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Op-ed: Angela Johnson is back from the dead (by Peter Children)

Angela Johnson is back from the dead; well she’s not actually dead yet but none the less she’s back.  We all know what happened with her and her despicable boy friend Dustin Honken.

Five people lie in their graves because of these two people.  This is the “Drug Culture” and its after effects on society.  I could say that if you lie down with dogs you get up with flea’s but that is far too simple.  The fact that these two freaks of nature are still breathing is because of our own legal system and the fallacies within it.  Don’t talk to me about appeals, the fact that we allowed them a trial was more than enough. We should have just used two of the five graves that were uncovered and stood them in front of them. Then I would have tied their hands and shoved them in and covered them up… they’d be dead by now that’s for sure.

Two beautiful young girls who were innocent in so many ways. These girls did not invite any of these people into their lives, let alone into that house were they lived….yet they paid with their young lives the penalty for those infected with greed and the need to prey upon those who need drugs to get through the day…after day…after day….after day; until that day when like these two girls, they reach into your life as well.

In so many ways this sick segment of society has already infected all our lives with their chemical dependencies that the rest of all pay for in the form of added premiums for our own protection.  I like the idea the French had. If you had leprosy they put you on an island until you died; only I think my idea is far better.  There has to be some islands available where after repeated offences, these people could be off-loaded.  Then we could fly over and drop enough bread and water to sustain life… no medicine because we would need the space to vacate ASAP to make room for new arrivals.  It would be more humane than housing them in cages with television and three meals a day.

Do you have any idea what it has cost society to house these two animals this long? Far more than they made selling dope to you out there who kept them in business.  If you use drugs you are in many ways responsible for the deaths of those two young children.  For what its worth, I heard Angela was the shooter…

Peter Children

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