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Op-ed: Dear God, restore this community to normalcy (by Peter Children)

As each day passes and we pause at the end of the day to reflect…can we really say that the coming days will lead to liberation of a inept administration, seeped in inability to govern even a city of this size. During the time Eric Bookmeyer has assumed office in this city, it has been the closest to pure hell as you’ll ever get to the real thing. The only other comparison would be martial law.

Dear God I implore you to vote… an advocate for liberation, restore this community to normalcy, to the time when we respected those less fortunate, a time of greater compassion, a time when home owner rights were respected, a time when property owners voices were listened to. Put people at that council table with genuine compassion. What is sitting in those chairs currently is debris, toxic waste. I think current conditions in this city give validity to the saying; “There must be a heaven, because we are living in hell right now.”

The sheer audacity, the unmitigated gall of this council as they slammed the door on on an agency in our community that served the unfortunate for a half century. And they did it without compunction. I can still see John Lee with his orchestrated verbal shuddering, trying desperately to convince those who put their trust in him, to believe he was in a state of flux. He’d be better placed in a theater group…..because everyone knows he does exactly what his wife’ boss tells him to do. He’s a joke, and a bad one….not funny. Turncoat hasn’t a shred of creditably in his entire body….hopefully Jesus will whisper in his ear not to inflict more pain on this community, enough is enough….please stop. The rest of this gaggle of misfits isn’t worth my time to describe. When I stop and think just how few people voted, and the immense damage it wrought upon this town, it sickens me beyond belief. Look closely at this assemblage of hypocrites who tried to sell you a siding job….by blaming the closing of HR on austerity measures, then drop 70K moving desks around City Hall, and allocating in excess of $250,000.00 each year to the museum. Stop the Bullshit! I want to say this; everyone of those council persons is an embarrassment to this city. And the mayor…..he is nothing less than an abomination beyond anyone’s imagination…he is a curse. The recent word in the street is his resemblance to the former governor of California….and I’m not referring to his nonexistent physique. You figure it out, it shouldn’t be that hard. Do I have proof? What do you think, if I didn’t would I bring it up?

Please people vote; don’t let this infection spread further, this city and county are plagued with misfortune because of ineptness and self serving politicians. This can all be cured at the voting booth….Vote….but think first, study each person you consider, look into their history. If there is even a modicum of resemblance to what we currently have, then run out of the building…..and don’t stop.

Peter Children

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