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From Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans, Progress Iowa:

DES MOINES, IOWA — The Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans and Progress Iowa issued the following statements today in response to the nomination of Congressman Paul Ryan for Vice President by Mitt Romney.

“Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan makes it clear they are not on the side of Iowa’s seniors,” said Jan Laue, President of the Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans. “The Romney/Ryan budget ends Medicare as we know it for more than five hundred thousand Iowans, and throws more than sixty thousand back into the prescription drug donut hole, raising prices on medicine when we can least afford it. Their policies are wrong for Iowa and wrong for seniors.”

“The Romney/Ryan budget fails to meet a basic moral test,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa. “The Conference of Catholic Bishops urged Congress to reject their plan, and it’s clear why. The Romney/Ryan cuts for critical health care programs, and education, including millions for Head Start and special education, would be disastrous for seniors, students, and all Iowans.”

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Please stop with all the arguing over politics. It’s a waste of everyone’s energy. Obama is in for another four years and he will go down as one of our greatest presidents ever. Why is that so difficult for some of you people to accept? Don’t you all want what’s best for our country and for US?

Yes I do want whats best for our country and obama is what is best for iran but not for us. just before the election mark my words his true colors will come through and you will see the real obama and you will not vote for him either.


I just don’t understand why people would think he could ever be a good candidate. Not jumping on the animal rights train, but noting the fact on basic human common sense. The man isn’t smart enough to know how to transport his dog, but we are suppose to believe he is smart enough to run this country!!!! Someone Please explain………….

I should add, that I am not on the Obama train either, to me it is the worst of the worst in this election. Why can’t someone with some common sense run for President. Instead we get the big headed, money hungry, supposed brilliant minds to run, that are only in it for their own personal benefits.

Here is a quote from Benjamin Franklin after our Constitution was written and ratified as law.

When Benjamin Franklin walked out of Freedom Hall a reporter asked him what they had done? Mr. Franklin replied,

“We have given you a document to live by. This document is called the Constitution and will work until the people figure out they can vote themselves money.”

Romney and Ryan are the hope we need to get Government Spending back under control.

More taxes are not needed.

Less Spending is the answer to save out country.

Class Warfare is a pock on society and one of the worst ideas in modern times.

This communist/socialist organization could care less about morals. All it cares about is political ideology and the goal of the ruination of capitalism and a free society. Those people want all our money and assets under government control so they can divide up the pie the way they want to and have total control of everything. That’s why they hate the rich who have their assets parked overseas. I only wish I were rich enough to be able to do that because if we don’t get rid of Obama and his ilk, they will take over ownership of our bank accounts, our land, and all our property and then we will all be working for them and paying them rent and they will be giving us allowances. That is his goal. He would love it if more big businesses failed so the government could take “rescue” them the way it did GM. Be very careful for whom you cast your vote this fall.

Just saw Mitt and Paul on 60 Minutes. How could anyone in their right mind buy into what they are selling. God help us all (except the rich) if they are elected.

It shouldn’t be too hard for you to believe it, you believe what king Obama is telling you and that’s even more outrageous.

I watched 60 minutes and saw and heard hope.

At least we have two fellows that have intelligence and are looking out for all Americans.

Your attack on the rich is pure stupidity. Rich people pay more than their fair share and you want more.

happyguy you have a very selfish attitude.

FYI, Stupidity is fatal!

Spoken like a true obmama sheeple!!

lets face it any man or woman that becomes president is one person and cannot control everything

The constitution says if the president wants a law passed it goes through the house then the senate and if they both vote yes then he signs it, if 1 votes no it goes back for more work. Obama has bypassed that and when the senate voted yes and the house voted no on a couple of his bills he said screw it and signed an executive order making it a law. He is making his own dictatorship, he thinks he makes the laws and therefore is above the law. is a COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST organization supported and promoted by the LIBERAL MACHINE. They use scare tactics to garner votes.

This once great nation needs ROMNEY & RYAN in D.C. to prevent us from ending up like Greece or Europe! Welfare reform ! The entire “ENTITLEMENT PROGRAM” needs reform.

I WILL VOTE FOR ROMNEY & RYAN in Nov for sure. I am fed up with the Communistic/SOCIALIST movement currently controlling this once great nation. Obama promotes class warfare… put an end to this in November !

And what will you do when President Obama is re-elected because most people will realize that romney-ryan in the White House means less for most and more for millionaires?

You just don’t get it, if obama gets reelected we all get nothing. The economy will collapse, he will outlaw all weapons, the great depression will be childs play compared to what he has in mind. The United States will be in ruin and there is nothing anybody can do to stop him.

David…the sky is falling ,the sky is falling. You can’t expect any rational thinking person to believe what you are preaching can you? I don’t ever remember anyone having anything to do with the President saying they want to take your precious guns away from you. The economy is getting better if you would take the time to look (it took W 8 years to ruin it and it has taken Obama 3 1/2 years to get it going again). Things will be great with 4 more years with Pres. Obama.

Obama has said that once reelected he will sign the un small arms treaty which would outlaw guns in our country and un troops would be used to confisgate them, you look up the treaty and you will see. Plus part of the obamacare that will be put into play in 2 years is a computer chip in the forehand or the forehead, you ever heard of the mark of the beast? I have my own business and you can tell me all day long that the economy is getting better and what I have to tell you is pull your head out of the sand and pay attention because it isn’t getting better it’s getting worse. Democrats only blame others for their mistakes, just like my ex wife, it was a democrat congress that put us here not bush plus it was clinton who pushed the loan companies to give loans to those that couldn’t afford to pay it back so if you want to point fingers we can.

Oh David! Have you completely fallen for the revolutionist’s scare tactics? The law you speak of will NOT take away your guns and President Obama said the UN will never be used against the American people. Read the bill not what says.

obama also said he would lower the debt and lower unemployment, looks like maybe you fell for the same tactic, only difference is I know what the treaty says. He is a liar and a thief and if by some chance he does get in and the economy collapses and they took all our guns you will say I am sorry for not believing you, I will not say I told you so. NOT

Yes, please do educate yourselves on the truth regarding Ryan’s standpoint. Because using the current Obama administrations plan, doing nothing will allow this entire system to go broke within the next 10 to 12 years. Then what???

Please educate yourselves on the truth regarding Ryan’s standpoint – he is extreme right wing fiscally and is not for the middle class or for the vulnerable or those who have worked hard all their lives such as the elderly and deserve not to struggle for medical care, etc., unless you are part of the Republican machine or the 1%.

I completely agree with this group’s viewpoint.

Thanks for posting Matt.

Where is Mcarthy when you need him. Communism is accepted now days I guess.

The big problem is that this is also what obama believes and yet there are people out there that actually think he is good for our country and will try to vote him in again.

ProgressIowa.Org is a communist/socialist organization that is tied to 1000s of other like groups who are all part of the AGENDA21 campaign to take our freedom away.

Be aware folks this is a very subversive group with board members that are all interconnected with the goal of undermining the United States of America.

Agenda21 groups receives funding from George Soros.

Pay no mind to this article it is all propaganda!!

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