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How to Plan and Organize the Best Community Event Ever

If you’re part of a community (and, of course, we all are), you want to ensure that your community spirit is alive and well – and you’d like to encourage others in the community to feel the same! One thing you can do to foster a greater camaraderie in your community is to have a community event interesting enough to draw crowds. You can plan many different events for your community – from festivals to fairs to bazaars and everything in between. But they all have one thing in common: you must know how to plan and organize them. So how do you do it (and do it right)? Here’s how to plan and organize the best community event ever. 

1. Create the best team 

The first on the agenda – and it will pave the way for your entire event – is to form a team. But it can’t just be a team of people – it has to be the best team of individuals who are blessed with particular talents and skills you can use. Make sure you don’t have ‘too many cooks spoiling the broth,’ either. You have to have a balance of people with enough energy and skills, but don’t get too many, or it might be too confusing. 

You can start with a handful of individuals who will each play a role – for instance, someone to be in charge of marketing, someone in charge of logistics, activities, entertainment, and so on. 

2. Determine your theme and objectives 

The next step would be determining your community event’s theme, objectives, and goals. For instance, one goal could be to raise funds for a charity or cause; another could be to showcase talented individuals, etc. 

It would also be wise to come up with a special or unique theme – especially when you are just starting to plan your event because it will guide your decisions. For example, you could go for a fairground or carnival theme so that you could hire some attractions and rides from When you do this, you can decide on other things based on your theme – such as the food and drinks, the entertainment, the activities, the prizes, and more. 

3. Look for the ideal venue and secure permits and licenses 

The third step is to look for the ideal venue. Perhaps you are eyeing a local park or field – then you’d have to get permission from the council in your local area. Do this in advance because councils are often busy, and your council would need plenty of time to consider. If you choose a private property to host your community event, you need permission from the property owner. Keep in mind that private venues will also cost more. 

In addition to securing the ideal venue, you also need to secure various permits and licenses. There are some forms of entertainment that would require a license/permit, so make sure of this before anything else. 

4. Decide on the food and drinks 

You also have to decide where the food and drinks will come from. It’s always best to keep it as simple as possible – serve street food or finger food. Better yet, you can opt for carnival food such as popcorn, hotdogs, pizza, burgers, ice cream, candy floss, and so on. Know that if you serve alcohol, you will need a license. Good luck!

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