he conveniently uses whenever he thinks it might get him a few points. These two children are now the age I was when I had to deal with a dilemma that was catastrophic for a child…I used to beg my mother to divorce him, but it was no use. I know what goes on in Bookmeyer’s house, and don’t think for even a single moment I don’t…because I lived in one of those houses. I have heard that on several occasions that when Bookmeyer picks up his child from daycare he has booze on his breath. He was seen dragging his boy by the ear across a t-ball diamond and scolding him for not playing well enough.

If this man really cared about his family like he’d like you to believe, he’d back off the booze. I encouraged him on several occasions in articles I wrote, to seek help. What he suffers from is a disease that effects many people. Now let’s get something straight here…..this drunk is the mayor of our city, he is extremely disrespectful to every citizen living here when he gets cut off at the bar and needs to be helped to the car. I don’t like it and I have a right not to put up with it. My property taxes are paid. What Eric Bookmeyer has wrought upon this city in the time he has been in office would take a book to compile. This diabolical schmuck has put together a council of zombies that are ready to drink the kool-aid the minute he asks…..and I would gladly pay for it given the chance. No council anywhere in the world votes yes consectivily 93 times withouut a no vote. This means the issues that are brought up for consideration were decided before hand.

How many of you think when Eric Bookmeyer walks through the door of his house he magically becomes sober? He brings up his wife and children…..who disrespects them more than their own father…who? This man is using them as a shield to deflect any and all criticism that might come his way. One of the first things he brings up is his family; I belive that if he really was concerned about that family he’d stay sober at least in public.

What will come out in the next few days will be evidence that will present facts of a conspiracy that was deliberately concocted by John Skipper, Eric Bookmeyer, Jay Urdhal and Bob Fisher to demean Weaver and Marquardt and derail their campaign for office in the coming election.

Polls were taken that reveled the encumbents were badly trailing, this caused them to consult with a local political consultant that urged them to create severe adverse comments to make the voting public think that both of these canidates were bad people. Consequentially they conspired to have Bookmyer spew lies on the KGLO radio program called, “Ask the Mayor,” hosted by Bob Fisher. This was followed by headlines in the local Globe-Gazette, authored by their lead writer John Skipper. This was not spontanious happenstance, this was premediated slander. Fisher fed Bookmeyer pre-arranged questions that led to malicious rhetoric that immediately became libelous. (How many noticed the audio was quickly removed? Pulled from the airwaves and website of KGLO.) It was then further perpatrated by the Globe-Gazette a headline the following day by their lead writer, John Skipper….this was done in concert as to further validate the part KGLO played in the beginning. As neither Weaver nor Marquardt are publicly elected officials, they do not qualify as open targets to the press.

The danger of digging a grave for your enemy is that fact you might fall into it yourself…..

Peter Children

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