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Restaurant and sports bar under construction in Southbridge Mall

MASON CITY – A restaurant and sports bar venue is under construction in Southbridge Mall’s south entrance area and is seeking city dollars to help the project along.

According to city documents released today:

The Sports Page of Mason City LLC:

As a part of the revitalization of Mason City Downtown corridor Co-owners and long-time residents of Mason City, Harry Shannon and Steven Anderegg are have established The Sports Page of Mason City LLC.

We will be doing a full remodel of two spaces in Southbridge Mall making them one larger space. Theme of the space will be a Sports Bar and Grill. Equipped with a full-service kitchen. Gaming room with 2 pool tables, electronic dart boards, and a golf simulator. We will have many TV’s for sports viewing featuring special events of Iowa, Iowa State and UNI. The kitchen will feature Homemade Pizzas, Burgers, Sandwiches, Barbecue specials and typical fried foods. Hours of operation will be 11 am till 12:30 pm.

Our Project will commence when lease is signed Sept 6th, 2019. Many of the interior improvements required are a result of the previous business exit strategy. They basically stripped the contents of the building. Permanent improvements that need to be made to the business includes all new wall coverings, cost to exceed $12,000. New kitchen ventilation hood with Ancillary fire system and positive air exchange, approximate cost $20,000. Concreate floor restoration and staining $10,500. Bringing electrical and fire systems up to code, $10,000. Bringing restrooms up to code and adding restrooms for capacity $40,000. The actual estimates are attached in our Dolt application.

It is our goal to be a new asset to the revitalization of Downtown Mason City. We feel having a full-service sports bar adjoining the new arena will help keep families that are here for events in downtown Mason City. Possible expansions of our business in the first year may include Pizza delivery to arena, the newly proposed hotel and other downtown Mason City business that do not feature food.

Not since 2001 has this area of the mall been vibrant; this is the time when Diamond Dave’s was located there for a number of years but closed down.

The cost of the renovation project appears to be $114,495.35. The Sport Page is seeking a $30,000 downtown revitalization loan.

Meanwhile, as a multi-purpose arena ice floor is poured Friday as that project shoots for completion around November, other construction appears to be underway around the mall and in parking lots. Just across the hallway from the new sport bar at the mall’s south entrance, two storefronts that once housed a bookstore and a coffee shop are under demolition in preparation for a new mall tenant. Rock Central Construction, LLC is doing the demo work there. Workers on the scene refused comment, but Rock Central owner Chad Berding returned a call and told NIT that this is the new home for DealerBuilt, a company that makes software for car dealerships.

Construction is about to begin behind this door on a sport bar and restaurant.
West side of Southbridge Mall’s south entrance. Demolition and prep work is going on behind these two doors, which used to be entrances to a coffee shop and a book store.  Dealerbuilt’s new home.
Busy men behind this door, doing demo and prep work on Friday, September 13, 2019 on the new location for DealerBuilt, a software company for car dealerships.
Vacant storefronts are filling up in Southbridge Mall. DealerBuilt will call this area home, soon.

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douchebag is deleting comments again in an effort to feel important about himself. does it make you feel like the fuhrer controlling the news people are allowed to read? is deleting comments the reason you manage to miss so many stories from the north iowa area? if youre going to continue to suck so much at what you are trying to do…. maybe you should pull the plug and do something with that ugly old building…

the hell is dealerbilt and why does it fit into a mall?

call it diamond daves!

The sports bar craze is over, that’s why the Mason City OP went downhill and closed (bad management, too, of course). Once the price on tv sports packages dropped, and people could watch anything they want to at home, without having to worry about getting a DUI, they largely stopped going to sports bars. It will lose money from the minute it opens, and the owners know it, which is why they’re asking for city money.

This project should be funded by the owner of the mall. Not the taxpaying public

That’s right. There are enough drugheads and drunks in town without having another bar/hangout for them. We don’t need and more cheap places to eat in town.

youre a retard, arent you? do you live in some box where its the fifties? lots of people enjoy drinking it doesnt make them drunks and not everyone who goes out is a “drughead” as you so articulately put it. youre a moron. be jealous that everyone else has friends and can go out. just keep it to yourself you sped.

Renovation cost should be assumed by the mall owner, not the public. We really have enough drunks and drugheads running around town without another bar hangout for them.

Good , I look forward to visiting.

remember back when the city said ” this wont cost the taxpayers a dime” well look at the new position the city has open, $51,000 a yr plus another $25,000 or so bennies. whos going to pay this if its isn’t you and me??

Ice Arena Supervisor

City of Mason City – Mason City, IA

Qualified applicants will have comprehensive knowledge of ice arena operations and maintenance practices and substantial knowledge of administering multipurpose…

$51,000 a year

Where is the 2 million from the hockey club??? If they don’t pony up they shouldn’t be allowed to play on the new ice.



They should ask the Mason City Hockey Association for the $30k. They seem to be hanging on the money they had earlier “pledged” to this black-hole of indebtedness.

All of those “Improvements” should be financed by the mall owner, not the public. The other bar that was there failed because of lack of business. I would expect this one to do the same.

they might as well stand in line at the “gravy train”, everyone else is

Ya, kind of like when the owner of this website begged for & mooched $30,000 off of MC taxpayers.

Redundant comment!

Redundant comment.

if the mall was two story, id lease the bottom and top. have a funeral palor up to and a whore house on bottom, call it cumm and go

Actually it is a two story. There is a little known basement that is the old Federal Avenue. There is a access to it. To bad they can’t bring it back and revitalize the downtown.

Where is that door?


This is a great step forward to help bring back a wonderful area in Mason City. I trust it will help draw other businesses back to what used to be a fantastic mall!

Sorry, but it will never happen.

Never happen.

Two or three of these type of establishments will be enough for the booze hour promenade. Get some vendors serving up gyros or something outside. It’s going to be lively place at times. A burlesque show would be nice.

I am all for the city incentivize the right kind of developments which enhance quality of life or bring in good job opportunities. A restaurant does neither of these things. No way should the city be offering them any sort of development incentive.

Sounds like a great business model bag for cash to get your business going.

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