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Op-ed: Globe’s cheap shots continue (by Peter Children)

Once again the powered sugar is heavily sprinkled on the mayor’s state of the city double talk.  At what point will the Globe realize that cat is out of the bag….we heard all this crap a year ago.  At several junctures in this confectioner’s prose there was more than one clouded reference to the previous council…more pointedly to Nelson, Marsters and Weaver.

It won’t take long before the chickens come home to roost and the citizens of this city realize just what they lost when those three left that table.  Those three were dedicated guardians of the city’s treasure, they worried and watched over every dollar of taxpayer money…you can kiss that goodbye.

The Globe contends they don’t want to see a “rubber stamp” council; are they referring to Turncoat, Hickey and Solberg who consistently vote for whatever Mr. 12-pack wanted without fail?  This new council will now take turns on who gets to vote NO on each issue, they  feel that way they are fooling you.  Actually four votes will carry an issue through, so careful choreographing will be needed before each meeting to throw you dummies off track.  God help us all from Mr. 12-pack and his stacked deck.

They mention a more “unified” positive front; that’s code for the other three are finally gone.  The editorial says this community didn’t “always look inviting” which is a veiled reference to MNW; they say the government wasn’t always “hitting on all cylinders” more veiled references to MNW.  This is truly a pathetic….cheap shot at three men who worked tirelessly for the best interests of this community collectively for 38 years.  Shame on the Globe-Gazette!  Turncoat is quoted; what possible difference could it make what this proven blatant liar has to say? He was caught on tape lying to this city….this guy who brings Jesus to the table with him.  It is my opinion that his presence at that table is a “cross to bear” for this city.  The board at the North Iowa Landfill will soon find that out first hand.  Turncoat has one messiah and that’s Mr. 12-pack.

The budget hearing is coming up; watch out….the axe will fall on city departments under the guise of saving money while at the same time Mr. 12-pack will want to “spend” some $100,000.00 to remodel areas of city hall more to “his” liking. If it was good enough for all those who preceded him, why I ask isn’t it good enough for this guy?  To save tens of thousands of dollars it would be cheaper to move his desk to the tavern nearest to  City Hall. Don’t worry, this council will approve it….bet on it!  Somebody should remind him that he doesn’t sit in the Oval Office.

At the same time the Globe missed the last landfill meeting altogether…which I remind you was solely focused on CES, Skipper walked out of the County Supervisor’s budget hearing and they were also absent at the last school board meeting.  They must adhere to the adage that an uninformed public is more manageable  public. The Globe needs to realize they are no longer “king makers,” they lost that status long ago so stop with the cheap shots… only proves what you really are.

Peter J. Children

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