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Op-ed: Shut up about spelling errors

Submitted by “OneEyed” –

Shut up about spelling errors.

This trend is getting way out of hand and its very annoying…it wastes peoples time and its completely pointless other than the fact of trying to fan some flames, and its a very weak attempt at best.

I follow about a half dozen websites that have the ‘user comments’. The two sites that really stand out are North Iowa Today and the Mugshots page on Facebook. Since I live in Mason City, I’m interested in local news and I read them often. I like to browse through these comments to find out more information about the topic at hand.

Sometimes unknown details about a news story are revealed from other local people. Or maybe a person gets arrested and I’d like to know who’s walking the same streets as me.

But more often than not it turns into an argument about spelling. How dumb does that sound? These are the people in my community. There are real news stories going on with real opinions being exchanged in hopes of a good and productive argument. (I’ll assume you know what I mean by ‘good and productive argument’)

But we cannot even do that right. So you stick with whats simple and easy to do.
Exploiting other peoples mistakes. You are basically a dirty politician….or a third grader, depending on how you look at it. Chances are, its the latter.

You are basically saying “Gee, I just can’t find a valid reason to disagree with this guy…
..but I still feel the need to be a jerk.”

You are making a lame attempt at trying to void this persons opinion, simply because of a spelling error, more than likely, a typo.

Wow, Congratulations….moron. You’ve accomplished nothing important.

Nobody cares that YOU found our spelling errors. Some people would rather stick to the subject and keep the focus on something that is actually IMPORTANT than to worry about a few misspelled words.

Not every person is a perfect speller. Not every comment input box is equipped with spell check. People don’t want to waste time by looking up every word to verify the correct spelling. Windows WordPad doesn’t even have a spell check….so I guess I’m screwed!

I can read and re-read this over and over…and I will probably not find any errors even though there are a few. This is because your own brain knows what you have written and it is being read correctly as you proofread, even if there is an error. So, more than likely you will not find your own errors.

This is something I learned in college, heck, they probably even taught me that in grade school. Remember when we all passed our papers to the left and had someone else read it??

Why don’t we all get together and have a spelling test to once and for all Shut Everyone Up About Spelling Errors!

…and while I’m at it, It’s hard to concentrate on spelling with all those loud motorcycles screaming by;)

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