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Op-ed: No leadership in Mason City (by Peter Children)

Whatever it was meant to be, the Main Street crowd pissed in the Chili.  They have fail miserably to mediate an accord between those in charge of operating the Historic Park Inn Hotel and the merchants who operate business in the immediate area.

Has this something to do with ego’s? There are some very big ego’s inside that hotel, probably as big as they can get without their heads bursting.  The parking problem needs to be resolved……now.  Wait until the wind chill hits 30 below, then ask yourself if you want to park up around Central Park and walk to one of the stores South of the hotel. No you’re not going to do it.

You might park behind the Mall and walk past the former movie theater then go out the front door of the Mall then into one of those stores but that’s a real pain, that gets old quick. The owners of those buildings should be at the City Assessor’s  office bright and early to get their property evaluations reduced.  If you can’t park in front or in the back, why pay taxes?  The downtown looks shabby, like a guy who got dressed,  but didn’t comb his hair or shine his shoes..

A friend of mine called this morning and said there is no leadership in this city.  It doesn’t exist.  The giant multi purpose center is a good example.  Just now after months of public comment on this site, 98% of it negative, Trout comes out and says wait.  Bookmeyer had a stacked deck committee conducting the study that pointed in one direction…the direction he wanted. Don’t give me that crap about the council picking the panel, they picked who he wanted.  90% of that panel had self interest; Latham wanted to sell the land, Cram wanted to draw the plans, they all saw a way to make money.

All the while we have a failed Fairgrounds sitting inside the city limits that can’t pay their bills and is run solely to the advantage of the fair board.  The city should partner with the county and build from scratch a new building on the fair property that would fascinate the needs of the fair and the city as well. Shared cost, good location and mutual need are good ingredients to begin with.  I am not advocating this is something that needs to be done now; however when it is a better time to build, that is the most economical path to take.  Have Randy Cram design it, he’s the best.  Keep the Chamber out of it.

Elect a new board of supervisors; this one sat on their ass and watched that fair go down the toilet, not bright, been there too long.  If the new manager is honest and follows the rules, he’ll be short lived.

Peter Children



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Since there is no leadership in Mason City, who then is going to step to provide that leadership that is so needed? From what I can tell, there is no one in Mason City who can.

This is why you need to hire from outside Mason City and bring in professionals who have experience in running a successful community!! It’s obvious that no one in Mason City has a clue as to what is needed!!

I want to personally assure you that their is someone standing in the wings who is going to run for Mayor. I cannot revel his name but when he is elected our worries will be over. It will be similiar to reaching the promised land. It give meaning to the adage that “nothing lasts forever.

If you are referring to that clown Weaver, then for sure the city is doomed. Your only hope is to hire someone from outside Mason City who has a proven track record of running a successful community!

The Park Inn parking dilemma is easy to fix.
Build a 1000 car heated high-rise parking ramp in Central Park with sky walks to the Inn. For the contractor, hire the same extremely efficient contracting crew that did the downtown streets. Funding will be no problem. 20% of the 1st year revenue from the Park Inn will easily pay for the ramp. The other 80% of the Park Inn revenue can be used for property tax relief. Mason City will not only be a Blue Zone community, but also a Tax Free community as well. Don’t forget to add the strip joint to the top of the parking ramp. The whores can stay at the Park Inn.

Back in the day the whores used to stay there. It would be like old home week for them.

It sure didn’t take long for everyone to get off topic. Peter – I have to agree with you that we have little or no leadership in Mason City or even in the county. Unless you are part of the special interest group and are part of the social elite in the area you really have no voice. They will pretend to listen and then do whatever the hell they want. Excellent idea to combine city and county resources to build a events building at the fair grounds. It won’t happen because it makes sense and the ego’s won’t allow it. Besides, the county already owns the land so no one can make a profit from selling it.

anyone see bookmeyer walk the parade today? I was at beginning of route and he was already blue in the face. Good thing they had the firetruck behind him! I guess thats the reason we are a blue zone community!!!!!!!!!!!

Must be all those smokes he sneaks.

Unfortunately a caveat of the Vision Iowa money was providing “X” number of parking spaces for the Park Inn that were close.The spaces that were created were not there before and additional spaces were created by Penny’s. Not a perfect situation but not a end of the world problem. I think if people could park there at noon maybe that would work and be a compromise that might solve some of the issues.

Are you kidding me? Every one of the houses in that flooded area were TOLD not to build there years ago. They were warned fair and square that there would be a flood someday and not to expect help from the government.

Oh no, no one would listen, the greedy fools. They bought their cheap lots and build, the stupid city let them do it.

Here we are, living in the area of bailouts. Selfish greed is what it is.

FEMA, The Federal Government, The State Government, and our City Government should not have given a red cent to anyone living in that flooded area.

We are broke, the Federal Government borrows 40 cents out of every dollar they gave you idiots for your homes you built in the flood plain, and you are still bitching.

Some people would bitch if we hung them with a new rope!

Thanks for the update Matt. I have heard that the lady in charge of this process here at city hall is the one dragging her feet. At any rate way too much time has passed. It appears that one or more of the homes on Meadow Brook now have someone staying in them. I hope they can clear the area before anymore flooding occurs. Who knows, they may not have needed to extend the flood plain if the drainage were better and Chesea Creek were totally cleaned up.

Really! Do you mean the Historic Park Inn is packed with business? I recently spent a Saturday evening there and saw two people in the bar and two in the resturant, this was on a holiday weekend. I sincerely hope they are making a profit but if that were so they would be braging the fact. They seem to be keeping that issue under wraps. We all know who will foot the bill down the road if business is not good.
Here we are 4 years later and the string of buyout houses on Meadow Brook are still sitting there, full of mold and contaminates. Don’t they know if the houses and all the cement were removed more water could soak into the ground next time we receive too much rain and maybe the flooding wouldn’t be so bad? Why are they dragging there feet on this? The prioritys in this town continue to amaze me!

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