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Op-ed: Gun control (by Peter Children)

I have seen a lot of life in the years I have lived; some of it good, some not so good….it is what it is, no more no less.

The front page article in the Sunday edition of the Globe Gazette had a profound way of waking me up, in fact it frighten me and made me pause to think just where I was.  The issue I speak of has to do with gun control and the right to carry a deadly weapon.

Next month I will be 78, truthfully I don’t relish it but again it is what it is; I would much rather be 48 or 28 if it is just a wish…but I’ll settle for what I have seeing there is no other option and I am still lucid and upright. My point is simply this; I have traveled the world, been all over the globe and into some of the largest population centers on earth, I have walked the streets and avenues of these cities during the day and well into the night…..and I did all of this without a gun.  Think about this, think hard about it, no gun and no other instrument that might be used to protect myself from harm. Yet here I sit writing these words, safe.

My point being, why do we need to carry guns on our person?  By allowing this madness it will put far more of society in harms way than ever before; ask yourself why you would need to carry a gun into the supermarket to buy groceries, or when you need to fill your tank, or get a haircut of wash your car. I read a few months ago that gun permits were up considerably over a year ago…think about it.


I am well aware that in order to get a carry permit you need to be tested, but it puts more guns out there; what if your child get their hands on your gun? What if they take it to school, or get mad a the neighbor because they chased the dog out of the yard, then goes into the house grabs your gun and waits behind the bushes and shoot your neighbor when he comes home from work?  You think it can’t happen? Think again. Your child might shoot you because you reprimand them for some slight infraction Do you want to go into a establishment that sell intoxicants where there could be a half dozen or more guys in there drinking and carrying weapons?  I think if you want to carry a weapon and you are not in law enforcement there is something seriously wrong with you.  You could be suffering from a sense of extremely insecurity, then there is depression, no one who suffers from depression should be around guns…they might just kill their entire family then themselves.

This guy featured in the article is 28 years old, he wants Iowans to be able to respond with deadly force and at the same time be free of liability if they feel threatened…how nice that means you can kill some one and not be arrested, but only if you feel threatened.  Does that work for you? He wants guns to be allowed in public buildings…like courthouses where you can shoot your newly divorced wife if you feel the judge gave her too much, the maybe shoot the judge as well.

It is my opinion that any guy who carries a firearm and does not work in law enforcement is impotent and desperately needs a phallus symbol to compensate for what is lacking between his legs.

Peter Children

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