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Why It’s Important To Have A Capable, Well-Trained HR Team

If you are the proud owner of a company, large or small, you will need to have a competent and able human resources (HR) team to keep worker-employee relations running smoothly. HR representatives have a broad role in any business that incorporates recruitment and onboarding of new staff, performance management and training of current staff, the shaping and maintaining of company culture and values, and compliance with employment laws and health and safety regulations.

Today, we will have a brief look at each of these areas and delve into why it is so important to have a well-trained and capable HR team in your company.

What Does The Human Resources Team Do?

The human resources team is responsible for all issues that are related to the workers in a company or organization. As stated at, HR is about creating and maintaining a positive working relationship between employers and employees. The human resources team can offer an employer guidance and support in people management, as well as issues of employment law and health and safety.

As your business grows and develops, you might find that there is less and less time to get involved with day-to-day people management and recruitment. This is a common issue with businesses that start small and grow to a point where the focus on people gets lost.

However, overlooking the needs and daily experiences of your workers can cost you in several ways. Firstly, a lack of personal attention will affect employee satisfaction, and on top of that, it will shape the culture of the office into an impersonal and detached space. This will have a knock-on effect on long-term success.

Let’s break down in more detail the role of a human resources representative in a company, big or small.

Recruitment and Onboarding

The recruitment process is vital to the success of your company. Hiring too many or too few people can be costly, and hiring the wrong candidate can be disastrous. Having a team trained in this process and able to devote weeks or months to this task will ensure that it is done well. Remember, your company is its employees, so who you choose to represent you is everything.

The process of onboarding new employees entails the whole journey from hiring, to welcoming, orienting, and engaging a new recruit, Moreover, onboarding extends into helping the new staff member to adapt to the organization’s culture and values.

Having a solid onboarding process can help you to retain loyal staff and prevent miscommunication and alienation of new employees.

Performance Management and (Re)Training

Performance management is the ongoing process of communication between an HR representative and an employee that occurs throughout the year. This continued communication is supposed to help the organization meet its strategic goals while also pinpointing areas where staff can improve and develop their skills to better suit the company and rise to their own potential.

Training and retraining occur when a gap is spotted in the staff’s capabilities and knowledge. This commitment to constant improvement and development will lead to more employee retention, a culture of coming together and striving for greatness, and increased productivity.

Never fall into the trap of thinking that continuous education and development are too costly an endeavor. Investing in your employees is the best way to ensure you have a solid workforce that wants to turn up every day and give it their all. In fact, even the CEO of a company has to be willing to learn, admit mistakes and grow as a person. This is a key to success as a business owner.

Shaping and Maintaining Company Values

The values held and attitudes promoted within a company are known as the company’s culture. The culture of a workplace is reflected in the behaviors of a company and its employees. It manifests itself in the way a business’ staff interact with one another, the ideals they hold, and the decisions they make. 

If you have a strong idea of what your company culture should look like, ensure you live up to it every day and that it informs your business decisions. A company’s culture can be expressly and deliberately cultivated if you have a clear mission statement and direction. It can also simply grow from the accumulation of decisions and events over time.

With a strong and established company culture, employees understand what is expected of them, and then they can behave, work and make decisions accordingly. Your HR team will help you to define and maintain the company culture you want to create.

Legal and Safety Compliance

HR representatives will have to have a good understanding and familiarity with employment laws as it is their job to ensure the company complies with laws and regulations. This is vital as not only is your company’s reputation on the line, but an unfair claim made by an employee can be a costly issue. Unhappy workers are always best avoided, so use your HR team to stay on top of legal requirements for your employees.

Finally, your HR team will also be responsible for compliance and respect for health and safety regulations and practices. This role involves actively preventing accidents and injuries and trying to avoid any personal injury claims from workers or visitors to your place of work. This will reduce expensive legal and medical bills and maintain your company’s positive reputation.

This has been a brief guide to understanding the role of human resources (HR) within a company, big or small. It is so important that a business has a solid and well-trained HR team for several reasons. First, they are in charge of the recruitment and onboarding of staff to your business. You want a workforce made up of loyal, eager, and ethical workers who feel a sense of duty and devotion to the company.

Moreover, HR also handles performance management and retraining when holes are spotted in staff capabilities and knowledge. Your company culture is also shaped and maintained by HR, and finally, the HR team ensures compliance with employment laws and health and safety. If all of this is done well, your company stands a great chance for success.

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