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“Genetic roulette” pays off for some (by Peter Children)

(Op-ed by Peter Children)

Attention blogers:

It is well known that there exists a adverse group in cyber space that are on the bus (this according to Mr. Parston) with Bookmeyer. That is ok. It is ok for a number of reasons one being that I don’t really want them on my bus….any other reasons are unimportant. These are not the sort who would be comfortable in just any seat, theirs would need to be in the forward section.

Many of these took over their father’s business, or inherited family wealth or married someone else who themselves won at genetic roulette. These are the sort who think they know everything, that wealth brings knowledge. Most of these people sit on various boards; they are generally appointed to these boards not necessarily because they can contribute anything worthwhile but because their family may have the clout to aid and assist the entity in question, to get an edge because of various family connections that are accumulative around the table. There are a lot of these people on Bookmeyer’s bus. Why are they adverse? Mainly because they don’t agree with me, but more so because I wear glasses that can see through them and….they don’t like that. Many are genuine in their qualifications but there are those on that bus who encroached under false pretense. I hope they all stay where they are.

There are people who do not want to stand in line, they don’t want to sit anywhere but up front….and if they are not driving the bus, then they are not going on the trip. These people are not ruthless, to be ruthless you need to be somewhat smart, and that’s a label they will never wear. No they are for the most part ignorant, they often do things without thinking and that stems from childhood, a period in their lives where they got whatever they wanted.

While many of the blogs are indeed entertaining, there is a lot going on that is not public information…. yet. I can assure you that it will be soon enough. Also know you will read it here because it will never turn to ink at the Globe. There are few secrets in a small town. This will involve the “main street group” or whatever name they have assigned to make it seem important. These people personify incompetence, but they are part of an administration that plays by their own rules and this major mistake is going to prove costly. Most moves that give birth to this sort of behavior stem from a belief that you can do and say anything you want…..well, we know that isn’t going to fly. If this keeps up this city will not be able to buy insurance . Stay tuned…………

Peter Children

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