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Elizabeth Warren wants to fight Donald Trump and his team

Elizabeth Warren
January 6, 2017 | By Elizabeth Warren (U.S. Senator from Massachusetts)

Nobody expected 2017 to start this way. This isn’t the fight we were expecting to fight.

But this is the fight that’s in front of us. And the people of Massachusetts didn’t send me to Washington to roll over and play dead while Donald Trump and his team of billionaires, bigots, and Wall Street bankers crush the working people of our Commonwealth and this country.

This is no time to quit.

I will fight today, tomorrow, next week, this year, next year and as long as I’m standing to build a future – not just for some of our kids, but for all of our kids. That’s why I wanted to let you know that I am running for re-election in Massachusetts in 2018.

There’s no big, fancy fundraising event or a splashy rally or slick TV ad. None of that because, frankly, we’ve just got too much work to do right now. But I don’t kid myself: the upcoming fights in the Senate – and our campaign in Massachusetts in 2018 – are likely to be uglier and nastier than anything we’ve ever imagined. I’m not taking anything for granted.

The big banks and giant corporations aren’t lining up to give money for my re-election. In fact, a lot of them would rather see me pack my bags and go home. Nope, I’ve always relied on thousands of people like you chipping in $5 or $10 at a time, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and organizing cities and towns like yours to make our campaign possible – and I need your help again now.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will stand up to the Trump Administration’s racism, sexism, bigotry and hate. We will fight back against attacks on Latinos, African-Americans, Muslims, immigrants, women, and LGBT Americans. Our diversity is what makes our country strong – and on this, there will be NO compromise.

We must also fight for the millions of Americans – from Boston to the Berkshires and all across this country – who bust their tails day after day and who can’t build a little economic security. They’re fed up with an economy and a political system that works great for those at the top, but that doesn’t work for them. So I’m ready to fight harder than ever for debt-free college, raising the minimum wage, protecting and expanding Social Security, investing in our public schools, affordable health care and childcare, securing workers’ rights, and defending Wall Street reform.

We MUST keep fighting for our values. We must prove to Donald Trump and the Republican leadership that when they run this country for the rich and powerful, the American people will hold them accountable.

Representing Massachusetts in the US Senate and fighting for working families here and all across this country is the best job in the whole world and the greatest honor of my life. But I also know this: We fought our hearts out to win in 2012, and I expect we’ll have an even bigger, more expensive fight in 2018.

The smears and right-wing attacks from Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, the Koch Brothers and Wall Street aren’t about to get a little worse – they’re about to get A LOT worse. We cannot and will not allow the Republicans and the powerful interests to sink our campaign the same way they sank so many campaigns in 2016.

You’ve been there for me every step of the way – and I know we’ll be there shoulder-to-shoulder to fight every step of the way ahead.

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You liberals are so closed minded you are unable to accept reality when it is staring you in the face.

America has been born again and America is under new management.

As a registered cynic I voted for Trump and have every expectation he will carry through with his policies in spite of all the hatred that comes from the you Communist-Liberal-Democrats.

I now feel less fear of being overrun by you KKK Democrats who hate the fact you lost. If Trump don’t build the wall, rebuild our military, close immigration down to stop people from coming to America to kill us, lower taxes, reform welfare, eliminate Obamacare, re-negotiate the Free Trade Agreements, lower corporate taxes, bring back jobs, and fullfill his campaign promisess then I will go back to being a cynic.

As of now for the first time in decades I feel hopeful. At least for the next 4 or 8 years I don’t have you abusive liberals ripping me off every chance you get.

With any luck you card carrying America haters like bodacious will never get back in power!

So I am an America hater huh? Wow. I have done more for this country than you ever did. I live the ideals America’s founders believed in and you alter them to suit your moods. I’ll bet for the past 8 years you have been an American patriot, haven’t you? The kind that belittles our faults, condemns our leadership, decries our values, and hates our diversity. You, sir, are no patriot. You a subversive destroyer of this great nation.

I have served my country in many different capacities. I know what it means to sacrifice and what it means to bag bodies on the battlefield, serve in a elected capacitiey, raise money for the needy, volunteer, and worked and lived in the bowels of your corrupt government you and your ilk have created. YOU are the swamp that needs draining.

It is people like you that want to enslave people like me for your personal gratification so you can FEEL like you are somebody.

YOU and you kind are the abusers that have caused the great harm that has brought this once great nation to the brink. You better dam well hope Trump can straighten the mess you created out!

Don’t ever lecture me lady, I have earned my say!!

Your comments are precisely why old men in brass uniforms shouldn’t send young men over to fight and kill or die as a right of passage. That practice is way outdated. Your attitude is living proof of why that model doesn’t do anyone any good.

There is a struggle coming, and we all will be very grateful when young men and women take up arms and go to war to defend our way of life. You will be grateful too, but you will be the last to admit it.

It looks like Bodacious shot off her big liberal mouth to the wrong person.

I think Watchdog is Trump’s little lap dog.

I think you mean “PRESIDENT TRUMP”. You lost Snow Flake. Get over it or leave.

You lost 8 years ago and you stuck around, much to my dismay. How about those Republicans in Congress….they just presented a plan to cut Social Security benefits by upwards of 40%, Sounds good eh old guys?

Most Americans didn’t vote. Most Americans who did vote, didn’t vote for Trump.

What a phony.

Just another big mouth liberal shooting off her mouth. They got their asses kicked and just are not smart enough to figure out they LOST.

Well folks, the Dumb Ass Greek is back posting under multiple names including “Anonymous”. He has been deleted and will continue to be deleted just like he is in real life. What a douche bag is truly is. A waste of skin, time and space with no worth and no possibilities.

Dumb Ass GREEK came sneaking back again, even though he has been banned. He thinks a gutless wonder like him can threaten people but as usual he is full of shit. The Chickenshit better run back to school and hope they can help him.

I don’t see Ms. Warren denying the fact that Mr. Trump won the election. She seems to be saying that for the next 4 years she will fight against his policies in hopes that four years from now we will be smarter than we were in 2016. I’m just hoping that in 4 years we have a choice.

If she want to make a bigger fool of herself than she already is (Pocohantas) that go right ahead. It will just mean more intelligent people will vote Republican and she will continue to look stupid.

Trump intended to discredit Warren by calling her Pocahontas. But the Donald is poorly schooled in American history. The Princess heroine played a significant and positive role in the development of the Jamestown Colony but Trump missed class that day. To be called Pocahontas would be an honor and each time he gave that label to Warren he made a fool of himself.

You are exactly right. Mr. Trump also tries to disparage her by calling her what he terms a derogatory name and he uses Native American name to do so. It just furthers the argument that he is a racist, bigoted man who wouldn’t think twice about about using a racist term to describe his opponents.

The Dunning–Kruger effect is strong in Trump supporters.
Trump is completely inept, and his supporters are way too poorly-informed to know that he’s inept, and too dumb themselves to know how dumb they are.
That’s why Trump’s supporters are so sure they’re smart and their candidate is smart that they won’t listen to reason.
The effect is strong in these people.

Really? You people aren’t really that ignorant are you? I guess maybe you are. He called here that because she lied about being a native American and was caught at it. But, then again you liberals are so used to being lied to you don’t know the difference.

The Snowflakes snow is melting fast.

You are calling her out because you say she lied?????? Her statement was that her mother and father had told her and her siblings they had Native American heritage. She believed them. That may have been a mistake. But for someone who believes that the Donald is our savior to call someone else out for lying is hypocrisy at its greatest proportions. That man will lie about anything and everything. Then ten minutes later will say he didn’t say that. The “lyin media” is making it up. He is a consummate liar.
The thing that you seem to miss is that by using the name Pocahontas, he IS making a racial slur. When you use a ethnic name to deride someone else – calling Mexicans ‘Jose’ or African Americans “Bubba” you are racist. I know this argument is way over your head, but it is what it is. Don’t try to deflect away from the initial idea that Trump is a pig.

Didn’t Hillary promise a continuation of Obama’s policies? I assume that would have included the release of the murdering turds from Gitmo? I don’t know anybody who believes these guys won’t rejoin the jihad to resume killing infidels…that’s you and me, baby. President Trump would never, ever consider releasing them because he isn’t blinded by PC B.S.

Interesting…..there are no bills or anything else on the table to vote on and apparently it doesn’t matter what the proposal it, Warren intends to fight everything Trump proposes. Well if that isn’t BS I don’t know what it. A monkey can do what Warren is proposing. Give her a banana. Give all of the liberals a banana. Don’t they know that Democrats/liberals make poor politicians? Just look at New York, Chicago, Phili, LA, Baltimore, and all of the other big cities ran by Democrats. A bunch of welfare cities with a bunch of crime. That what you get when you elect liberal Democrats and that is an un-disputable FACT!

That’s the same plan congress has used for the last 8 years.

Just like Mr. Trump they can’t remember that far in the past so that didn’t really happen. It is just media b.s.

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