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Iowa’s top Democrat on Senate Oversight Committee critical of Governor Kim Reynolds’ “mismanagement” of funds

DES MOINES – Iowa’s top Democrat on the state’s Senate Oversight Committee unleashed a statement Tuesday, critical of Governor Kim Reynolds’ “mismanagement” of the Governor’s office budget and misuse of CARES Act money, meant for COVID-19 relief.

State Senator Claire Celsi, ranking member of the Senate Oversight Committee, released the following statement:


Gov. Reynolds’ Misuse of Federal Pandemic Relief Funds

For the past two years, Governor Reynolds has been less than forthcoming about the Governor’s Office budget. According to documents uncovered by reporters, the Governor’s Office was running a budget deficit of approximately half a million dollars ($449,448) in March of this year. Details here.

Shortly thereafter, the State of Iowa received millions of dollars in pandemic aid from the Federal CARES Act. Iowa was specifically prohibited from spending CARES dollars on staff salaries already accounted for in state budgets. All staff salaries in the Iowa Governor’s office were previously accounted for in the certified budget or through salary-sharing agreements with other state departments.

A later directive clarified that CARES Act dollars could be used to pay additional staff hired to meet increased workloads due to the pandemic. However, no additional staff were ever hired by Governor Reynolds.

In an apparently improper effort to cover the Governor’s office budget deficit, Sara Craig Gongol, the Governor’s Chief of Staff, submitted an invoice for CARES Act dollars for the exact amount of that deficit. The funds were then transferred to the Governor’s office through the Dept. of Homeland Security – an unusual move.

This maneuver circumvented normal accounting of CARES Act spending and calls into question the legitimacy of the transfer of funds. More importantly, these dollars are urgently needed to fund the pressing needs of Iowa families during this deadly pandemic.

Senator Celsi is formally requesting that the Republican leaders in the Iowa Senate convene a Senate Government Oversight meeting on this issue. The Legislature must ensure that all CARES dollars are used properly. If the State of Iowa fails to do so, Iowa could be required to return misspent CARES Act funding.

Senator Celsi calls on Governor Reynolds to immediately return to Iowa’s CARES Act account the nearly half million dollars in pandemic relief funds improperly diverted to her office.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

“If Governor Reynolds cannot manage her office with the funds she’s received from the Legislature, she should request additional dollars from the proper channels. What Governor Reynolds should not do—and the Legislature should not allow—is divert federal dollars intended to help Iowa recover from this historic pandemic,” said Senator Celsi. “There are too many other immediate needs in our state to allow this money to be misspent.”

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What is really sad is that Republicans are ok with this. She can misuse money if she still backs Trump.

Hell need money! Just ask chinkland like Joey and son.

we will see how well she is favored at election time. to bad after kissing trumps ass he didnt take her to washington so she could kiss it more often

Wow, really jealous person

Didn’t sound jealous to me. You, however are pissy at anyone against Republicons.

When the government talks about the misuse of money, I can’t help but think about the misuse of tax payer money that was spent/wasted the last 4 years trying to oust the president.

Don’t you mean the waste of money from over a dozen investigations into Benghazi that didn’t bring any indictments? THAT waste of money?

tRump is forever IMPEACHED. Forever in history. Wait until next year for more…

yes the corrupt Biden saga

it starts with obummer and all of his, ilk!!!

Slushie funds is how that office rolls. And the numbers keep changing on the pandemic totals. They should be treating this as world war 3 because it going to wipe out more people worldwide. A hundred years ago in 2018 the influenza killed 100 million. They will have to mandate you get a shot by law. They did it before. Let’s just roll out the reality file. There will be no Buddy Holly weekend, no band festival, no 4th of July. For crying out loud the majority of Iowans will start seeing their shot in late spring, early summer. They know this. The best hope is to tell the truth to Iowans. And a boat load of money will have to sent out as stimulus. Economic failure is a certainty. Isolate, isolate, isolate. The first two quarters of 2021 are shot now. And guess who’s economy is hitting record exports. Why it’s China. $$$ And it’s number one customer Amazon! I guess I’ll order a toothbrush today from them. It will be here tomorrow. So surreal.

I have lost trust in our Governor.
She did not serve the people of Iowa well with how she handled the pandemic. then misuse of Federal funds. Think she was loo9king for a position with President Trump.

I didn’t like Reynolds before the pandemic. She has impressed the heck out of me through the pandemic though. She’s actually taken the advice of LICENSED medical professionals and balanced that with the advice of economic experts to ensure this hasnt been a financial and social disaster (Minnesota anyone?). She’s done this in the face of Internet bullies who have no credentials but somehow think they know best.

Had she actually listened to the experts we’d have had that mask mandate long ago instead of her waiting until Iowans were dropping like flies AND she would have actually encouraged mask wearing from the start.

She has done nothing to impress this Iowan that is sitting here fighting pneumonia and COVID because of maskless idiots customers roaming my workplace to fill their worthless bellies. I hope whoever infected me suffered far worse than I am.

sounds like you should have protected yourself or stayed home. Joe will have it all fixed in 100 days

For someone who likes to screech about personal responsibility you sure don’t practice personal responsibility for wearing a mask.

I got Covid from a mask-less idiot like you. I work in a grocery store to supply your ass with food and toilet paper and booze and anything you shop for. WEAR A DAMNED MASK. I’m fighting pneumonia right now and can’t work. Thanks asshole.

Well Kim HAS always recommended mask wearing since the CDC first advised the practice. A government mask wearing mandate has shown to have no correlation as far as reducing infections (for example, Minnesota has 4X the infections of Iowa with their government issued mask mandate). So I appreciate the Kim continues to consult with licensed medical professionals and use hard data rather than making policy based off of media hype.

you can always move to new york, you’d really fit right in there. wah wah wah!!!!

What the hell does a Democrat know about managing money?????

What the hell do lying Repugnicants know about managing money? Other than their easy way of handing cash over to their rich donors in the form of tax cuts that my children and grandchild will be paying off and suffering for.

was it on a tarmak in a foreign land?

I’d be more worried about the millions of illegals that the demorats are going to allow into this country to suck off the government teat. If your children and grandchildren are able to find a good paying job, they’ll still be paying for it because the leaches will get it all free.

Right on….

Picture of Reynolds after her kissing Trump’s ass and he let one rip.

Shows how prejudiced nit is

Reynolds actions are deserving of the ridicule, don’t blame it on NIT. Where’s your sense of personal responsibility?! Hypocrite.

appears you lost yours

nit is prejudiced, and anti 1st amendment.

You are correct, I see it everyday with the deleted comments that go against his faaaar left ideology

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