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How Business Owners are Boosting Workplace Productivity

This news story was published on March 24, 2020.
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Despite proven benefits to growth and profitability, workplace productivity is often neglected in the modern business environment. Often, business owners make the mistake of thinking that a lack of productivity is due to a lack of numbers, and so they quickly hire new people and hope for the best. This is the most damaging approach to take. Rather than hiring new people, the onus needs to be on improving employee satisfaction and engagement. This is proven to boost productivity which, in turn, improves the business. When profits and productivity are so linked, it is essential that business owners take a fresh look at the best ways to improve workflow, work rate, and the business growth that inevitably follows.

Use Technology

No business owner should still be trying to get by without the right technologies. With such a wide range of tech options available for every business sector, industry, or business size, there is simply no excuse not to give your teams the tools and tech resources they need. Prioritize automation tools and data analysis to give productivity a huge boost.

Prioritize To-do Lists

Having targets and goals is proven to be an effective way of giving productivity a boost, but how you create those lists can be more complicated than you think. Longer to-do lists might even harm productivity, as they overwhelm employees with seemingly endless jobs to get done. Keep your to-do lists short and they will be completed more quickly.

Get Employee Feedback

It is your employees who will be better able to identify workflow issues in your business processes. It can be easy to just listen to the heads of a department, but those on the front lines should also be able to have an avenue for suggestion making and feedback. Allow your teams at every level to have access to employee feedback software and the results that you get might transform your business from the foundations up.

The Business Meeting

If you’ve ever been in an unproductive business meeting then you already know how unproductive they can be. More business owners than ever are rethinking the way that they manage their meetings. Walking meetings have proven benefits, but there are a variety of options to consider if you want to avoid those tedious sessions sitting around a table listening to buzzwords and motivational speeches when you could be working.

The Work Environment

How your workplace is designed and decorated might have more of an impact on productivity than you think. Small changes like adding more natural light to a space can have a drastic effect on your teams, and can go a long way to encourage productivity. Consider simple changes like adding greenery or repainting the walls. You might be surprised by how much workflow is improved.

When looking at workplace productivity, it is important that you think both long and short-term. Immediate changes via employee feedback or more long-term strategies like upgrading technologies should be tackled in alignment. Address the productivity and engagement of your teams and your business can only benefit.

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