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Technicolor Tattoos guide to a great tattoo experience

Getting a tattoo can be a great experience if you follow a few simple guidelines: The first question you need to ask yourself is, are you 100% sure that you want a tattoo.

(Submitted to by Nick Ariston)

Getting a tattoo can be a great experience if you follow a few simple guidelines: The first question you need to ask yourself is, are you 100% sure that you want a tattoo. Tattoos are a permanent change in your appearance, so we highly recommend that clients make sure they are getting a tattoo for the right reasons and not just to “fit in” or because a friend wants them to. When you do decide that a tattoo may be right for you, make sure you check into your states laws. Iowa’s legal age is 18 but always make sure you have a valid photo i.d. with you.

Next, have an idea of what you want for a tattoo before you even walk through the door. There are so many options out there, we recommend getting a tattoo that has some special meaning to you, not something “trendy” that you might regret in the future. Make a list of the ideas that you have or bring in some pictures and we will have something custom drawn just for you. There are lots of websites available now with plenty of examples of tattoos. Getting a tattoo custom drawn does cost a little bit more but is worth of it for a one of a kind piece of artwork. Put some time and effort into your design, do your research and don’t just settle or you may end up with something you regret or a tattoo that 100,000 other people have. Also consider your options with color you can go simple, detailed, lots of color, black and white, or whatever you choose.

Third, after your design is ready decide how big you want it and where you want to put it. Obviously, the bigger the tattoo the more it will cost this doesn’t mean that a cheap tattoo is going to be a bad tattoo it just means you should expect to pay more for a bigger design. We as artists take a lot of things into consideration when helping a client decide where to put their new tattoo. Do you want your tattoo visible at all times? Can the client handle the pain of a sensitive area such as the ribs or feet? The size really depends on the design and placement of your tattoo, obviously a 12 inch design won’t fit on the wrist as well as it will on the back. Our motto is “go big” if you are making a lifelong commitment to your tattoo, then commit to your tattoo. We do have some great fine-line artists who specialize in very intricate work, but in past experiences most people regret getting their tattoo too small rather than too big.

Be sure to know the possible medical risks of getting a tattoo. Side effects are rare but still know your risks: skin infection, scar tissue or keloids, blood borne diseases, and allergic reactions to some pigments used in the tattooing process. We do things here at Technicolor to make sure your tattoo experience is safe. We believe in using all new items with every tattoo such as needles and tubes so we can keep your tattoo clean and you safe.

The last thing to consider when getting a tattoo is who will be doing it. Being the owner of Technicolor Tattoo Studio in Mason City I am kind of biased, but there are some things to consider in choosing your tattoo shop and artist. The shop doesn’t need to be gold plated or marble lined, but it definitely needs to be clean. When you go into the tattoo shop with your design, ask if the shop has an artist that specializes in your type of tattoo and also ask to see a portfolio of their work to help you get a better idea of what they can do. If you are satisfied with their work and your tattoo design you are ready to hop in the chair and see your beautiful masterpiece come to life!

Submitted by Nick Ariston owner of Technicolor Tattoo Studio 111 1st Street Se Mason City, IA (home of $20 tattoo Tuesday).

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