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Progress Iowa calls on Senator Joni Ernst to release internal communications in wake of alleged dark money scandal


DES MOINES – Progress Iowa executive director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in response to the breaking news that a political action committee created by Senator Joni Ernst’s political aides have worked closely with her to raise funds in support of her reelection, potentially in violation of the law:

“After reading today’s news, Iowans should be gravely concerned with how we are being represented in the Senate by Joni Ernst. What is she hiding from us, and who does she truly represent? It’s not Iowa families, who need her to stand up to Mitch McConnell and the Washington establishment. Ernst is backed by millions of dollars in special interest money, and now we learn that her campaign she and her team have potentially violated the law.”

“Iowans deserve to know if their Senator and her staff have broken the law. If Joni Ernst truly represents Iowans, she will make every communication between her and the staff responsible for this shady “Iowa Values” organization public. If Ernst does not do so immediately, that will prove she has abandoned her responsibility in representing our state. And we will explore every option under the law to make sure Iowans discover the truth.”

Progress Iowa is a multi-issue progressive advocacy organization with a network of more than 75,000 progressives. Year-round, Progress Iowa advocates for a stronger middle class, first-class public education, and fairness for all Iowans under the law.


Associated Press: ‘Dark money’ ties raise questions for GOP Sen. Ernst of Iowa

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Nancy should had been a hostess in a nice Italian restaurant. She would have had a happier life. But no. She takes all this crap from the men in congress for decades. Filled with resentment it has now turned to bitterness. Hate. And they are now trying to drag the honorable Joni Ernst down. Nancy has no honor. There is only one female out there who could become president. Joni Ernst. She has all the right stuff going for her.

Dare I say this has all the trappings of the cinderella story. Go Joni!!!

Elected to congress? Paycheck is $174,000. Nancy Pelosi made $89,000 in 1989. She now makes $224,000 a year. And the money she is spending on this public witch hunt that will go nowhere is also the taxpayer’s money. Imagine if the Clinton Foundation was in the White House. The money they stood to make would have been astronomical. Hidden, tax free, and global in influence. Greedy crooks. Oh, and Joni broke law? Please spare me the sleazy backroom going on of the poor little old democrats. Hate and lies is what the do. And Nancy is their leader. Go Joni!!! Make’em squeal.

You are a sick little puppy. Facts don’t matter to you, do they?

Her family has more skeletons than you could shake a stick at…too bad they don’t dig deeper…

Oh, do tell..


Hotness. She’ll get reelected easily.

Miss Piggy wants to solve the social security challenges behind closed doors. Oink Oink pork chop.

Alleged??? Potentially??? Sounds like they are accusing her without knowing the truth. Just more Democrat lies.

Read it and weep. Before you start screaming about fake news AP News is considered to be one of the least biased, highly factual publications in the US.

They lie and so do you.

I think Iowans deserve to know if Matt Sinovic, of Progress Iowa is a complete and total whack job all the time, or just when a Republican is mentioned.

Doesn’t matter as long as he keeps pointing out that Repubs are crooks.

Maybe Nancy is his Mommy he can’t help it

That is the problem, you and so many others are so politicized, that all you care about is winning. You and the rest don’t give a tinkers damn about what’s the best for the people.
Just as long as this crooked ass(Democrat/Republican) wins and that crooked ass(Democrat/Republican) loses. When people grow the hell up and politicians do too,who am I kidding, NEVER HAPPEN.


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