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Covid measures to keep customers safe

This news story was published on November 24, 2020.
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In some areas of the world, lockdown restrictions have significantly eased. This has allowed a range of businesses to begin operating, almost as normal. However, in compliance with pandemic and governmental guidelines, these businesses all have to ensure they have secure measures in place to keep their patrons safe should they arrive. Read on to find out all about how to keep clients safe in the business place.

One size does not fit all

One of the first things to remember about keeping clients safe in your business is that there is no magical solution that fits everyone. What works for one company does not work for another. For instance, operating a restaurant will need different security in place when compared to a drainage company. Customers searching for drain cleaning near me will not need the same safety protocols in place as there are different risks.

  • Adapt the requirements to suit your business
  • Ensure that workers are also safe

Keeping apart

There are, however, some basic things that will be the same for all businesses and their customers. As a starting point, it’s recommended that all people stay at least 1 meter apart from each other. This is advised as it means it is harder for the virus to travel between people and, as such, can prevent infection from people who may be asymptomatic and possible superspreaders without knowing.

  1. Stay apart
  2. Place arrows or spots on the floor to help clients
  3. Use clear signage

Keep the numbers low

Businesses can also start to reduce the likelihood of an infection by reducing the number of people allowed inside at any one time. Shops such as supermarkets or clothes stores can simply have a maximum number inside and operate on a one in one out policy, much as clubs used to do when they were permitted to open. Pubs, bars, and restaurants can also do the same thing.

For these latter businesses, there are also additional options. Keeping people apart and with minimal numbers of people inside can reduce the amount of business they can receive. In light of this, these businesses are able to operate outdoor areas with many pubs allowed to serve alcohol outside, ensuring a better flow of customers as well as reducing the chance of the virus transmitting between clients and workers.

Should you wear a face mask?

All workers in indoor areas are generally required to wear a mask. This is particularly true when it comes to hospitality and waiters. As a customer, it’s normal to wear the mask until food or drink arrives. In clothing or food stores, though, keep the mask on.

Are the shields at pay points helpful?

Yes. Many stores will now implement large plastic shields at pay points as this is the place you are most likely to end up in close proximity to someone else. By having these plastic shields, similar to banks, the likelihood of transmission is reduced.

What money should you accept?

Many businesses have switched to cashless payment in an effort to reduce the amount of contact they have with clients. Many will now have prepaid options or cashless payments. Cashless payment options have also had a rise in how much can be paid without a PIN.

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