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Op-ed: Collusion on the city council (by Peter Children)

Over lunch today the subject of the city council was brought up. I was informed that Turncoat, Solberg and Hickey were all in re-election mode.  Their focus now is to get re-elected and they are on their best behavior.  What do you think? You think that’s true?  Those three would have to be brain dead not to read this site everyday; everybody at that council  table reads this site probably more than once a day, everyday.  That includes the mayor and city administrator and the girl who calls the roll call.

In 2011 those three voted in unison 93% of the time.  Does that sound like collusion?  Is the pope catholic? Now it is 100% worse; the entire six seats are in lock down ready to drink the Kool-Aid whenever Bookmeyer tells them to lift their glasses.  Word has it that Jean Marinos asked Bookmeyer to run for mayor, Bookmeyer then asked Marinos to run for the third ward council seat; John Lee’s wife works for Marinos.

I write opinions, mine, and mine alone. This is my opinion; the election of those three afore mentioned were colossal mistakes, I can’t imagine what took place, its inconceivable that those people are sitting in those chairs…shocking. Turncoat is at large the other two represent the Fourth Ward, where I live and the Second ward. Are the people living in those wards brain dead?

Everybody knows Marinos will pull out in the near future; Bookmeyer will appoint another lackey to match the ones already sitting there.  The only real defense against this sort of thing is in the voting booth and when push comes to shove, no one votes.  That is the single most factor people like Bookmeyer count on.  Can you imagine this, we have a mayor and a severely comprised Administrator who really don’t want the public to know everything….and if it were up to the Globe Gazette you would never know, and they are hoping come election day you’ll stay home or go drink beer in some rat hole.

What are we talking about here; a town of 28,000 that is being run by a mayor who cares little about the residents, get blasted in the bars, Turncoat who lives under the misconception that he is better than those who put him in that seat. Solberg who thinks the meetings get in the way of exchanging votes for city business with the mayor, I mean this woman is in the insurance business and this mayor is going to insure she gets as much as possible for her constant compliance.  Bet on it.

If per chance the garbage workers were all thrown out, 11 families I am told, and a private contractor were to be brought in, it would be very interesting to see if Solberg wrote the insurance for the private contractor….or the policy went through the office she works in.  Hickey?  Well anyone who is impressed with our mayor has got to be suspect.  I can’t figure out how he got there, must have been unopposed.

The public in this community should know that no matter which ward you live in, you have no friend at that current council table that will pick you over whichever policy the current administration desires.

Then there is the County Supervisors; more of the same but in many ways worse if you can believe it.  Stay tuned.  Now get the knives out…I’m ready….but when you do, tell which part isn’t true……..

Peter Children



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