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Op-ed: Tornquist and Bookmeyer looking for revenge on landfill (by Peter Children)

Payback time.

In the council work session packet laying out the council’s agenda for tomorrow night it states that there will be a review of the City’s 28E agreement with the landfill.

Turncoat and his alter ego, the Mayor, are plotting like two junior high school kids to retaliate against the Landfill for the cold shoulder it gave to Bookmeyer and his heavily weighted representative whose’s vote counts as a third of the total.  Apparently the Landfill members did not swallow the same drug that was fed to the Mason City Council.  The Landfill members all seem to be quite lucid.

Turncoat lost his bearing at the first Landfill meeting he attended…he thought he was at the Mason City Room at the Library and had the council sitting around him.  If that had been the case he would have known the trance was still in effect.  Scott made a monumental mistake when he first sat down to address the members of that board; he thought the weight of his vote could carry him.  It didn’t, and his arrogance and projected superiority didn’t fly with that crowd.

Now this agreement is on the table for discussion before the council.  It is believed that the issue of the weighted vote will be front and center.  In the collection of communities we are the 800 pound gorilla because we are the largest contributor and therefore pay the most.  Won’t work; Turncoat saw what happened when the members voted down the boys from Colorado (or was it Wyoming?) who wanted to burn our waste.  Let’s make an assumption; let’s suppose Bookmeyer wants to punish this coalition by hauling our waste to somewhere else. Not only would it be financially disastrous it would be fool hardy because if that were to happen no resident of Mason City could bring trash to the North Iowa Landfill…they would be barred. No hazardous waste, nothing. How’s that grab you?  Do you like that?

When he failed to cripple the Human Rights Commission by trying to cut their budget, he ordered an audit of their operation, he denied Sandy Serventez a place on the commission, a seat she deserved, simply out of spite.  He’s not a guy to just move on.  He is his own worst enemy and he’ll take a shot at the landfill in anyway he can for voting down what he thought should have been a slam dunk.  I hope I am wrong but I don’t think I am.

The Fire Department and the garbage haulers better get ready, and the 60 K he is going to spend on moving his desk seems foolish for what I believe will be a one term mayor.  We’re all living inside a comic book here…

Peter Children

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