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Possible hotel and convention center project on horizon in Clear Lake

Scott Flory, City Administrator of Clear Lake

CLEAR LAKE – A possible hotel and convention center project is on the horizon in Clear Lake.

Clear Lake City Administrator confirmed that the City of Clear Lake is engaged in on-going negotiations involving a pre-development agreement and letter of Intent with a developer and facilitating additional negotiations that would enable the construction of an +80 plus room hotel; event/meeting/conference center; and restaurant.

Mr. Flory advises the the anticipated capital cost could be in excess of $10 million, but that is still being determined. Flory also commented that while he is optimistic a Development Agreement could come before the City Council soon, much additional due diligence remains to be done. He stated that this is the kind of project Clear Lake has had on its radar screen for a couple years, in particular following the success of the McKesson project, and that it has the potential to be catalystic for the community.

Mr. Flory told NIT that he could not confirm the “precise location” of the development.  Rumors have been swirling for some time that land just north of the new Kwik Trip truck stop, just west of 32nd Street and east of Interstate 35, is the location of a future big development.

The Clear Lake city council is expected to possibly take up the matter soon.

A talked about Clear Lake location for possible hotel and convention center project in discussions. Land between 32nd Street, I-35, and north of Highway 122.
A talked about Clear Lake location for possible hotel and convention center project in discussions. Land between 32nd Street, I-35, and north of Highway 122.



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Why would anyone invest in a hotel and convention center in Mason City when they are building one 10 miles away in Clear Lake where all the tourist are???

The flower Garden park apartment’s, the fire station, the whole area central park great shops great food great bars, the 4th of july celbratuon with a great carnivals a huge turn out for the parade, the car clubs annual rides around the lake and hot rod shows keep growing each year, the sailboat race. Bicycle races,vets gulf club with good tournament’s,walley classic, clear lake fishing is ranked in the top ten premier fishing lakes, kassian drug company,the industrial park is full of industry leading companies with more moving in. The High Schools remodel all of the schools for that matter, all of the streets and sidewalks done to perfection, the new lighting looks amazing, campgrounds and trails just to name a few of the successful projects Clear Lake has completed in same amount of time Mason City council dreams up lies about the mall project

Another major league wet-dream in motion!!!

And now you have the area where they want to build a hotel and slum house under flood water.

None of those locations have been under water

Well, rather than hire their administrator we got the guy from the worst town inIowa, Keokuk. What a Mayor and Council. Total lack of leadership.

Bet it gets done in a timely manner while mason city sucks harder and harder. One of the commenters said clear lake is dying on the vine, lol! You’re not sure how tourism works are you? How many people fish that lake or spend summers there in their lakeside mansions and spend that money all over that town. Become more progressive? I’ll agree they could take the surf away from those boring out of touch senior citizens that own it, maybe get some good bands back in the area like we used to when cdgbs was in the area. Nobody cares about that 50’s buddy holly sock hop shit anymore and not everyone is a fan of country music (especially the modern crap). But you probably meant progressive like another night club or something that turns into African American crime central, a place where the troopers and pd just park across the street and wait because they know trouble is already there, YA that’s not positive for any community at all. They may change the name to translucent at best lake, or green hole. Otherwise cl is league’s ahead of mason city. It’s got better everything. Less meth heads less crime and more to do for people like go outside. Mason is a sinkhole smells has high crime drug addicts all over nothing to do at all mason city has 40 church’s and 110 places to get basically nothing special to eat, short of the steakhouse. That is mason cities culture, nothing. We will be listening to our city council squabbling and losing money far after clear lake has finished their project and the two after the current one.

must be a fun hater, if nothing at the surf pleases you.

No, you got me. The same old tired bands over and again is truly amazing. I’m just a negative prick. You can’t deny that when cdgb’s was here the surf had a lot more bands that appealed to wider crowds than what they have booked in over a decade. Sorry your taste in music runs totally mainstream and you’re a thoughtless void that likes whatever pop culture tells you to. Guess I’m a little deeper than that. I don’t want to pretend Blake Shelton is good country music and I’m aware buddy holly is dated and a horse beaten well after its death. I miss when metal bands came to the surf, it was fun. I hope you enjoyed it 7 years ago when “bow-wow” was here. I’m sure you’re a fan of such a talented and inspirational artist….. I’m not a “hater” because I don’t enjoy cheap. Anyone uses the term is just a sad victim of the normalisation of urban youth culture. Try less Ebonics based criticism next time.

Would you care to tell me what in the surfs 2019 lineup other than the car show, isn’t lame? You’re gonna wanna pay for those COVER BANDS. oh don’t forget the other cover bands and some run of the mill radio pop country. No relevant or real bands. Just watered down country to entertain red necks that are gonna drink Busch light and scream woo all night and drive home hammered.

This race might be a close one. On one hand Mason City Council will spend ten times more money and will take times to long, but the Mason City Council has a ten year head start and the Mason City Event Center (AKA JCPENNEY’S) is still standing. The safe bet will be on Clear Lake City Council based off their past of success and the good community leaders in their council. Mason City Council have their heads so far up each other’s asses, they’ll think this race we speak of is about color of skin!

Past successes in Clear Lake? Name one?? That town is is dying on the vine too. All these sad North Iowa town’s have to learn to be more progressive if they ever want to turn around DECADES of population decline.

Can you be more specific? What progressive changes would you say are important to turning around decades of decline? Mason city has and will steadily lose citizens but they will be replaced by bad trashy people from Detroit and Chicago. Do you have numbers on clear lakes declining population? I don’t think you’re correct. People also leave because it’s boring and lacks opportunity. It has nothing do with conservative anything. It also gets -40 below then snaps to 102 with 300% humidity, we live in a harsh and shite climate here, anyone smart who can afford to leave usually does. Most people who stay do so because of family or they had a baby at 17 and are garbage people or they move here believing all the bullshit blue zone hype. No way to turn around population decline in mason city, in las you turn it into some “progressive socialist state” hand out 100% more section 8 vouchers and run off every single decent human being here.

There goes the Mason City project. It is dead on arrival.

Please explain? Two cities can’t have projects simultaneously? Never knew that was a rule…. is clear lakes money tied to mason cities money? Is g8 a one crackwhore type of guy? It’s not like there is only one developer and some law stating the city next door can’t improve itself until we are done doing our thing….. I’m just grabbing at straws and flailing here but it’s because your statement is so retarded it literally broke my brain.

You’re the one with the broken brain here! Are you that stupid you can’t realize that Mason City lacks any vision for the future. They just decided to build an ice arena which is behind the times and doomed to mediocrity at best.

Clear Lake’s leadership has an eye on the future and long term financial success will be their highest priority. That is not so in Mason City! Mason City’s mover’s and shakers are in for the upfront money, but you already know that. Because you are always on here cheerleading for the local mob you probably have your finger in the till also.

FYI: There is no comparison to what Clear Lake is doing to Mason City. Don’t know if Clear Lake’s project will come to fruition, but you can rest assured it will be well thought out and enjoy long term success.

You are the libitard here!!!

How is the multi purpose arena ‘behind the times’??? If you ask me, it’s great Mason City leaders recognized an opportunity to build this amenity by leveraging state incentives and TIF dollars.

I sure don’t see this ‘vision for success’ you speak of in Clear Lake. The friggin town subsidized the demolition of a historic downtown building to construct a parking lot for the VFW. So they demolished a property tax paying property and turned it into a non-property tax paying parking lot to serve another non-tax paying entity which competes directly with tax paying entities.

Let’s ‘rap’ about the highway 18 corridor in Clear Lake. It looks gosh darned awful. Metal pole barns, dilapidated buildings and empty store fronts everywhere. Plus the town is reeling form decades of De-population just like any other north Iowa town. What exactly is their ‘vision for success”???

And the race is on!

Kiss Mason City’s ass good bye!!

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