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City to assist Curries/Graham with expansion

MASON CITY – The City of Mason City will be assisting Curries/Graham door manufacturer (Assa Abloy Door Group or AADG) with an expansion project at their 12th Street NE location.

The council approved a plan 6-0 on Tuesday night where the City would install a sewer line costing about $175,000 to the 12th Street NE AADG facility.  AADG would cover the cost and the City will reimburse AADG the $175,000.

No Tax Increment Financing (TIF) distrcit exists in the area so the City, working with the North Iowa Corridor, worked out the arrangement with AADG in order to land the new development.

AADG plans to build a “Test Burn Facility” at the location, about a $750,000 investment.  This would be the only test facility AADG currently has.

Three new salaried jobs will come to the plant.

The plant is “well-positioned” for future development, City Administrator Brent Trout  said, but no more help from the City is forthcoming at this time.

“The City’s investment is sanitary sewer infrastructure here extended represents, as per discussion with the company, the agreed upon exhaustion of city financial resources to any general redevelopment at the complex, should it occur.”

Trout did say that if AADG could offer “significant job creation,” the city “should consider future assistance.”

Watch video of council discussion:


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I laughed when I saw all the council get excited over 3 jobs yes 3 jobs. You would have thought it was 300 hundred how sad. I’m glad there is 3 jobs but please come on get all excited and pat Willet on the back.

Three jobs ? Come on get real ! All that money for three new jobs ? Does that mean the R&D employees are gone now too!

After listening to the video, looks as though it possible could go through… what about 9 th street location they will be and all ready have taken parts of the door line to 12th street …that bldg could be utilize… they had no problems in hauling the doors to 12 th street for several years …so this would be no different to haul frames …R & D has been there for years !

Curries has been a great asset to mason city . But what they have done to their employees, is terrible there were employees that helped build that company …all those with longevity have been let go ! Why ? Because of the greed ! Working for the company myself for more than 30 yrs …and now seeing what they have done to their employees! I sure hope Mr Currie can live with himself! I bet his father is rolling in his grave , to think what has happen to his company …what happens when Mr Currie decides to retire? Will they be bought out again ? Or close the plant ? There is a lot of speculation? Hears to Mr Richard Curried …who still had a heart …

It is Graham’s building. Not Curries. Curries has nothing to do with it other than being a sister company to Graham.

Same Corporation so it is owned by Assa Abloy. Comes out of the same bank account and the article says Curries. Get your facts straight or read the article.

I’m a Graham employee stupid. Pretty sure I know what I’m talking about.

Curries over the years has provided some good employment and decent wages. My personal feeling is that this company has been a great asset to our North Iowa area. However, they have laid off large numbers of long term employees. When these long term employees are called back or in hiring new employees, they basically have to start over at a wage of about 1/2 of what they used to make and now many of them have to work overtime as well. So apparently their business is not hurting too bad? We understand the economic situation certainly has taken it’s toll?
But to treat long term employees they way they have, I think it is wrong. Curries has capitalized big time with this type of operation and maybe they should use some of their own mega dollars they have saved to pay for their own expansion? And along with this, over the years, we have assisted Curries previously. Time for Curries to step up and spend some of their own dollars. Enough is enough. Maybe with our city so willing to help, they should take a look at some of the other smaller businesses that could use a helping hand to stay in business or do some expansion.

Get your facts straight before you speak. This is GRAHAM not CURRIES.

LVS – Couldn’t have said it better. Right about it ALL!

What B.S. this is. Assa is a multibillion dollar company. Why should we spend tax money on them. What the HELL ever happened to investing in your own business. They have laid off people with 20 to 30 years senority to save on payroll costs and laid off even in the shop. I have heard that when they close down the 9th street facility there will be even more layoff and if I was those people I would be pissed that my tax money went to subsidize their layoffs.

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