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Op-ed: Jean Marinos tells John Lee what to do (by Peter Children)

By now most everyone is very familiar with our city government, from the top to the bottom.  There really isn’t much more to say that isn’t already known.  The council is missing some important parts, like a spine and balls.  It is what it is and only an election can change it.

As a public body, taxpayers no less, you are all far down on the list of priorities; you and your wants and needs are behind things that haven’t even been thought of yet…that’s pretty far down.  The indifference of the council is appalling, the two guys , Kuhn & Lee you all touted and pinned your hopes on are a total bust.  Lee will furrow his brow, get a serious look on his face, maybe shift around in his chair, then do exactly what Jean Marinos told him to do.   Kuhn, well he’s got a long way to go before he becomes his own man.  So far the only thing noticeable about him is that he’s managed to stay sober and not cause trouble in the local watering holes.  The rest of that sorry excuse are far to pathetic to discuss.

Eric seems to be adrift at this juncture, no schemes conjured to disrupt city departments.  I’d like to see him actually button his shirt around his neck…I don’t think it can be done unless he buys bigger shirts.  No new developments coming from the Development Director.  That guy has to have a big set of balls to keep cashing those checks….good for him.

The Mercy went through the motions of being a good neighbor, but you know they are going to do just what they want to do….and those home owners can go whistle dixie. Property values around that generator will plummet.   Look at the many complaints filed with the city regarding Vi-Cor. Two plants one device bought to capture smell, the other location I hear really stinks. Property values will go in the toilet there as well.         If you’re a home owner or thinking about buying or building…be careful.  Them today…you tomorrow.

My own house is next to the railroad tracks and is valued at $45,000.00 for tax purposes. I know this because one of the Klan members in this town took the time to go to the courthouse to look it up. When the trains go by the whole house shakes, I have to hold onto the counters. It should be valued at $45.00.  But there is no payments on it.

Peter Children

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