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Jodi Draper declares intention to run for Second Ward City Council seat

Candidate Jodi Draper
Candidate Jodi Draper

From Jodi Draper of Mason City:

Mason City, IA:  Today, Jodi Draper formally announces her candidacy for the Second Ward Council Seat.  Jodi brings a relevant, broad and diverse background to the position.  Jodi’s expertise in finance and accountability to the taxpayer sets her apart from all currently seated council persons.  Jodi has knowledge and expertise working with budgets, grants and City/County entities in a twenty-one county area.

Jodi has a passion for people.  She has walked the neighborhoods, knocking doors and asking for citizen input for several weeks.  Jodi has a positive message.  Jodi believes that a government should be a service for the people.  She understands that our City leadership should be open, honest, above-board and people driven.

Emerging from her discussions with the citizens, the recurring questions have been:  What about good paying jobs?  Jobs with benefits?  Jobs that could support a family?  With our proximity to the Avenue of the Saints, why have we not taken advantage of the opportunity for economic development on the south side of Mason City?  And, how can the average citizen be heard?  Jodi believes in inclusive representation and will make sure that everyone has a voice at the table.

Take the opportunity to follow and visit with Jodi as the campaign unfolds.  You will see her as a breath of fresh air.  Jodi will display respect for all of our citizens, including our city employees. You will see a person with integrity, openness and honesty; someone who believes that a good leader inspires and engages the people and takes joy in seeing the people  flourish and succeed.

Jodi will be your voice—a voice for the people.  Jodi lives in the second ward with her husband Ken, and two school-aged children.  They have four grown children and one grandchild.  Jodi’s Campaign Manager is Mary Beth Greenan, with Patricia Wright serving as Treasurer.

Mrs. Draper has a Facebook page set for her campaign, located here.

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She’s also extremely racist…..

Hi guys, just found a cheat for tynon gem hack, it only works when you register on a new server before you enter aerie. but it should help, cheers.

@ Roger, good questions. Gary Blodgett buys elections around here and his drug addict son plays rough politics. Doc put Urdahl in and he keeps Jay and Phil Dougherty in. Those crooked supervisors got a fancy illegal lunch this spring from Toddy Boy, they all got together to talk about how to keep Jodi out. I already smell a rat, maybe two or three rats.

Rats, yes. And Elephants. Power hungry, rich, Republican elephants that tramples on working people every election.

@Charlotte – Not the working people. Just the bottom feeders who feel that giving money to anyone who asks for is the thing to do. Before you bad mouth the republicans, look where the national debt is. Giving money away with no plan to replace it is a sure way for economic ruin.

Ms. Draper: So you will not address what you consider personal jabs. What a perfect way to weasel out of answering questions that you find uncomfortable or dangerous. First you specify that you won’t address personal jabs, which gives you carte blanche to label what you don’t like as such, then you can safely ignore them. Makes sense. Also, I am getting rather tired of Ms. Greenan mentioning her mother and father. We are fully aware of her pedigree, now could she just stick to the facts of the campaign.

Haven’t seen this information on Jody as to where she is from. Where did she grow up and where did she go to school? Also Mary Beth stated earlier that she is fiercely independent and that she has never lost an election. Well if you know her you know she loves to be in control and talks way to much. Secondly she did lose in her quest to be on the council. She lost to Steve Tynan. So when better check your facts and don’t always believe what you hear.

Thank you for your comment. I have no intentions of myself or my campaign chair addressing personal jabs at any time. I will answer questions that are asked with honest intent. I am running a positive campaign. Our community needs professionalism and honesty with decorum. Again Thank you for your comment.
Jodi Draper for Ward 2

You just addressed it.

Max or Matt,

I stated that I have won the elections and causes and in addition, fundraising campaigns I have chaired. I did not chair my own campaign and I never misrepresented the facts. After Al Zook died there were multiple candidates in the race for 2nd Ward. There was a run off, of which I was one candidate. I did lose that election. Steve Tynan won that race as you stated, he was Al Zook’s campaign Treasurer.

As far as being in control or talking too much, now that is really calling the kettle black… YOu guys are hilarious….

I mean the ” Pot calling the Kettle black”….

@Mary Beth Greenan-Try not to get into discussions with the haters. They will do anything they can to try and discredit you. You are not running of office so you don’t owe them an explanation. They will try to twist everything you say and they are not above a little fabrication if it is in their interest. I for one am very pleased to see Jodi running as we need fresh ideas and someone who is honest. Something that is totally foreign to the haters.

@Ron – Not gasbaggery. Just political CYA.

Three main questions that I have been asked after announcing: My employment, Conflicts of interest, and Changing to Ward 2.
I work for County Social Services my employment is based out of Cerro Gordo County. My direct administrator is Bob Lincoln.
If you review city code 1-6-1 through 1-6-4 you will find city council has no supervision over city staff.
After walking and knocking on doors the citizens in ward 2 Asked if I would run in my own ward. I said I would listen first, and I did and made the change. These questions came to me in private messages on Web my web page and also on blogs where I and my Campaign chair Mary Beth Greenan answered. Just recapping and trying to keep everyone informed. I strive to be open and transparent as I believe that is what government entities in all forms should be. Thank you again! Keep the questions coming I appreciate the discussions and the hard questions. They deserve answers. Again you can go to my web page and send your questions. Thank You Jodi Draper for Ward 2

I really think Skipper did this on purpose in the Globe, he reported both in the same article. Each one should have had their own press release published.

Jodi needs her own press release published, the one Skippy published only has comments on Foster and not about Jodi.

The Globe needs to correct this and make it right for Jodi. Putting them both in the same article is not right for Jodi.

I think a correction needs to be made in the Globe and run each press release on it’s own like Matt did here.

I again want to take the opportunity to thank NIT for the coverage of the Jodi Draper Campaign thus far. The article and picture on the Marine picnic was a great piece.

Jodi and I have been talking today about the recurring points that have been in the blogs since Jodi’s announcement.

I would like to again, share with the readers some of the answers to the questions that have been asked. They have been asked and answered many times in recent blogs, but perhaps, some of the readers are just beginning to read the information today.

First and foremost, it appears to be important to a couple of bloggers, who Jodi’s boss may be. Bob Lincoln, Director of Cerro Gordo County Social Services is Jodi’s boss and their office is not at the courthouse, but out on South Eisenhower Avenue.

Why Jodi changed to Second Ward, from At-Large. As has been previously stated, Jodi has been walking the neighborhoods for several weeks. It became clear as she spent time in the Second Ward, that the residents did not feel that they had adequate representation and continually asked her if she would represent them. After much discussion with the committee, we made a conscious decision to make the change. In the meantime, Scott Tornquist made his announcement for re-election. Our committee was meeting again last Wednesday to finalize the date for our press release, thus we made our announcement later in the week.

Conflict of interest in City Government has been asked and answered, but I will reiterate. According to City Code, there is no language that precludes relatives of council members from working for the City. If that were true, a number of people over the past 50 years would have been employed illegally. If that were true, the City Attorney would have had to put a stop to that practice years ago. And, as I said in one of my blogs: When my mother, Mary Frances Greenan, may she rest in peace, was on the City Council for 11 years, my father Wes Greenan ( may he RIP) was on the Police Department, and my brother and uncle worked for the street and arborist departments. Also, when Max Weaver was on the City Council, his brother-in-law, Charlie Connor was and still is on the Police Department. You can read all the other examples on my previous blogs.

On one of the blogs today, a person was asking if the main reason Jodi is running has to do with the Human Rights Department issues. The answer to that is no. That is one of many issues that the citizens of Mason City are concerned about. And, frankly, it seems to rank in the top 2 asked questions. But, in my experience, a one agenda candidate is a real loser. They rarely get elected and rightfully so.

With info on Jodi and Leonard out there, I look forward to the coverage on the other candidates– Matt Marquardt, and Scott Tornquist.

Again, thanks to NIT for their coverage of the local scene….

Besides telling Jodie what to say and how to say it, then saying it for her, will you also be telling her how to vote?


Thanks for the question.

No, I am just doing my job as Campaign Chair. Jodi has been answering the blogs as well. We are on the same page, as we are with the rest of our committee… Not to worry. If you knew me at all, I am fiercely independent, as is Jodi Draper. If you knew me at all, you would know that this is how I have worked in all of the campaigns I have chaired in the past 43 years and so far all my candidates have won and other causes have been a success. It is all part of how it works. Just in those days we did not have instant news and blogs… Gives us all an opportunity to respond immediately.

If you have further comments or questions if you leave your name and number either Jodi or I would be happy to visit with you…thank you.

Also to Second Ward; Jodi has the answers to the questions on her Facebook Campaign Page. We are trying to get as much coverage as possible. So, you can look on both sites for more information at anytime. Thanks again for your interest.

@ Second Ward
When choosing a Campaign Manager or Campaign Chair, you need someone who knows the issues, and believes in the candidate they are representing. Mary Beth and I had several conversations before she accepted to be my Campaign Manager. I am the candidate, my views are being expressed through her and in being open and transparent she is posting under her name. When I answer, I post under my name. The last few days I have been out in the community talking and hearing what our citizens what in a council person. Make no mistake I am my own person and can speak for myself. Mary Beth is doing her job as my Campaign Manager. Thank you for you question and your input.
Jodi Draper for Ward 2

dont presidents have press secretaries? get off it already

Thank you Mary Greenan for setting straight for us who Jodi works for, glad it is not Jay Urdahl who I think is a crook. Got another question how can we find out if Hickey is getting money from the Clear Lake control freak Gary Blodgett or if old doc is raising money for Travis, like he buy’s Urdahl off.

I do not think Hickey is in with Blodgett’s. But jeez the way he says stuff reminds me of Gary’s son the Nazi crack head. Only thing different is Travis is a real Archy Bunker kind, Toddy Boy tries to talk like one. It don’t work.

If the mayor is in with Blodgett and Urdahl, why wouldn’t Hickey be?

It isn’t only Urdahl, Dougherty and Bookmeyer that cozies up to old doc and his racist junkie problem child. Alex Kuhn is on friendly terms with the Blodgetts. I saw them together at the Park Inn earlier this summer talking at a party in the reception room. Wonder if those guys know that meals Toddy Boy buys them came from money he got from Nazis bought his CD’s, magazines and pro-Hitler what-not. That could maybe bring them all down.

Roger, I will try to find out…. as they say ” Politics makes strange bed fellows”…

Mrs. Draper. It has come to my attention that you are in favor of restoring the Human Rights Commissions funding. I have heard this was your motivation for running. Is this true?

Jodi has been busy with church, making dinner for her family and out in the community, so as Campaign Manager, I will answer that question.

That is not Jodi’s motivation for running, but it certainly is an issue that the community is talking about. Nearly everyone Jodi has spoken with has asked if the Human Rights Department can be restored. Since Jodi is not one to make promises she may not be able to keep, her answer is, the one promise she can make–that is to look into it.

As everyone knows when you are on the City Council, there are 6 votes. Not every vote is going to go your way. The voters can be assured that Jodi will represent the people that elect her. She will listen, take ideas under advisement and do her homework and make an informed decision for the citizens of Mason City.

Thank you for bringing up the subject. It is one that has brought a great deal of interest out in our community lately.

Where do you rank providing free internet for those who refuse to work for a living like for example….Quinn Symonds.

Don’t be a hater.

Wonder why Matt…or is it the first person or third person version…ever failed to report on the ombudsman report he so adamantly pushed for? Ombudsman for Bookmeyer…ombudsman county supervisors…yet you report no follow up…why? You stir the pot….find out nothing wrong and zero violations…then fail to report that.

Matt, did you publish Xyz’s name without his permission by calling him Mr. Rowe? That’s what this looks like and it is not very reassuring that we will retain our anonymity on this website.

Thanks again for all your comments and questions. I would just like to say I appreciate them all. We need discussion and for everyone to be heard. Every person counts, that is my motto. I look forward to hearing from you at my web site. NIT publisher and Editor attached it to the end of this press release. I will answers your questions there or private messages.

Jodi Draper for Ward 2

Best of luck!

Nice to see a fresh face. We’ll find out in a short time what she’s made of Matt will see to that! 🙂

When Turnquist ran for state office he and his cronies ran his opponent through the mud, calling her everything but a “white woman” and getting personal on every level. Let’s hope he shows a BIT of class this go ’round.

Just because she is nice…does in no way make her competent….I know lots of nice people doesn’t make them capable of being a good dentist..

You could place a peanut in Hickeys seat and it would have more substance. Great to see others running against the Beermeyer machine.

Anxious to see what she will bring to the campaign. Sounds like she is very knowable
In finance. Hopefully she is a good listener, doesn’t have a lot of Pre conceived notions and understands that you have to work through the details before you decide what the answers are.

Thank God for Jodie Draper. Lets see, she is the mother of 6 children, works, her job takes brains, she has a thought process which puts her far a head of Travis Hickey. I think we’re in good shape with this woman. I am voting for her, and I hope you will too. I am positive all the people living around the Mercy Hospital will.

I would change the end of the first sentence to read “she has a thought process and that puts her ahead of Hickey.” Dim bulb with no accomplishments except hs two garages.

Two years ago, those two garages did not meet city code. I’m thinking that he has diplomatic immunity when it comes to the code.

There is one question, maybe to that I have. Which woman is running for office? Is it Greenan or Draper?. If it is Draprr why can’t she speak for herself?

She did answer…Read the blog signed Jodi Draper We want new people and before they even get out of the gate haters are already on it

I had replied to this one earlier, but it appears that my reply did not address this blogger. You can find the full answer as you read the blogs again. Here is the short version. Jodi was out and about in the community today, visiting with people in the community. She attended the special event at the old Monroe school site in her Second Ward and also the Marine picnic. The committee made a strategic decision for Jodi to be out and I would stay behind the scenes and answer questions and comments.

Thank you for your question. You will see Jodi out in Mason City Second Ward and all neighborhoods to get a handle on what the citizens of Mason City are thinking….

@Mary Beth-don’t pay any attention to the haters. They are going to do everything they can to try to discredit Jodi. Just consider the source and keep on going.

Thank you for your comment, but I am aware of every post before answered. I have a great team, Mary Beth and Pat. I am the candidate but campaigning means I can’t be in two places at once. I just want to make sure I am being responsive to the citizens.

Thank you for the opportunity to answer that question. It is no.

I have been involved in campaigning professionally or as a volunteer for 43 years now. My first successful campaign was in 1970. I chaired Frank B. Pirkl for County Supervisor. He was my grandfather. The committee got him elected as the first Non-Farmer, ever to be elected in Cerro Gordo County history.

If you were involved in these efforts, you would be aware that good campaign committees make strategic plans to get their candidate elected. You start with a timeline, assume your candidate will win and plug in all the pieces, events, public forums, debates, meet and greets, door-knocking, press releases, mailings, yard signs, advertising and much much more, for each day until the election. It is a very complex process. It is not controlling a person, it is the grease for the wheels of progress toward an achievable goal.

Getting Jodi elected is top priority. There are no strings attached for anyone involved in the campaign. That too is the mark of a good honest campaign — no promises, no demands and no expectations.

Matt, please correct the spelling of Jodi’s first name in the headline and right below it. Thank you.

She works for the County, therefore Urdahl is her boss — NOT GOOD!

From reading here it sounds like she works for 21 countys. She is based out of Cero Gordo county, correct?

It has been stated multiple times, he is not her boss.

And Obama is the president. OMG

Mrs. Draper from what I hear your mother also works for the city at city hall. This could also present a conflict of interest.

Since Jodi is out in the community right now, as I said in another blog, I am staying behind to field questions.

With regard to conflicts of interest in City, county or government in general, it depends about what you actually mean by that. Mason City is a small town and there are many people who work at the same place as family members, friends, businesses, that could all at one time or another do business or have issues. Usually conflict of interest, at least in the Human Resources world generally means, direct supervision.

When John F. Kennedy was President of the United States, Robert Kennedy was Attorney General and the other was a Senator.

When George H.W. Bush was President, Jeb was in office in Florida.

Closer to home, when my mother, Mary Frances Greenan was on the City Council for 11 years, my dad Wes Greenan was on the Police Department, my brother and uncle worked for the street and arborist departments.

When Joan and Lee Snell were on, they were the only city ambulance, ems service in town.

When Harold Leach was Police Chief, his son Dennis worked for the city street department.

When Duane Jewell was interim Chief, his son Allan worked for the city street department.

When Jerry Wymore was Street Department Supervisor, his sons worked for other parts of the city.

When Roger Bang was Mayor, his wife Peggy was Chairman of the MacNider Museum Board of Directors.

When Bill Schickel was Mayor, is wife Candi was an attorney for the county child advocate agency.

When Leonard Foster was on the Council, Lionel Foster was the Human Rights Department Manager.

As a sitting council person, Scott Tornquist submitted a bid for equipment for the coffee shop at the Library. I could be wrong, but he may have gotten the bid, but he bid a piece of equipment that was not appropriate to do the job.

Mason City has many brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents etc. that all work for the City. They make good references, like any other company. If you have a family member that is a good employee, it is possible that another may be as well. That is true for our major employers: Mercy Hospital, Curries, Kraft, Opportunity Village, Armour, etc.

When Max Weaver was on the Council, his brother-in-law Charlie Connor was and still is on the Mason City Police Department.

There are so many examples that you could blog all day, but I am sure you see my point.

It really is a moot point and as I stated in an earlier blog, it is only relevant when voting on special items where there is a direct connection and where city dollars are involved.

Thanks for asking, I hope this clears it up for you.

Sounds like a lot of nepotism to me. Having one person on the city payroll seems to be an easy way for a relative to join along.

way to go Mary Beth. stifle Anonymous and his obvious one sided complaining.

Dahlen (sp?) is county attorney and his wife is public defender . . .
Same type deal with Judge Rosenbladt at one point.

But didn’t practice in Mason City.

Thank You for all of the interest in my candidacy for Mason City Council Ward 2 I would like to address a few questions that I see posted.

County Social Services is a the Mental Health and Disabilities region for Fund 10. Our Region consists of 21 Counties. Cerro Gordo County is my place of employment. That is reimbursed by the fiscal agent of County Social Services. I manage the Fund 10 Budget for 21 counties that run through the fiscal agent. As I started knocking on doors in May the reoccurring theme for me in Ward 2 was to please consider running for Ward 2. I have always said I want to listen first and after listening to the citizens, I felt I should run in Ward 2. I want to continue to hear from you, I want to have discussions, feedback, please contact me anytime. I have set up a web page that is open for all campaign questions and information. Again Thank you so much! Jodi Draper for Ward 2

I’m in Ward 2. Anxious to find out more about her but it won’t take much to get my vote away from Hickey. What a lost cause he’s been!

I will be at the Park today for The Marine Corps Annual Picnic at 2p.m. I would love to talk to you.
Jodi Draper for Ward 2

Thank you, Jodi. I won’t be able to make it today but I look forward to meeting you soon!

I thought Jody announced months ago that she was going to run for at large to try and represent the entire community. Now Tornquist announces and she changes her mind and jumps over to run for ward two and Foster announces At Large both on the same day. Pretty coincidental. Mrs. Draper why the change?

As Jodi’s Campaign Manager, we made a decision based on what she was hearing from the people in her ward-Ward 2. This decision was made before Tornquist chimed in. We were still working with a committee and reached a consensus this week that this decision was the best for Jodi. There is no conspiracy here, just good decision making.

Look forward to everyone getting to know Jodi and what she stands for and believes in. You will see that she is the right person, in the right ward, at the right time!!

Thank you for your question….

I do not know the lady but, I am looking forward to finding out more about where she stands on issues and hopefully if she is capable of standing up to our mayor if he runs again. Hickey has bee a failure in my opinion. He turned out to be the biggest do nothing (but kiss the mayors butt)councilman we have had in years.

Doesn’t she work for Jay Urdahl? Seems like a conflict of interest there.

@Anon-She works at the courthouse but as I understand it she does not work directly for Urdahl.

Well if she does work for Urdahl that means she work’s for Gary Blodgett, the Clear Lake nut case that controls our Supervisors. Somebody find this out please.

Jodi has no connection to any Blodgett, Todd or Gary.
You can quote me on that. Yes everyone knows that Urdahl and Blodgett are friends, but our campaign has nothing to do with them. There are a couple of people out there who are tying to link a lot of people together for politcal hack purposes. That is just part of the game. We look forward to a positive campaign and will respond with the truth on each question, comment or falsehood presented.

WE thank u for bringing up this concern and for the opportunity to squelch this rumor.

Your right Mary Greenan Jodi does not work for Urdahl, also right no connection between Jodi and the Blodgett’s. How do we find out if Gary Blodgett is raising money for Hickey. There was a article back a ways on how Urdahl got Dr. Blodgett to pay for a illegal lunch over to the Quary, Dougherty was there too, they talked about how to beat Jodi. Unless you are rich vote for Draper.

No she does not work for Jay Urdahl. She works as the Social Services Finance director, based out of Cerro Gordo County. But she works with County and City budgets, finances, grants etc. for 21 counties. This makes her extremely qualified for the position she is running for.

There is no conflict of interest, anymore than anyone else. If there are issues that would be directly related, she would abstain from voting just like anyone else. Just like if there were a Henkel contract with the City– Alex Kuhn would have to abstain. If a FedEx contract– Travis Hickey would have to abstain. Jean Marinos, if landlord/tenant issues arise– she would have to abstain….

That is just the way it works in government. Thank you for asking!!!

sound like anonymous doesnt know what they are talking about or simply trying to cause trouble.

Even though I do not live in the Second Ward, I look forward to her election. When elected she will become an intergal part of the council and that fact is very important to everyone living here. We have a dysfuncial council currently occupying those seats and change is desperately needed. This woman has both her feet on the ground, she will represent everyone, not just the 1%.

What kind of representation did those living near the Mercy Hospital receive?

When do you plan on announcing your candidacy and the office you will running for?

Can you give us some concrete examples of experience? Not that it would qualify or disqualify her, but just trying to get a read on her – what is current and former jobs; involvement/memberships, education, etc. – basic information . . .

AS the campaign unfolds, she will be continuing to be out and about visiting with citizens. She is eminently qualified in the financial arena. More than anyone on the Council at this time. She has been involved in various Mason City School committees, due to having had 6 children– 2 currently in the school system. The press release details a portion of her experience. WE will be forthcoming with more information as we move forward.

Thanks for asking– Jodi will be the best choice for
Ward 2 !!!

Wish she would have run for Mayor, but glad she is going for her ward. Great news!

Thank u for the vote of confidence. Jodi is bright, articulate, has a passion for fairness and believes that all people need to have a voice. You will be able to count on her to listen and make wise decisions for those she represents!!

WE appreciate all comments and questions and will be happy to visit with anyone interested in what Jodi stands for!!

Thanks for you interest in Jodi Draper for Second Ward!!!

Good deal, the more new people we can get involved the better!

Even more news:

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