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Supervisors approve budget, then take a 2.25% pay raise

Cerro Gordo COunty Supervisors on March 5th, 2013
Cerro Gordo County Supervisors on March 5th, 2013

MASON CITY – Cerro Gordo County Supervisors held their regular meeting Tuesday morning, followed by a public hearing on the 2013-2014 budget.

The board took public comments on the budget before unanimously approving it.  The board then unanimously approved a 2.25% raise for itself and elected county employees.  The item was on the regular meeting agenda, but the board skipped it intentionally and took up the matter following approval of the budget.

See meeting agenda here.

Watch entire meeting here:


Heather Mathre, Budget Manager
Heather Mathre, Budget Manager

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Just for fantasy sake, becuase it will never happen, picture this. When its raise time for the council, supervisors, mayor or any other elected offcial at a time during their meetings once a year the taxpayers are allowed to question them about what they accomplished that year. Question them on how their budget decision helped the company ie the county or city. Question them on their personal behaviour and how that affected the “business”. Then we the taxpayers can decide yes a 2 percent raise is in order or no you did nothing and will not be getting a raise this year. This is how it works for everyone who has a real job with a real employer in the real world.

What do you think the 5 mins. at the podium during the monthly council meeting is for? And if people would take the time to read the minutes of the meetings, the news reports on projects the council has approved or disapproved and be generaly into what’s happening, they’d know. NOTHING is withheld from the public. It would be illegal. NIT just wants you to believe every move the council makes is clandestine. His ego feeds on you believing him. I feel sorry for sheeple like you.

it would be nice to be able to give myself a raise every year even if I did not deserve it. The supervisors, and other government officials have always done it. Common sense says you get a raise when you succeed or actually accomplish something. A small business man like myself gets a raise when I do things right not by merly putting in the time. The supervisors and city council and the all of city government should get a raise if they actually get something done to better the lives of the people they serve, and not a penny more if they dont succeed. I say put all city government raises to a VOTE, we pay their salarys we the people should decide how good a job they have done and if they deserve a bonus. In fact we should have them all come in front of the taxpayers and state their cases….in the real world this is called a job review.

@common-sounds good. Lets do it.

@ Just Me: Urdahl won because of the $20,000 PLUS in his campaign account, described by Mr. Marquardt. Most of that money was donated and raised over the years by his benefactor, Gary Blodgett. Without that kind of money, people who could have defeated Jay would have lined up to run against him. Dr. Blodgett also paid to flood Dougherty’s district with anti-Chris Watts letters he signed to registered Republicans. Money makes the difference.

The people only have themselves to blame!! They were voted on not more than 5 months ago when they went to the polls they knew what they were getting! Me I didn’t vote for them but I one of the few that actually went out and voted. This is why they keep getting in so many of my peers say it doesn’t matter if I vote it will not change anything, will with that kind of attitude this is true. Sad but true.

Get ready folks. I think you are going to see a reduction in County Services this year because these clowns voted themselves a raise.

if you want to see the actual budget filed with state here it is. Look at very first line. It tells it all. In 2 years you have gone up 13%

I blame Gary Blodgett, Urdahl’s money man all the way. Old doc put him in and he keeps him in with all the money he give to Jay and Phil and Amenson, raises for them blood suckers.

Rumor on the street is that Bob Amossen is not going to run again AND Jay and Gary already have his replacement picked out.
When do you readers finally say enough is enough!

I heard the same thing, Beermeister. Word is that Blodgett wants Casey Callahan to run for Amosson’s seat next year. Callanan works with Gary’s good buddy Tel Pappajohn. Urdahl always goes along with whatever Doc tells him, and so do the other two.

HEY MATT: nice picture of Jay Urdahl. I was wondering…. has he ever blown you a kiss?. Looks like he keeps an eye out for you.

Okay! too the fatazz publice servants working so hard – cut the bullchit – You and Kim Jong are glad to get rid of the Dept. of HUMAN SERVICE – You know the one where the PRIVATE citizen can get a helping hand -you have YOUR dept. where you PUBLIC SERVANTS can go to get help for you various mistreatment. Did mercy than you yet _ opps Sorry I just read the 75k – alls well and you gigted your selves to another raise. Coprocephaly to you all.

Well we see mercy was grateful for getting rid of the Humane Service Dept. !

Humane service dept???

You know, where the puppy dogs and kitty cats are.

Yes this is truly pathetic. The money and benefits they already make and they want more. So typical of government these days.
And yet so sad that none of us are writing letters to the Editor of the local RAG or to NIT here.

Look at all the do nothing’s that we keep electing in the US Government. We harvest what we sew.

It’s “sow”.

@Bookie-it does no good to write to the GLOB. All it will do is get you retaliation by your elected officials. People need to get OUT and VOTE these jerks out of office. Put in term limits so they can’t get these positions of power.

Just remember, you had a chance last November to make a change and voters felt that the status quo was fine the way it was. You have NO one to blame but yourselves for this situation you now face!!

I guess I’m in the minority. I did get out and vote and NO I did not vote for Jay Urdahl!!!!!The supervisors basically work part time, and it appears that Urdahl sleeps through half his part time job and then gives himself a raise. Ridiculous! I think they should have done a re-count after the election just to make sure this idiot won fair and square.

Supervisors deserve more money.

Totally amazing!! Need to get about 15 minutes into this video people. The Supervisor’s just gave themselves another raise and only one person questioned them on it.
Disgusting seriously!!!!!!!!!

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