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Discover How Technology Can Be The Elderly’s Best Friend

For most of you -the younger generation tech is easy because you have grown up with it you are familiarised with the technology. 

However, the same doesn’t go for your parents and grandparents as they have not grown up with modern technology. 

Technology has come a long way in the last two decades. Now it is easier than ever to use advanced tech to shop, to work, to learn.

And now what’s even better is the internet and technology can help older adults improve their lives today, which was unavailable to them earlier. 

This blog post will go over some examples of technology that we think are extremely helpful in assisting older adults.  

Let’s get started

Before we start, you might have a question if people are even using such technologies?

According to statistics, internet usage has risen since, in 2000, 14 percent of those 65 and older used the internet; now, 73 percent do.

This indicates that the elderly are catching on to the use of technology.

They are no longer as hesitant, and they appear to be willing to change with the times.

The Internet

Yes, for some, the internet can be a daunting place, but for the rest, it can be a treasure trove of knowledge and a place to have a little fun. 

We all have parents who post cheesy and funny photos on Facebook profiles. They and their friends have a good laugh about it.  

Since using platforms like Facebook is so easy, the elderly can connect with their friends and family. They can video call them, share photographs, even play games. 

You have to remember that the more they engage, the more the brain functions, which means a lesser chance of Alzheimer’s. 

Mobile Phones

The elderly do not require all the bells and whistles of a fancy phone; rather, they only require a phone.

Because we are transitioning away from the use of traditional landline phones as a society.

There are numerous phones available, ranging from smartphones to phones designed specifically for the elderly. The phone for the elderly has large buttons and fonts designed for people with vision problems.

However, we have seen the elderly being comfortable enough to use even a smartphone nowadays. They can play games and scroll through the apps. We have some app recommendations that we think they would love. 

  • Zoom
  • Pill reminder pro
  • Sudoku
  • Pocket Physio

Health And Mobility Devices

There is an enormous market for health and mobility technology. This is because it helps older people or even people with disabilities live comfortably without depending on others.  

One of the major reasons older people are depressed is because of their dependence on others.

A simple thing like a personal alarm for the elderly can save their lives because it triggers the response team, and they are off to help them.

We can easily buy various devices like blood pressure machines found in the health clinics from the market and kept for home use.  

They are not very expensive, and this little piece of technology can take your heart rate, blood pressure, and even your SPO2 level.

Which shows how far we have come in the technology front and how much is yet to come.


We hope that you have an obvious idea of how technology can help the elderly with this blog. We just need to embrace technology and use it for the better. 

The first time around, it might be tough for your grandparents or parents to grasp how a phone or any technology works, but be patient with them, teach them bit by bit, and then eventually learn to use it.


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