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Todd Blodgett Opinion: Blue-Collar workers suffer; Biden dishes Dollar$ to decadent Deadbeats

Upon signing legislation which passed by 51-50, after Vice President Harris weighed in, President Biden authorized hiring 80,000+ new IRS agents.  He then unilaterally erased $470 BILLION+ of student loan debt, owed by an estimated 39 million borrowers.  Beneficiaries will include college professors, bankers, surgeons and lawyers, who out-earn scores of millions of plumbers, electricians, construction workers, welders, UPS drivers and nurses.  Another 125 million+ US citizens who either had no student loans or repaid them, or didn’t attend college, will get zilch.  Some such recipients actually hold Ph.D’s in ‘Civilization Studies’, ‘History of Shintoism’, and ‘East African Dance Techniques’.  Others studied the concerns of horizontally-challenged Lesbians.  Some work as $15/hour baristas, who practice yoga while listening to NPR.  Biden and his comrades repeatedly promised that taxpayers who earn under $400,000 annually won’t be audited under their ill-advised legislation.  So, when Republican lawmakers submitted an amendment to reflect that commitment, the Democrats deep-sixed it.  Loan forgiveness means that  creditors decline to collect a debt.  However, taking money by force to repay another’s obligations is NOT “forgiveness” – it’s theft.  Biden’s calculated wording masks the reality that such shifted debt hasn’t vanished and it won’t.  So, what about someone who starts a landscaping or lawn-mowing business?  

They buy trucks, lawn mowers, edgers and other equipment and hire employees.  Typically, they earn well under $125,00 annually.  So, will THEY get a check for ten, or twenty Grand?  Meanwhile, Biden has allowed nearly 2.5 MILLION illegal aliens into America.  Most are impoverished, many are illiterate, and some are infected with Covid-19, AIDS, Monkeypox and other maladies.  Drywall installers, agricultural  employees, painters and other workers, LOSE jobs to illegals, who earn as little as $5 an hour – which, often, is paid off the books.  President Biden is derelict in his sworn obligation to enforce our laws to and to preserve, protect and defend the US Constitution.  WHY?  Numerous respected economists claim his ill-advised actions will accelerate inflation, which is now at its highest level since the Carter presidency.  Inflation is caused by too many dollars chasing too few goods, and it’s been worsened by the supply-chain problems which resulted from the lengthy, unwise Covid-19 shutdowns.  But do these arrogant, nation-wrecking Leftists even care?  The US Supreme Court has already slapped down some of this treasonous administration’s attempted over-reach, and it may rule that Biden lacks the authority to dole out tax dollars at his whim, to his favored constituents – i.e., lazy, over-educated, entitled deadbeats. 

Another point to consider is: Shouldn’t these hand-outs be treated as income, on which taxes are due?  Millions of Americans will receive up to $20,000 in one swoop.  But under IRS rules, no citizen can receive over $16,000 annually, tax-free, unless their benefactor designates such as part of their lifetime gifting exclusion (exemption) of $12.06 Million.  The lucky beneficiaries of these windfalls should, at the very least, be required to pay tax on them.  But considering the left-wing mindset of Joe Biden and most Congressional Democrats, they’ll probably feel otherwise.  

Let’s hope that the US Supreme Court nullifies this entire boondoggle, upon recognizing that it’s a highly  cynical, illicit ploy to buy votes with Other People’s Money.  Like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, Biden is a lawyer and career politician, who has never met payrolls or created jobs.  He’s clueless about the job-creating private sector and shows no inclination to learn. features T Shirts which reference Biden as a ‘Parasite’ – the definition of which is “an organism which lives in or on the organism of its host, and benefits by deriving sustenance at the other’s expense”.  The truth can be scary.  The Obama-Biden administration warned that they’d “fundamentally change America” – and did, for the worse.  That reckless, anti-American regime unwisely federalized student lending by zeroing banks (which had for decades offered government-backed student loans) out of the equation.  Under Obama-Biden, government began making direct loans, which caused student debt to explode, from $639 Billion in 2010 to $1.4 Trillion in 2017.  Biden and Obama promised their half-baked scheme would save money, but this predictable travesty directly led to the current fiasco.  With President Biden’s conniving cabal of cocky, culture-destroying, putrid progressives undermining the US Economy and now belittling our long-cherished, fundamental values, their reprehensible ineptitude makes chumps out of productive, honest, responsible and prudent Americans.

Todd Blodgett served on the White House staff during the Reagan-Bush presidencies and later worked for the the FBI.  He lives in Clear Lake, Iowa and in Texas, and can be reached at: www.ToddBlodgett.US.

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Fantasy edition:
“Todd Blodgett served on the White House staff during the Reagan-Bush presidencies and later worked for the FBI.”
Reality edition:
Blodgett was a very low-level lackey & minion in the very corrupt Reagan administration and only was there because of his Daddy’s influence. He never earned anything on his own merits, as he has none. Blodgett is far from an honorable man.
He was a paid stool pidgin & snitch for the FBI.

Thanks, Hunter

You really should remove your lips from Trump’s cowardly & lying ass before you deflect.

Joe – I’ve never claimed to have been a major player in politics, or anywhere else. I’ve also never denied that my family’s contacts made it possible for me to work for Presidents Reagan and Bush.

But insofar as your claim that I’ve “never earned anything” on my “own merits”, I can assure you that my family’s connections – or, as you term it, their so-called “influence” – had absolutely nothing to do with the FBI recruiting me, to work, full-time, for the bureau and for the JTTF.

Your claim that I don’t “live in the real world” is patently false. I’ve seen some pretty gritty aspects of this old world – having been locked up in multiple jails, and resided in four or five residential re-hab facilities, to try to overcome my former drug habit. My past jobs have included working as a janitor, a farm hand, and as a server at a north Iowa restaurant. Is such work not of “the real world”?

I’ve also worked, on a volunteer basis, with drug addicts who are trying to get – and, stay – clean. How is doing THAT not living in the real world?

I’ve also travelled fairly extensively, to 20+ counties, including China, and in Europe, and the Caribbean. How is visiting different nations, and parts of this world, not living in “the real world”?

In my view, the opinions expressed in my columns, including this one, are totally credible. How about trying to refute the points made therein, instead of engaging in personal attacks? I’d be glad to debate you on the merits of any argument(s) you might choose to put forth.

Have a good day, Joe.

One cannot refute opinions.

Once again, Todd Blodgett is blowing smoke out of his nether regions.
The sad thing is that Todd isn’t even a has been, he’s a never was.
Blodgett’s commentary has no credibility.
A. He does not live in the real world and never has.
B. He assumes that he has credibility because of his position.
C. Blodgett likes to use the tactic of “fake it till you make it”.
D. He is however an accomplished gaslighter, spin-master, and fairytale-like storyteller.
….the list goes on and on.
Simply put, Todd Blodgett is an aging blowhard with a checkered past and no redeemable qualities.

It is an economic policy. No different than farm subsidies, tax reductions for taxpayers making $500,000 plus, and the forgiven payroll protection loans. A plan to prime the pump at the bottom this time. It may work, it may not work.

I do find it amusing that it is assumed “rich doctors and lawyers” will benefit when there is a $125,000 threshold to qualify. Most “rich doctors” that I know make considerably north of that. And, in fact, we already are paying off student loans for doctors as student loan repayment is one of Mercy’s recruiting tools.

Is that why they are non-profit?

Non profit doesn’t mean they don’t make money. Someone has to pay salaries and costs associated with running a health care facility..

and student loans apparently

On reply to ‘Doc’ – Please stop attributing to me that which I didn’t write, and which does not represent my views. I never wrote, “rich doctors and lawyers” … YOU used such terms, not I.
Clearly, no doctor who makes $125K/annum, or pays $125K per year in federal and state income taxes, is anywhere near “rich”. But plenty of beginning M.Ds, and D.Os, and attorneys and bankers, DO earn less than $125,000 per year, and they’ll illicitly benefit from this ill-advised give-away.

Biden lacks the authority to pull this shenanigan, and he should, and will, pay an awful price for this anti-American chicanery. And to many US citizens who are net taxpayers, no price will be too high.

“The early Penn Wharton modeling of Mr. Biden’s plan, with more generous benefits to borrowers from low-income backgrounds and income limits on who gets debt relief, has found that nearly three-quarters of the benefits of the plan will go to low-income and middle-class earners, with almost none to those at the very top.”
That kind of shoots down your scare tactics that lawyers, doctors and other high income people are getting a bailout. How did you feel when trump bailed out the farmers during his tariff wars?
You continually try to incite hate against the Democrats in this country. You use incendiary words and exaggerate their missteps. What would you do for all these people (43 million to be exact) who comprise over 10% of the US population? If your past articles are any indication, I am sure that execution won’t be something you avoid.

Here we are again. Head Commie trying to justfy something that can not be justified.

Here we are again, No One spouting nonsense. Try using facts and reasoning to refute something you disagree with. Your opinion isn’t worth my time.

You like Joey’s facts?

When will you (and Biden, and Pelosi, and Kamala Harris) start to think like an American?

Your idea of an American is much different than mine. I will never be your kind of American.



Yes, thankfully – for Biden, Obama, AOC and Pelosi.

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