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Opinion: The “yes” people are liars with no facts, don’t be duped!

Tonight the City of Mason City is going to attempt to put you in the ether for all the wrong reasons. This is a dastardly act, unconscionable would better describe it. Listen to me, I will tell you the truth. If you are fond of make-believe I would recommend you schedule a visit to the Children’s Room at the Public Library where professional story tellers will transport you back to your childhood… then bring you back with nary a scratch.

These conclaves are hosted by the exact same people who met behind closed doors – not once but several times – to hide the truth from you. Yes, these are the very same people who colluded with the pig people, Prestage foods. Now these same people… many wearing the same clothes are once again going to attempt to put you into a induced comma that will last until all the near elections are over. I am going to tell you how to protect yourself from these flimflam artists. What ever you do, do not swallow anything, either mentally or physically. Next, don’t sign your name on anything, not even the wall. Let me tell you the truth, let me set you free, believe in me… I am your best friend. I have nothing to gain. I will now tell you what these window and siding people don’t want you to know. You ready for this?


You have the final say, you are in total charge. If these people who are inviting you to drink Kool-Aid actually had the power, you would not be invited to meet. These same people wouldn’t give you a ride in a blizzard. Let me tell you exactly what will happen if you lost your mind and voted for this nightmare. There would be a gala cocktail celebration held on a special night in the highly upholstered lobby… the doors would be locked to the general public (that’s you). There will be no invitation in your mailbox, no chilled pink wine for you, no hors d’oeuvres served on a silver tray that will be coming your way. Robin will not reach out and shake your hand.

All of that will be for the people who put you under in that medically induced coma. As for them, they will have their clothes dry cleaned for this event (you might be able to look through the windows, if they see you, they will snicker) but trust me when I tell you this, there’s no way in hell you’re going to get inside. You would not be offered a paper cup filled with warm beer… and you know it. Here’s a suggestion…. and I only say this to my closest friends and that encompasses you who are reading these words. Stay home. Send a signal as to what is coming for these who plotted to destroy your home’s value by blanketing it in stench from pig shit. I will never forget those long lines at the council meetings, lines filled with people with red eyes from crying, worried about the future of this very community. Now they are back, the same people to trick you once more.

I remember a dinner I once had with an Evangelist who had driven up from the south to meet with me about buying some religious art that I published. We were having dinner in the Athenian restaurant, many of you will remember that restaurant. During the course of the meal he made this remark to me; “My daddy done told me…. ‘don’t promise nobody pie in the sky, until you got the crust in the oven!’” Well, tonight these people are going to promise you pie in the sky…. and the oven…. they don’t even have the oven turned on.

They are going to tell you there will be almost weekly conventions booked…. that is a flagrant lie. Ask to see the contracts outlining these imaginary events. Understand that these scams will never end until we have a regime change, and that’s not very far away.

Remember you have the power, use it wisely.

Peter Children
Mason City, Iowa

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