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Iowa father and son charged with poaching deer, other violations

CARROLL COUNTY, IOWA – Iowa Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officers have charged two Glidden, Iowa men with numerous deer hunting violations, including poaching, from an investigation stemming back to November 2018.

Joshua R. Snyder, 39, of Glidden, was charged with one count of interference with official acts, two counts of illegal possession of antlered whitetail deer, illegal transportation of deer, and several tagging and license violations in Carroll County. Snyder was also charged with three counts of illegal take/possession of antlered whitetail deer, deer hunting with a prohibited rifle, falsely obtaining a duplicate any-sex deer bow license and tag, illegal transportation of deer, and several other tagging and deer license violations in Taylor County.

His father, Kenneth F. Snyder, 59, of Glidden, was charged with four counts of illegal possession of antlered whitetail deer in Carroll County, as an indirect result of the initial investigation.

Initial appearances for both men are scheduled for late October and mid-November.

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Taken from the DNR, You cannot use a two-way mobile radio transmitter to communicate the location or direction of game or furbearing animals, or to coordinate the movement of other hunters. So is the reader saying this is a stupid law?

so. your comment was dumb because youre dumb…….

Many years ago I read a statistic that, in Wisconsin, 7 times more deer are poached than taken legally. I bet most hunters are using cell phones to aid in their hunt. So are most hunters poachers?

if you cant put your phone down long enough to enjoy a day in the woods you dont need to be in the woods at all your comment is stupid by the way.

Its obvious these two have no respect for the law, or other hunters. They should have all the equipment they used in this crime confiscated, and not be allowed to have a hunting license for 5 years

Ted Nugent’s banned from hunting north America for two years because he struck a bear with an arrow never injured it so never recovered it and used the tag on a different bear days later. He didnt do anything wrong and he is banned from hunting for 24 months. These two should be in prison. Poaching for anything less than absolute survival is unjustified greedy and hickish to say the least. Allen’s you’re right all their forearms used to take illegal deer should be confiscated. Idk that they should ever hunt again honestly. They are probably the type that shoots slugs at anything that makes noise in the surprised they aren’t out of Mitchell county displaying this level of ignorance toward whitetail hunting.

As a technicality, I guess I poached once a long, long time ago. Some one shot a deer and didn’t track it. I know who did it, they just shot another deer a little later that afternoon.
I spotted the first deer they shot, it was a leg wound. I would guess the deer was 50/50 for bleeding out. instead of letting it suffer I shot tit in the head. I wasn’t about to waste the meat either, so I butchered it.
In some people’s eyes I am a criminal and an a%$hole. In other’s I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t feel like I did anything wrong.

fricken idiots. hunting is about conservation and meat on the table. the rest of us pay to play. the fees we pay plus the eleven percent tax on hunting and fishing gear go toward maintaining our wildlife and habitat. im ok with some of that cash being used to ensure these two shitbirds get locked up.

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