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Clark: Why I joined Fed ^ North Iowa

The public debate over the authenticity of a Facebook group called Fed ^ North Iowa has led one of the group leaders to offer her motivation for getting involved. The group admits that the past of some of the group leaders is not sparkling, but they claim to have good intentions.  You can read the public debate on the group here.

The group leaders seem undeterred by the criticism, and are moving forward with their plans to help diminish crime in North Iowa.

The following information is from Kellie Ann Clark, one of the four leaders of Fed ^ North Iowa :

I would like to share you with my own personal bio.
I grew up in Plymouth and I myself did not have a very good past. Mine is just not searchable online. I experienced 13 years of abuse and evil that others have nightmares about. As a young woman I got tired of reading and seeing about all these people with charges against them for assault and child endangerment. Of course many other things have wretched my heart.

What drives me to help with this group? Because what I have been through I will do whatever I can to protect my children from ever having to experience anything like that at all. Because I am tired of living in a community I am to nervous to let my kids play outside.

We are currently working with someone to pass a bill on bullying. This interests me highly. Growing up my school knew of my past and they tore me apart because of it. My whole childhood into my teen years I never had any friends and people tore me down and treated me horribly. So as an adult I stand firm against bullies and really cannot wait to find out the bill we are going to help pass.




This is the latest description of the group from its Facebook home:

Welcome to Fed^North Iowa!
There is a lot of controversy over what our group is and what we stand for. So to eliminate all confusion I am going to tell you who we are and what we are advocating for. We are just a group of people who are fed up with seeing crime rates as bad as they are, seeing people going without and in need with no solutions, and other problems people have nowhere to turn too. We are a beginning out on our own non-profit organization driven towards accomplishing a set of goals that we feel are important to our community. People want to know what some of our goals are. Let me start out by telling you we will be setting up a clothing drive, also a food drive to help hawkeye food bank, other projects include spending time cleaning up our city parks and parking lots. We are selling T-shirts to help already existing places like the women’s shelter and the youth center in Mason City. We have a lot of other ideas and are gladly taking any ideas from you the public! If you have any questions, concerns or you just have a suggestion please feel free to address one of us administrators, you can contact Deoshea Foster, Tara Mikkelsen, Kellie Clark and Kristy Winter. Thank you for your interest in our cause!

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Fed ^North Ia. A complete joke. Sherrifs probably somewhat real. Kelli…have more dumn asses go to your fb website to you can pinpoint shit more. One ? and it’s among all the ******** statements this group claims. What sort of “group”, “business”, “agency”, will this fantastic 4 provide to make jobs appear. In turn would like an answer with out all the side trak bullshit. 1 good answer. How do ya’ll see yourself to find jobs that agencys already in place haven’t been able to do?

these girls have been a joke from the begining. however if you wanna support drugie’s that’s your choice just like my freedom of speach is my choice to stop this scam. you don’t need a group to clean up our town all u need is a trash bag and don’t go giving these girls money or donations thats what well fare is for not us

First its Kellie and second I have no idea what you just said LOL

If “sheriff waffle” is real. Cerro Gordo county needs to send their ( not there) sheriff’s back to grammar school. LOL

I thought we established it was Deputy Pancakes.

Kellie, I am glad to see that you are taking into consideration some of the ideas that have been thrown at you. Although I am not a member of your group I am choosing to keep an eye on it and where you girls go with it and will then make up my mind. However I did happen to be in the mall today and saw Ms. Foster. I truly believe that she really is trying for this to work. As she does not know me nor am I associated with her or any of her friends. I have only seen her in the pictures posted. However as she sat at a table with a young man I could not help but overhear their discussions on things that they were trying to work on for our community. So keep your heads up, in time your actions will provide the proof needed and more people will support you.

if fed^ north iowa wasn’t a scam than why is the mason city police involved just wondering

How exactly were the police involved and do you really think selling t-shirts generates that much money. It cost more money to make them. Aside from selling t-shirts all the work we are doing is volunteer so exactly how do you think we are scamming anyone?

Kellie, Moore is referring to the joke of a post down below. A REAL SHERRIFF would not post a comment on here especially if they were honestly investigating someone. And if there was a Sherriff that was stupid enough to do that he would be jeopardizing there whole case. LOL~

If you’re so worried about bullies kelli. why is the criminal uncle still a friend on your fed up site?

I was not aware that the uncle was on the page. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

Deoshea Foster, Tara Mikkelsen, Kellie Clark and Kristy Winter. there all jokes in my book

Kellie your so full of yourself. You wrote this on the uncles post May 2nd:
Kellie Ann Clark Thank you so much for the love and support you have it drives us to keep on making our goals become reality! So we appreciate all the love and support we can get! 🙂

Keep talking I’m enjoying the entertainment!

I write that comment on everything and once I realized it was him I deleted him off the group. Honest mistake thanks for our input!

You didn’t delete him off he’s still a friend of the group, nice try. But today you did delete his post after you read my comment on here so nobody can go back and look. Here’s some advice: Stop lying, and supporting the criminals you see fit!

Full of it she deleted him and the post once she seen it was a mistake so stop getting your girly panties in a bunch there tiger. Calm yourself and get a life. ZOMG why even waste the time to get all defensive I mean how does this group effect you anyways? Obsessed much…. PSYCHO Get a life!

I also posted this exact same comment on the original story!

Here’s what upsets me about this whole stpid facebook page. Front page news on the Glob! Here’s a couple of girls, one of which is a Foster who has been in trouble numerous times and apparently just recently. The Glob praises them for a facebook page. C’mon. There’s some 8th grade students from Mason City and the area that are attending the Person to Person Ambassador Program and they didn’t make front page news. They got a little article in the celebrations section. These kids in this program are the ones who deserved to be praised. But instead people are praising a couple of deliquents. Ridiculous!

Sorry this upsets but were not just making a page we have great things coming up and we hope you will change your mind and help the cause.

I do most of the writing for the group because I love writing always wanted to be a journalist myself. So I must say this is a very well written article. Anyone who comments on here I want to say if you have questions or concerns please find me on facebook or in our group and message me. Thank you to all of you who support us, thanks for being patient as our group really begins to put everything together and to officially begin our first project. My biggest message to people on here its time to take a stand against crime. It is time to take our community back by standing up for what we believe in. I don’t know about you but I want to be able to let my children play outside again and feel safe about it. I want to be able to be outside after dark and not be scared to who I might run into. Anyways you want to know what we are currently working on come to our page and ask away we will gladly fill you in on anything you want to know. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this article!

Get a conceal carry permit, I have one and I feel a lot safer now.

My husband has one and just recently he taught me about guns and how to shoot. Next up is getting one myself. But thanks for the advice! 😉

Just want the public to know i received a letter today on my desk and we are currently looking into to this fed^ north iowa and there cause. We have also received photos and letter’s in hope to bring a case against these women, Thanks for all those who helped

There is no Sheriff Waffle in Iowa at least use a real officials name Mr. French Toast was it?

Sheriff waffle I want you to butter my bread 🙂

However, part of “taking a stand” is also taking a stand against the corrupt system which exploits these troubled people. When a few men are able to buy up hundreds of rental units, I’d say we’ve got a custodial situation on our hands. All this damn free money going to high volume landlords, when the subsistence money ought to be going to help the family or individual themselves. Anyone else tired of the pretense of having a “custodian”? The poor troubled people need to wake up and understand they are in fact being babysat. They need to get some damn pride and do what it takes to get out from under this little revolving door babysitting program the landlords, mental health and substance abuse workers, deputies, sheriff, policemen, prisons, magistrates, depts. of human services, child support etc have going on for themselves.

But here’s the deal people, as I’ve described in my writings. Until the policy is changed on the larger scale pertaining to land control, all of this is going to be a fight in the minds of those without and those with. A never ending battle.

There is no custodial issue, the reality is, they have money to purchase those lands legally, and you do not.

And the reality is, most of the land in the U.S. is owned by private entities (60% of it), not governments. So no free ride for you Peter. I hear they have land available in Sierra Leone. It ain’t too bad a place since their laws will allow you to build your own space alien ship, and grow all the dope you want.

Here Here. Very Commendable. I absolutely applaud this young woman for acknowledging the horror of what she went thru in her past and taking a stand against it. She is eligible to become a citizen in my new nation anytime she chooses. That’s what this is about y’all. TAKING A STAND against the nefarious forces that be…wherever they ARE.

I want to be part of your new nation. I want to be the queen that stands next to her king 🙂 How do I apply for that position? LOL

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