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Clear Lake police make three arrests in connection with stolen truck; find loaded handgun

From Clear Lake Police Department –

CLEAR LAKE – Yesterday, August 22, 2012 Clear Lake police officers responded to a local Clear Lake motel on an anonymous tip that two men staying in a room at the motel had arrived in a truck stolen out of Missouri. When officers got to the motel they found a truck with Missouri plates. Contact was made with two men and two women from the Tulsa Oklahoma area that were staying at the motel. Initially all of the subjects denied any connection with the truck. Further investigation convinced officers that these four were the individuals that had driven the truck into the motel. Officers arrested the two men for ‘2nd degree Theft/Possession of Stolen Property’, a class D felony. A quick check of the truck revealed a loaded semi-automatic handgun in the cab.

30 year old Ramond Manley Thompson Jr. was also charged with ‘Possession of a Firearm by a Felon’ a class D felony. The second man, 26 year old Demarco Darnell Gardner was also charged with ‘Interference With Official Acts’ a simple misdemeanor for giving officers a false name when first questioned. Both men were taken to the Cerro Gordo County Jail where bail was set at $10,000 on Thompson and $5,000 on Gardner.

The two women accompanying the two men were brought to the Clear Lake Police Department where they gave statements. In the course of the investigation, Clear Lake officers contacted the Tulsa, Oklahoma Police Department and found that there was a warrant for the arrest of Gardner for ‘Failure to Appear’ on a previous charge of ‘Cultivating Marijuana’. He is being held without bond for extradition by Oklahoma officials. Clear Lake officers also learned from the Tulsa Police Department that there was an active warrant on one of the two women, identified as 21 year old Krista Marie Pendleton, for ‘Failure to Appear’ on a previous charge of ‘Grand Larceny’. The bond on that charge was $25,000. Tulsa officials indicated that they would extradite her also. Pendleton had left the police department before officers learned of the warrant. She was apprehended today, August 23, 2012 when she returned to the Clear Lake Police Department to retrieve some personal belongings from the truck. She was arrested and taken to the Cerro Gordo County Jail.

The other woman was determined not to have been involved in criminal activity and left the police department with her father after giving her statement.

Ramond Manley Thompson

Demarco Darnell Gardner

Krista Marie Pendleton


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“Does that include money paid out when MCPD loses harassment lawsuits?”

That is irrelevant. Such an expenditure is covered out of different funds or insurance, and not the general funding of the Police Department.

You brought this up for one reason, and one reason only, and whilst you are free to do so, your motives are at best, scurrilous.

Where in the HELL do these people come from?!?! Give them a ride to the border and push them off the bridge into the Mississippi!

We ain’t going to let them scum take over CL like they done MC, anybody pull that type shit in these here parts their getting shot yes.We will make them homeys feel about as wellcome as a fairy at a gun show.

Clear Lake is such a disgusting place. Snobs, sex offenders and trash all fit together to make a great pile of dung.

You forgot Ventura Vince. Yes.

They should have booked a room in Mason city, they could have pled the case down to J-walking or received a defered judgement!

MCPD would rather concentrate on the guy headed to work everyday, you know, the big cases, seat belts, parking tickets, equipment violations. Thats what keeps the city and their pentions a float. Nothing more than out there generating revenue

“MCPD would rather concentrate on the guy headed to work everyday, you know, the big cases, seat belts, parking tickets, equipment violations.”

I am sorry, but laws are laws. If you don’t like them, go petition Des Moines to have all those laws rescinded. Good luck with that. Oh that’s right, the seat belt law must be kept elsewise we loose a lot of Federal dollars.

“Thats what keeps the city and their pentions a float.” [sic]

You must be joking. The current cost to Mason City for 2013 will be $1.3 million. There is no way ticket writing will ever cover those costs.

Does that include money paid out when MCPD loses harassment lawsuits?

The city did not lose, its called a settlement that cost the city 1/100 of what a “loss” would have cost. You are an ignorant follower of the big blue compound if you actually fall for.that conspiracy crap.

I would like to thank the Clear Lake police force for keeping this trash out of our community. My son just moved back to the lake from Mason City with my grandson. Because of the drug dealers there. Clear Lake has to big of a investment to let people like that moving in here.

Wait a minute… I don’t quite understand all the criticism of the MCPD. Everyone needs to realize they can’t be everywhere at once. I think they’re doing a formidable job and they want the criminals off the streets as much as we do. The problem isn’t the MCPD. It’s the lawyers and judges who are putting the criminals back on the streets. I’ll bet you could ask any police officer in MC how they feel about lawyers and judges and you would get an ear full. Remember, THEY are getting the perpetrators OFF the streets. Do you think they want these people back on the streets to commit more crimes again? I don’t think so.

Damn North End!

A BIG HORAAY!!! To the clear lake police department for doing a great job. Unlike the mcpd they did their homework and got these so called thugs off the streets. Mcpd could take some lessons from them! I say put these low life creeps in prision where they belong and those who follow them will get the same. Ay least Clear lake is trying to clean up their town!

I am the one laughing at you LOL! It is standard process that officers of MC PD follow when on a call to find out who is who.

Clear Lake had this handed to them on a silver platter as far as cases go.

Perhaps if you took the time to understand what they do, and how they handle situations, you would not be so small-minded about our police. Call the Chief, ask for a ride-along and see what they do before you make such uninformed comments.

It must have been standard process for them to have the big black tank out and their so called swat team to go in and get ONE person from hiding in a house too! All that a few weeks ago down there by fareway! Come on, WE the taxpayers of mason city deserve better! So shut the front door!Personally I think they need better training especially when we are having the crime that you see in bigger cities! Maybe you need to get off the porch and check it out yourself:)And why are you knocking the clpd? Jealous? Like I said they did a great job!

I never criticized CLPD. What they did is exactly what most other police do in the course of their day. Answer calls for service.

As far as the incident near Fareway. If you like taking risks, more power to you. I do not expect our police officers to take unnecessary risks.

Dare I remind you that one person shot up the theater in Aurora, CO? Twelve dead, 58 injured!

Or the seven dead, and injured officers at the Temple in Oak Creek, WI. One shooter!

So if you have ESP or a magic crystal ball, fine. Otherwise, you have no idea what is behind those walls and neither do our police. And if a person is known to be violent, all the more reason to use caution.

But I know you would just barge in wearing a T-Shirt and shorts and haul him out by his ear. Our Police need you to train them how to do their job.

Looks like the CLPD is on the ball. Take a page from their book MCPD. Arrest made and weapon found! When was the last time that we could say that in Mason City?

YaaaHaHaHaHa- Yeah come to Mayberry and try some stupid shit you idiots.Clear Lake cops got nothin better to do than to find out who you are and what the hell you are up to.Let this be a warning to all you other losers that wanna come here and start some shit.Clear Lake Police don’t f*ck around,they will nail your stupid asses!!

So, are you for or against the CLPD? I did come to the conclusion all by myself that your lack of concern for the english language is astounding. I am very pleased with our “Mayberry” police force and their ability to find hidden criminals.

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