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How to Prevent Elevator Accidents in Your Building

This news story was published on February 23, 2021.
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Elevators in the modern age are extremely reliable and safe mechanisms to move people or cargo between floors. The cables involved in the electric motor hoisting system are very strong to withstand a lot of weight, and there are a lot of back up mechanisms to fall back on in case of an accident or emergency. However, if you manage or inhabit a building where elevators are used, in both residential and commercial buildings, making sure your elevator is well-maintained can prevent accidents from occurring. Read ahead for some helpful tips in making sure your elevator is safe and functioning well.

Keep It Clean

If there is dust, not only in the car, but on the equipment in the machine room, this can cause problems down the line. A build-up of dust and grime is a sign that the elevator as a whole is being neglected in its maintenance. Having an elevator serviced regularly keeps it clean and in good working order. Using a trusted company like ATIS elevator means you can rest assured that your elevator will be much less likely to have an accident with reliable and prompt inspections.

Make Sure It Is Level

Make sure the elevator is level with the floor it stops at, as this is one of the leading causes of injury associated with elevators. If the elevator doesn’t stop in the correct way, this can be a sign that the brakes are worn out. 

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

While the superintendent of the building should be keeping a close watch on the working order of the elevator, any issues found should be reported immediately. When using the elevator in your own building, or even one you are simply visiting, you shouldn’t be hesitant to raise any complaints you may have. If it is abnormally slow, makes unpleasant noises, or seems dirty and unkept, these are valid problems that need to be known.

Be Patient in Case of an Accident

If you are in an elevator and it has stopped in an abnormal fashion, do not try and exit the car. Crawling out is an unsafe maneuver and can sometimes result in an accident when otherwise waiting for help is the safest prospect. To prevent other types of accident, never interfere with the opening or closing of a door – be patient and wait for the next elevator if need be.

Usually, elevators are reliable mechanisms which are both safe and efficient in their purposes. Their speed is moderated to ensure that the passengers aren’t in danger, and if a cable snaps, then there are back up mechanisms to provide stability. In the unlikely event that you are involved in an elevator accident, simply remember to stay calm and wait for help – as most elevators are in common use, it won’t be long before help is sent for. Many elevators have a button for this specific purpose, where you can contact a direct line for assistance and they can guide you through it.

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