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Don’t take your chances with Coronavirus – you ain’t that good at gambling

It’s a bad bet to try and live the normal, daily routine you have been accustomed to in your life now that Coronavirus has invaded and is wreaking havoc across the human species.  Trying to go about your business everyday like you have been for years would be like dropping thousands of dollars in one of the best online casinos – you will win some and you will lose some, and the end result could be immense riches or you could lose a few bucks.  It’s all up to chance with merely a slight edge to those experienced gamblers out there. Be smart and bet wisely!

The Coronavirus is scary – we do not yet know how to defeat it.  We do not yet know exactly how it transmits. We do not yet know where it came from, exactly, although some say the vicious virus originated in bats, then transferred to ferrets, then transferred to humans as the hungry people devoured the tasty little critters over in the enchanting land of Communist Red China.  They ate a side order of kitties and puppies just to round off the meal, some really bad people might claim, but we know that likely wasn’t the case. A few crackpots claim the nasty bug now circulating is a military weapon set out to wage war, and other nimrods think it was invented by the vampires that run the world who want to thin the herd and eliminate older folks, the weak, the crippled, anyone who takes more than they produce – like a Democrat, maybe… no, just kidding.

All persons should expect to take major precautions and make big changes to their lives so that the chances of them becoming infected and possibly taking a dirt nap from this horrendous Covid-19 sickness caused by the coronavirus is mitigated to the fullest extent.  Do not be an idiot, stay in your house, get acquainted with Rosy Palms, FaceTime your grandkids, pet your kitties and scoop their litter every few hours to pass the time.

As the virus slowly runs its course through our planet and chews up those persons unfortunate and unlucky enough to to become infected, health officials may develop a 12-18 month “long-term recovery plan” to guide society out of the the doldrums of this catastrophic disaster.  This could include big dollars for unemployed persons in the form of checks directly sent to those persons from the government.


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