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How to Make Your Home Smart and More Energy Efficient

Living in the modern era lets us make changes that will impact both our home and the environment around us. Smart technology is all around us, it makes our living much easier, and it also makes living efficiently so much easier. So, you may ask why people don’t choose to live “greener“ life now that everything is so accessible and we can turn our lives so quickly.

You may wonder what you can do today with all those amazing apps out there. You can control solar shades, set routine for your thermostat, control your doors, monitor your home’s energy usage, and do many other things, while you are away. You can choose between different stages of automatization of your house, which depends on your desire and wallet – how “smart“ would you love your home to be? 

A more energy-efficient home means you are using less energy for the same job. On the other hand, you are also saving your money and reducing your home’s energy waste. Sounds great, isn’t it?!  But before seeing the results, first you need to start being aware of where you waste your energy the most, how it is used, and how it can become more efficient in everyday usage. It requires to take the services of Mass Save energy assessment specialists.

There are so many things you can install or change inside your home that will make it smarter and more energy-efficient. We will give you the list some of the best things you should invest in, if you consider making your home „green“.

1. Turn off unnecessary water

As simple as that! Do not run water all the time while you are shaving or brushing your teeth. Run the water just when you need it. Some studies say that homeowners can save around $200 per year with just this little improvement. Showering is also using less water than taking a bath. Never run half-loads of laundry. Think wisely – if you run full-loads of laundry, all your clothes get washed at the same time, so you save your time and money as well.

2. Change all your light bulbs to LED

This improvement of your home does not take a lot of money and time. Replacing all light bulbs around your home will decrease your bills. Plus, those LED bulbs last longer, so you won’t have to change them as often as those regular ones. LED bulbs last 10 times longer and use less than two-thirds of the energy required by regular bulbs – more than enough reasons for you to make this change today! 

3. Get a window air conditioner

Buying and installing a window air conditioner is not expensive at all. There are some cons of having them, like the thing they only air condition the room they are in, so you need to have them installed in all rooms around your home for better results. If you plan to cool several different areas, or you have a big room, they are not a great solution for you. But on the other hand, they do not use a lot of energy, so you will be saving money. Those window air conditioners use less than 1/3 of the amount of energy the central unit would use for the same amount of time. 

4. Buy a tankless water heater

The water heater uses the most energy in your home. If you want to reduce your bills and save more energy, consider buying a tankless water heater. Those last longer and are significantly more energy-efficient. By reusing exhausting gas they are heating the water in your home more quickly.

5. Improve insulation around your home

Improve your insulation and you will significantly reduce your bills. Start with the attic and then go to the rafters and to the floor. The material needed for insulation is not expensive. It depends on the area you will apply it, but the cost is not high at all. With good material and  job properly finished, you can potentially save up to 50% of your heating bill. 

6. Air seal your home

Seal all air leaks around your home. Take a look at all windows and try to find leaks. If your windows are drafty, add weather-stripping around its frames. This is an easy job, anyone can do it. It is also a cheap thing to do. So with a little money and time spent, you will make additional step in making your home more energy-efficient. 

7. Replace old windows

Good, new windows are great for all seasons. While it is hot outside, they trap the cool air inside your home, and when it is cold outside, they keep the air temperature warm. This project is quite expensive because you need to spend more money than usual when you try to improve something around your house. But new windows give you long-term energy savings for many years. With replacing all windows in your home, you can save up to 50% on your energy bills.

8. Replace all appliances

If you consider buying new appliances around your home, consider buying those that are with a high star rating. A good rating means you will choose the best of the best. For example, good washing machine, with front-loading dries clothes better and uses less water. If you don’t have enough money to replace all appliances, get some tips about improving the ones you already have. For example, turn off the refrigerator at least once per year and clean the cooling coil of dust and debris – it will significantly improve its performance.

Those are just a few tips to do if you consider making your home more energy-efficient and smarter. Take advantage of technology because it makes life easier and it can help you make your home look so modern and to use less energy than usual. If everyone thinks the same way, the environment would be less polluted and we all know global warming is something everyone needs to be aware of. Because no one wins when your heated air escapes your home, it just wafts into our beautiful nature – also, more energy is unnecessary spent and more fuel is used. Your bills become higher and the environment becomes more polluted. Use this simple tricks to help yourself, your home and our planet!

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