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Op-ed: Mediacom has special agent assigned only to them at Iowa Attorney General’s Office

Follow up to Mediacom… friend or foe? (by Peter Children)

Op-ed by Peter Children –

My call to the Iowa Attorney General’s office in Des Moines uncovered the fact that Mediacom has a special agent assigned only to them. The volume of calls dictate that a specially assigned individual needed to be in charge of the number of subscribers who have issues with this company…..that’s not a good sign.

That alone should be a big “wake up” call to the Mason City commission on scam artists. The man in charge in Des Moines said he never heard of a “locked in” rate that changes each month…or every other month.  Wake up people, demand that this commission be completely transparent in this city. There should be published notices of these meetings, when and where they are held and they should be open to all who subscribe to Mediacom services.

If deception is found to be the case, what then does that do to every agreement issued by Mediacom to those who subscribed? What does it do and how does it effect any agreements made with this city?  Any lawyers out there reading this?

Peter Children

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My complaint, other than the high cost, is you have no say so over the content piped into your home. There should be a cafeteria scheme in place to choose the content you want.

When you go to a restaurant, you order from the bill of fare what you desire. When you go to a Grocer, you choose what brands you want (if it is available locally). When you purchase a car, you get the colour, model, and options you are interested in. However with MediaKom, you only get what they want you to have.

Every consumer should get what they want, being they do pay the bill. That’s what makes America great, no?

The MC cable commission hasn’t even had a meeting in years, because the chairman hasn’t scheduled one. Also, Mediacom managed to push a new regulation through the IA legislature a couple of years ago that exempts them from having to deal with individual communities, they just have to deal with the state. Not much local commissions can do anyway, but it wouldn’t kill them to at least meet and listen to complaints and maybe write a letter to the legislature.

Call Lee Grassley with MediaCom, he’s the government laison between MediaCom and the State/City for North Iowa.

Peter. There are openings to be on this comission. You sound pretty passionate. Instead of complaining. Why don’t you get on the board and do something instead of complaining. Maybe you be like Janice Easley and make this your bandshell. I doubt you will though because it is easier to complain, instead of putting in effort to accomplish something. All you want to do is pot stir and blame others. Maybe once you could come up with a solution or idea.

You can’t just “be on the commission because you want to be,” you need to be asked or appointed. I would go on it if asked but that isn’t going to happen. They want people who will fall over for them and in that respect…..i am not your guy. Whoever these people are, they’ve sold out this city; cheap!

There is not a snowballs chance in H** that Peter would ever get on a commission or board!! Bookmeyer would never appoint him because he is not one of the good old boys. Don’t even get started on getting on a board of commission when it comes to the sad excuse we have for a mayor.

I just phoned MediaCom last night and was complaining about the service…. Anyone want to contact me on the details is more than welcome to!!! I would live a copy of the recording if there is one!!! Still waiting for a phone call back from the jackasses!!!

I do not use mediacom anymore, but I remember calling after hours and getting a foreign person on the phone. couldnt understand them very easy, and actually had to wait 2 weeks to get a serviceman out for service. even as they advertised on TV, repairs when you want them. How much would “boycott mediacom” signs cost anyway.

In Austin, MN everyone has Charter superspeed for 29 dollars a month and you’re done with it.

I spoke to Century Link today. Their bundel with cable is $120.00 and is really LOCKED IN for 5 years. No price increase unless it be taxes. Plus….they give you a pre paid Visa card for $150.00 to pay for early disconnect from Mediacom.

Do you mean Direct TV? I didn’t think Century Link bundled with cable. Also, I have friends who have had a lot of problems with Century Link. Do they have those bugs worked out yet?

@JustMyOpinion-I have had Century Link for four years and have had very little problems. Maybe every three months I have to reboot it but that is all. It is not as fast as some of the others but I only notice it when watching a movie.

Ok. Thanks. I may look into Century Link. It has to be less expensive than what I’m paying Mediacom. They’re charging me $49+ a month for one computer.

@Just My Opinion-I pay $30.00 but I think there are different prices depending on what you want. I have the medium speed.

My Mediacom internet was down more than it was up so last year I switched to century link, not nearly as fast but more reliable. My Mediacom cable went from 36 a month to 100 a month so last month I switched to direct tv bundle with century link and my monthly payment is 60 for satellite and internet.

You don’t even want to get me started talking about frickin Mediacom and their con ways…

Yes I want you to be honest and report what took place between you and Mediacom. This site is being monitored by people who can act on it.

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